A Question

Gmbd, Going Postal
No Questions
Damian GadalLicence CC BY 2.0

all my life I have been thinking
“You know, there is something here that doesn’t quite add up”
I examined myself.
“Could it be that I am ill ? Nobody else seems to think there is a problem”
“Perhaps they are aliens and I am not one”
“As if there is some secret knowledge that I am not privy to”
then I think.
“Naw, it’s not like that”
“These people are as confused as I am if they would just think about it.”
“It’s just that some of these people are in collusion. In little clubs, hiding.”
but then again
“Is it possible that there exists humans that are so much more intelligent, so understanding, that the human condition is like a toy ?”
but then I think
“Naw, it’s not like that.”
“These people really are idiots”

but then it is difficult to know for sure.

© Gotham must be destroyed 2018

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