The silence of the lambs

Rookwod, Going Postal
Lamb butchery
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Nothing true is popular. One of the most disturbing revelations an individual human can receive is the fact that the majority are not always right. This statement might appear to be self evident, but if you look around you, it is clear that in 2019, Western civilisation refuses to accept this. Allegedly, we live in a democratic society, one that is guided by the demos, the common people, but to anyone with an experience of life – this is clearly a fallacy. Those who have taken the time to read history, study politics or indeed keep themselves well informed, will realise we live in a post-democratic age. The fig-leaf of democracy, where once every 1800 days or so we have a choice at the ballot box to garner change, is just that. A piece of dead and decaying vegetation covering our collective shame.

If the truth be known, as individuals, we suffer from a lack of courage, and this can be demonstrated quite easily. How many meetings have you attended where the squeaky wheel gets the oil at the expense of the rest? Where logic, common sense and decency are abandoned at the alter of personality, power, agenda or group acceptance? It is a dangerous path to walk, speaking truth to power, and I know to my personal cost such benefits as peace of mind and personal integrity are not a currency group-think generally considers as a valid medium of exchange. Of course, there are the vague mutterings that every opinion is valid, and personal contributions always welcome, but rock the boat and very quickly the hammer of peer pressure will descend upon your skull with the force of Thor with a bad hangover. It takes a brave man or woman to speak the truth in all circumstances, or indeed step outside the warm fuzzy collective womb of social acceptability.

A former colleague of mine, a decent bloke, once asked me, in the so typically British way, if I was having a good day, or how I was. The exact words are not important, but I, deciding that I had enough of politeness and pretending, told him. I can’t remember my reply, but it was along the lines of “Absolute shit, why did you ask?”. The look of devastation, confusion, and indeed fear, that crept upon his face was a testament to both the insincerity of his question and the brutality of my reply. I apologised once I had consumed my triple strength espresso, but the lesson was a salutary one. Firstly, most people once outside the boundaries of social convention haven’t a clue how to cope, and secondly, a lot of what accounts for civilised discourse is, in fact, a lie. The third point, which is the most profound, is don’t ask a question unless you either expect a truthful response, or indeed if you are a smart arse, know the answer.

The root of our collective cowardice is quite simple this – we all want to be liked. With the exception of your local sociopath or psychopath, outside of our personal protection bubble of having enough “home comforts” to survive in a modicum of comfort, anything that might jeopardise the status quo, or indeed our income, is frowned upon. We have effectively been bought off, maybe not in such a blatant manner as exists in more “corrupt” third world or developing nations, but bought off we have been. The twin pressures of being accused of acting as the sand that might tear at the delicate fabric of social cohesion or not respecting the natural hierarchy or authority, effectively purchases our external silence, while inside we desperately cling to the flimsiest life raft of justification in a vain attempt to prevent our conscience drowning in a sea of guilt.

There is much to be said about tent theory. Tent theory is based around the principle it is better to have someone urinating from inside the tent pointing outside, rather than the converse. Or using another paradigm, can change be best accomplished from inside or outside an organisation or system? Such debates are generally pretty pointless, as invariably organisations, like people, are highly resistant to change. This is the reason why our political masters have taken the “Boiled frog” approach to hollowing out the foundations of our culture, nation and indeed civilisation. Where we are at now towards the close of 2019, would have been difficult to conceptualise in 2000, and regarded as fantasy in 1950. What is so galling to those of my generation is that despite the horrors and human sacrifice of two world wars, the same pallid rhetoric of “Bread and circuses” still holds sway over half a century later. Feeding the people and giving them some entertainment is a good basis for government, insofar as it postpones the dreaded truth than most nations are only 24 hours away from civil unrest and rebellion. In theory, the establishment has more guns and tear gas than we have, so they should win. In practice, there are more of us than them, hence the deafening silence regarding the Gilets jaunes, and the corresponding fear surrounding Brexit. When a significant proportion of the populace starts to rebel against the official line, there can only be one outcome. Irrespective of who eventually wins, blood will always be spilled.

The reaction of the establishment towards the outcome of the EU referendum so far has been depressingly predictable. Demands, ridicule, fear, threats, lies and confusion. All the usual toys that are thrown out of the pram of a manager, or indeed a narcissistic elite when they cannot get their own way. What most pro-Brexit folk forget is there is an even more contentious event on the horizon when it comes to the UK. If Scotland wins at independence roulette, we will have a broken 400 year old relationship to contend with, never mind an almost 50 year old one. Granted, apart from the recent influx of SNP MP’s en masse into parliament, Scotland hasn’t exactly played a stellar part in undermining British democracy, unlike the EU. Our sovereignty as a union, that is another matter entirely. If the Scots succeed in winning an independence referendum, I wish them good luck as their new EU masters will no doubt prove to be much harsher masters in the long term than Westminster ever was. In the globalist race to the bottom there are no winners.

For those perceptive enough to query how I can reconcile “Nothing true is popular” with being an unequivocal supporter of Brexit, I will parry with the following. Firstly, us Brexiteers are hated by a lot of people. Secondly, it was with a truly heavy heart I casted my vote on two counts. We were not only lied to by the Heath government, but Major, rather than opening up the Maastricht treaty to a referendum, further cemented the previous lie and planted the final seeds of destruction deep into the soil of the Conservative party. If Major had held a referendum on closer integration at that critical junction, and indeed lost, we would be in a very different place from today. Likewise if he had won, it is doubtful that Cameron would have held the 2016 referendum in such a vain attempt to heal the unassailable rifts in the Tory party.

As to the lambs, no doubt they will continue to remain silent. Some, provided enough food and water is laid at their feet, and shelter is available, will willingly go along with the plot. Forget about destruction of civil liberties, the erosion of culture, the fact we have a political leader blatantly calling for the overturning of a national referendum. “I’m all right Jack” is the order of the day. We are in this current mess due to political apathy, and while I don’t agree with their position, I can appreciate the fervour of anyone in the Remain camp, and I’ll give them their due. They are a vocal lot. It is the silent ones I worry about, for some clearly don’t see or care about the coming shitstorm that will inevitably hit this nation over the next generation, Brexit or no Brexit. As part of the Millennium bug preparations, Chief Constables were given shoot to kill authority if matters got out of hand. I believe that particular part of legislation has been repealed, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if it is still lurking somewhere in the bowels of

In their defence, there will be a proportion of lambs that have adopted the wisdom of “quietly shake your head and stay silent” when confronted with fools. I get that. Most of the time, I subscribe to it too. Better to stay silent and let people think you are a fool than opening your mouth and confirming it. Sadly though, for this nation, the time to stay schtum has long passed. With the ongoing erosion of press and Internet freedoms, I suspect you will soon have one of two choices. Toe the line or say nothing. Which will satisfy a proportion of the populace at least.

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