Deep space voyage of self-discovery

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field
Public Domain

Politically , Its been depressing the last week or so ..Ive been wanking for the last 4 days piecemeal , a deep space voyage of self discovery teetering on the edge and facing the torment of the abyss until i finally exploded like dry ice ,baby bio and 9 inch nails this morning, resulting in a 6 foot long arc of frustration.

Its Been messy Work.. never has such a midden been seen under gods creation since Nancy Spungen injected her femoral artery with a Dirty Brown Hot Fix and bled out on a bean bag , listening to the New York Dolls cover of Sister Morphine in a Bronx Shooting gallery with Sid Vicious lying in his own Black vomit.

The Truth is , i haven’t been wanking, i just cant stand anymore self righteous , Pious , piety from the BBC/ITV/SKY/LBC Rubicon, delivered in the omnipotent manner of Sir Larry Olivier in Clash of the titans looking down upon his mortal subjects moulded in his image while tweaking his Kraken Cock, perched high upon a cloud floating beyond the firmament of the leave voters simian understanding.

Being a Leave Voter who Votes for UKIP ,( Im reminded of the sex pistols cover for ‘friggin in the riggin’ when i think about my chosen Party now ) ,it seems that im a denser than a urinal cake at 4.50 pm on a saturday afternoon in the Loftus road shithouse and should be sedated via my long line with 98% pharmaceutical temazepam for thinking otherwise.

Behold!, the superior intellect of a remain /Labour/ Clinton voter.. build a shrine in their honour , that one must abase oneself before the Mentat mind .

© Eraser of Love 2016