Sky News: ‘Why cant we give these Refugees, shelter from the storm??’

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnonLicence CC BY 2.0
SkyNews Starting off with a sacchrin sweet Richard curtis Style report on refugees rescued in the Med before Seamlessly mixing in David Cronenberg disturbing images of Refugees from Libya , bobbing about on the high seas Swallowing Petrol. Even Danny Rampling at Shoom Couldn’t have pulled off a mix like that. Most Impressive.

Cut to the Sky news studio for images of an Ashen Faced news panel, A Left of the Dial Female Doctor choking back the tears arms stretched out in staged 1980’s Athena poster pose.

Seizing her moment, She asks the question, charged up on outrage and the Opportunity to have a Pop at the Tory Junta and hopefully a few Paid interviews in the Guardian ….’Why?..’

Everyone shakes their head in uniform Disgust. Everyone omits to ask why the images show 99% young males on the boat. Everyone Ignores why 25% of them are clearly Somalian, (From Libya?? ). Everyone carries on shaking their head in disgust.

She asks another question, Quoting Bob Dylan..’Why cant we give these Refugees , shelter from the storm??’ . She continues.. ‘if the UK could take in hundreds of thousands of refugees in the days of ration Book , Why not now??’…Everyone shakes their head in Disgust. Everyone Ignores the Obvious ..UK Population in world war 2 Britain approx 43 million. UK Population in 2016 approx 75 million.At least.And Climbing.Simple fucking simon.

Probably the Espresso, but at that Very point , i thought of The Lovable Dunce , Soapy Dennis Dunstable in the ‘Please Sir ‘ Film Version of the Tv Series. Simple Dennis on his field trip to the country , away from the daily grind in the Concrete shithouse he calls home with his abusive Drunkard Father ..

Dennis speaks;
Dogs Go Bow Wow
Sheep go Ba Ba
and the The Left ask for More Refugees

see them scream their joy.

at least it took my mind off Vaz blurting his Patak blend of authentic spices into his Romanian Decorators pot of Turps.

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