An Open Letter To Nigel Farage

Martin Mezger, Going Postal
Hyde Park Corner, 9th December 2018 (Photo Tachybaptus)

From Martin Mezger, Writer at Going-Postal

12. December 2018

Dear Mr Farage

On Sunday, I attended, along with many others what was effectively a UKIP rally in support of our democratic decision to leave the European Union.

The rally was very well attended, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe. When one is in the crowd, it is very difficult to estimate the size of that crowd, but official estimates put our numbers at 10,000, so the actual tally is likely to be higher. There were people from all walks of life, young, old, black, white and every shade there between, middle class, working class, men, women, youngsters.

All of them had made the effort to travel to the event, many of them from far away. All of them are patriotically minded people. All of them had made the effort to attend, principally to hear two people speak, Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson.

And you traduced us. You traduced the leader of what was, until very recently, your own party. You traduced Tommy Robinson, who had the grace that you did not have, to thank you for your efforts to secure the referendum vote on June 23, 2016.

In doing this, you insulted a significant part of the 17,4 million people who voted to leave the European Union and all its tiresome works.

Like Tommy Robinson, I am grateful to you for securing the referendum of 2016, very grateful. As he made clear, your work was key in getting the result that we wanted. But for your contribution, we would never been offered the opportunity to have our say in the matter.

I am grateful, and yet, you are a huge disappointment to a very large group of your former supporters.

Since June 23, 2016, you have consistently let us down.

First, you stepped down, clearly prematurely, knowing that the vote was hardly in the bag, knowing that there would be massive establishment resistance to the democratic will of the British electorate, and knowing that UKIP was in no position to mount an effective counter movement.

And then came, seemingly from nowhere, Henry Bolton, OBE. A man who you met on a Eurostar train to Brussels. A man who, at the time you met him, worked for the Commission of the European Union. A man who, in 2005, stood as Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Runnymede and Weybridge. For the Liberal Democrat Party. The rest is history.

You damn fool. You were played. And in your quiet moments, you know it.

You expect us to trust your judgement, when you have shown no judgement whatsoever, especially when it comes to character.

You expect us to trust your judgement when you tell us that you will not back the leader of your former party. You expect us to trust your judgement when you repeat the slanders against Tommy Robinson, a man who has courage and integrity that you clearly lack, the courage to speak truth to power when it comes to one subject that you, like the rest of the establishment that you are now a part of, are so desperate to avoid. That subject is Islam, and that subject is not going to go away, as much as you would like it to.

One of my neighbours here in South Somerset is a former member of UKIP’s NEC. He told me that you had always sought a media career over a political one, and that you had used politics to further your media presence.

I am glad that you have chosen to distance yourself from UKIP. Without you getting in the way, UKIP now has the opportunity to address the two most pressing issues of our time.

I wish you luck in your media career.


Martin Mezger

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