Roger Ackroyd’s Question Time Review

Question Time 6th June 2019


Nicky Morgan (Thicky Morgan)
Piers Morgan (Foghorn Morgan)
Anneliese Dodds (Medusa Morgan)
Drew Hendry (Bagpipe Morgan)
Alison Phillips (Whothefuckcares Morgan)

Venue: Thetford, Norfolk (Leave 64%)

So, five Remainers on a day when Brexit Party is listed to bury Labour and Conservative in a constituency not a million miles from Thetford – 43 miles to be accurate. The BBC continue to ignore the now clamouring complaints against the bias being shown on all political programmes – especially QT – and double down. Can one make any assumptions concerning this apparent death wish? Could it be that the Brexit Party has made no secret of the fact that it would place the question of funding of the BBC quite high on its manifesto? Who knows eh? These days one has to depend increasingly on the audience to present the voice of the electorate because as sure as eggs is eggs none of this lot on the panel speaks for many of us. Sadly the Peterborough result will not be available at the time of broadcast. One day later and we could all enjoy this lot desperately trying to make excuses for their poor performance and arguing for yet more anti-democratic policies.

Interestingly John Pienaar, reporting prior to the Peterborough result, opined that “if Labour managed to get the Muslim vote out and with a low turnout it could be a success for Labour”. There you have it. And why Labour are happy to cast off their traditional Jewish support. There’s a new voting bloc to be nurtured.

I wrote the above BEFORE the result came in for Peterborough. That a Labour MP like Onasanya can be replaced by an anti-Semite Labour candidate says it all.

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day as well.

I can’t even…


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