Polling Predictions #5

Rama, CC BY-SA 2.0 FR, via Wikimedia Commons

Another week of polls goes by and life ain’t getting any better for the midget ensconced in Number 10.

I am very happy to announce that the bad poll news for the Tories worsens by the day. The percentages are slowly working their way towards more gloom for the blue team. I hope the Prime Miniature hangs on to the very last minute before calling a GE. This will make their demise even better from my point of view. 

As a quick less than scientific reference to the polls it seems to me that

Lots of these prospective new Labour MPs are councillors and/or trade union wallahs.

The red wall seats are going heavily Labour.

Quite a few of the Tories in the southern half of England are being replaced by LibDums. The LibDums will probably poll a lower national percentage than Reform but will get around 30 seats as opposed to Reform’s zero.

At the risk of sounding too conventional, these red wall seats trusted the Tories and voted for them. They have since discovered what many others already knew. The Tories are a lying, duplicitous and untrustworthy organisation. I believe the Tories, even if they survive as a Party, will never win any of those seats again.

Another week of the racist Flabbot playing the race card yet again. The woman has nothing else to offer but loves to wallow in her victimhood as she sees it. If she wasn’t black she would never have been elected in Hackney North and that applies to cLammy in Tottenham as well. As I mentioned before, even Kim Wrong ‘Un would blush at the kinds of percentages these race baiters are looking forward to.

I changed the spreadsheet for the Fallen. Most of the seats will go to Labour but a few will go to the LibDums or the Scottish Nasty Party. The last 2 instances will be shown against the name of the soon to be defeated MP. I also added Quitter to those survivors who have indicated they are going to step down. I have to say this Heappey bloke is giving grifting a bad name. He will soon step down as a defence minister as well as not standing in the GE. This is so he can have a bit of leeway when he finally goes and will be able to step into his next sinecure that bit sooner, presumably he already has something lined up.

Every week there is some kind of event that I think will upset the apple cart but the polling just shows a gradual move. This week we just had the news that the grifters are going to get a 5.5% pay increase. This from a supposed independent body, independent my backside. This should reflect on all MPs but I feel the government will get some of the blame. Will any of these overworked and underpaid MPs turn down the increase, I would put a pony on none of them showing any integrity. In fact considering the Donald gave his salary away, the hindu dwarf should do the same or maybe his wife doesn’t give him much pocket money.

There were around 120 updates this week so I will skip the screenshots of the additions to the Fallen. The first image is the new Survivors list. Nothing startling but I think those who are predicted to survive are just limping along. Remember the lower the percentage in this list, the closer they are to defeat.

Next we have a selective trend of the Fallen where there is at least a 1.5% negative change in their prospects. In contrast we want to see a higher percentage in this list, the higher the figure, the more likely they are to fall.

The trend list for the survivors is not great from my point of view. I desperately want things to get much worse for them but they seem to be hanging on. What disaster does the midget have to concoct for the sheep to really notice how bad this shower are.

This is the seat prediction, how they arrive at this is beyond my comprehension. There have been other predictions that the Tories will end up with 70 or even 50 seats. The 50 seat prediction was from that old trollop Vorderman. I think she is going to try and take credit for the Tory rout when the GE finally does happen.

Finally we have the national polls. Again they are all over the place but all show a thrashing for the Tories. I know quite a few of them like a good thrashing (who could forget Spanker Brooks) but only in other circumstances. The column heading “Blackfriars” is good old rhyming slang for “liars”. The highest Tory vote share is 27% while the lowest Labour share is 41%. As dodgy as polls can be, for me that shows at least a 14% margin in favour of Keith whose only recommendation is that he isn’t a Tory. A mannequin could win against the completely useless Rishi Sunak.

I would also like to mention that we have a fair smattering of effniks in positions of power. Sunak in London, Humza Useless in North Britain and even Varadkar in paddyland. They all look spectacularly rubbish as leaders but keep plodding on. The political class has got nobody with any gumption. Effnik or not they are empty suits at best. Maybe this is what the WEF want. Maybe this week the rumoured plots against our Prime Miniature will come to fruition and he will be defenestrated. Stranger things have happened before but I do not trust that Graham Brady shyster one little bit. He got a knighthood last time he got some breathing space for the old hag Theresa May. This time he may get ermine for preserving the dwarf in office a little bit longer. Politics is a dirty business.

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