The Muslim Brotherhood, Part Seven

The Anglo-American Alliance AAA Cedar Revolution

AW Kamau, Going Postal
February 2005, Beirut.
Harari bomb site,
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With Charles Lynton playing his alphabet soup word games, the West opted to ignore the religionist/secularist opposition which was slowly eating away in the Muslim world, and chose to concentrate their efforts only on the conflict between “moderate nationalists” who were ready to collaborate with the imperial model and the “extreme nationalists” who refused to do so – the divide and rule game.

On the surface, it sounds fine as political speak, but makes zero sense in that the Muslim Brotherhood had been created by the AAA after WWII and that AQ and its associated affiliates (Al Nusra/Daesh etc.) are one of their branches used against the Soviets and that Saddam Hussein was an ex-Cocaine Importation Agency agent. In the budding age of increased info war, this line prevailed, with the word games promoting by lamestream that the jihadists were “moderate”.

The AAA plan found its first concrete application in the regional tour by State Sec Colin Powell, followed by the “summit” of the Arab League in Tunis. The member states “adopted” (i.e.; not legally binding) an Arab Charter on Human Rights (ACHR), even though everyone was aware the majority of the signatories would ignore it. Then the General Secretary of the League and the Tunisian President proposed the next element of their (the AAA’s) “democratic toolkit” – the adoption of a declaration that would authorise the use of force to oblige certain recalcitrant states to apply the resolutions of the League. Immediately Lebanon (President Emile Lahoud) and Syria (Bashar al-Assad) intervened. The two presidents had immediately recognised the rhetoric of Colin Powell, according to which “democracy” was imposed from outside, and saw in the text a way of justifying US aggression, while the real violators of human rights, aka Saudi Arabia, got a free pass. After several disputes, the Tunis Declaration was edited, the majority didn’t sign.

Meddling Internationally 6 created the Westminster Foundation (yet another “NGO” for 5 Eyes comparable with the Septic’ NED). As can be seen here, the Westminster Foundation “leaders/country directors” are the usual woke collection of liquorice all-sorts involved in the usual opaque themed nonsense: “Accountability and Transparency”, “Inclusion for the alphabet soup brigade”, “Openness and Participation”, “Elections”, “Environmental Democracy” and “Women’s Political Leadership”. Their “Patrons” provide the usual collection of misfits as Patrons: former HoC speaker John Bercow, Call me Dave Cameron, Farcebook’s EU cheerleader Nick Clegg, the Caledonian Cyclops Gordon Brown, Peter Robinson, Alex Salmond, Ieuan Wyn Jones, Mark Durkan and Reg Empey.

While providing a convenient smokescreen in public, the Westminster Foundation (WF) began organising many meetings mainly with the Egyptian and Syrian Brotherhood. In Cairo in March 2006, it organised a large conference. Lasting a mammoth two days, the WF brought together for “consultation” (read orders) representatives of the Egyptian government, leaders of secular opposition parties (The Egyptian Brotherhood), civil society activists, academics, leaders of the free media and other associated sprung loaded right armed parliamentarians/hangers-on for free handouts.

Progressively the British plan was put into practice by the Septics. While the Arab Spring project was being progressively assembled, the war project against the states of the Greater Middle East continued.

Non “diplomat” (aka Hilary Clinton’s bag man and COG member) Jeffrey Feltman, who’d been “schooled” in Iraq, with full support of the 11 September COG members, was nominated in Beirut as the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs with the rank of career minister (whatever that is).

He was tasked with organising an uprising against Syrian peacekeepers, who’d helped end the Lebanese civil war – thus provoking a bloody repression and justifying an invasion by US Marines to establish peace. Washington hoped to kill two birds with one stone and seize both Lebanon and Syria.

In his 2005 State of the Union Address on 02 February, W mentioned amidst the diatribe, the Syrian Accountability Act:

To promote peace in the broader Middle East, we must confront regimes that continue to harbour terrorists and pursue weapons of mass murder. Syria still allows its territory, and parts of Lebanon, to be used by terrorists who seek to destroy every chance of peace in the region. You have passed, and we are applying, the Syrian Accountability Act – and we expect the Syrian government to end all support for terror and open the door to freedom.

Lebanon – Cedar Revolution

Following recent exchanges with other Puffins surrounding Lebanon, what follows is a generic summation of events, fits the generic timeline and the subsequent consequences and actions taken by fellow Puffins/or, colleagues thereafter.

W was threatening Syria because of its support for the Lebanese resistance to Israeli expansionism. On 7th February, Syrian Ambassador to Washington Imad Mustapha, was summoned by the State Dept and notified his Government had a maximum 48 hours to break off relations with Hezbollah. On 14th February, a gigantic bomb attack in Beirut killed former PM Rafic Hariri who’d united Lebanon after its civil war. Then followed the Western info war deluge accusing presidents Lahoud and Assad of having ordered the murder, and calling for “regime change” in Damascus. The reality was a joint operation between the Septics, Israel and Germany using a new weapon (30cm missile fired from a drone) developed from nanotechnology and using particles of enriched uranium. Knowing that the Septics had deployed AWACS aircraft over Lebanon, given the Septics and Israel, whose surveillance satellites are permanently switched on, the Lebanese Government asked them to provide them with the pertinent images given the live feeds and satellite time location data would help establish the presence of an armed drone and even to determine its flight path. But Washington and Tel Aviv – which indefatigably urge all parties to cooperate with the STL – turned down the request.

On 15th February, the teams of the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action And Strategies (CANVAS) organised a sit-in and other demonstrations in Beirut. At the time, this Serbian organisation was the armed wing of the Albert Einstein Institution, the AEI, itself created by NATO and NED, under the direction of Gene Sharp. CANVAS also worked with the head of the Israeli Army’s Psychological Unit, Reuven Gal. The AEI had been manipulating crowds to overthrow political regimes under the cover of “Colour Revolutions” since 1989. Beirut was to be the Cedar Revolution, directed by Eli Khoury (Quantum Communications). Given a Revolution aims at changing society while a “Colour Revolution” only seeks to change the leader and their team, revolutions can take a decade, while regime changes can be operated in a few weeks. In keeping with the AAA agenda, colour revolutions are no more than staged productions, intended to mask a coup d’état, and the governments set up never last long.

Feltman continued coordinating his campaign against Presidents Lahoud and al-Assad. During the “investigation” into the killing of Hariri, the Lebanese President’s four main collaborators on National Security Mustapha Hamdane (chief of Presidential Guard), Jamil Sayyed (Head of General Security), Ibrahim El-Haj (Director of Internal Security forces) and Raymond Azar (Head of Military Intelligence) were arrested and incarcerated in Rhoumieh prison by the UN.

They were released four years later from the prison upon the order of Special Tribunal Lebanon Pre-Trial Judge Daniel Fransen due to lack of evidence and were not charged with any crime.

The Lebanon War

Their imprisonment made it easier for Israel to attack Lebanon in 2006. By coincidence, at the same timeline, an Israeli patrol scouting on Lebanese territory fell into an ambush laid by Hezbollah. Eight soldiers were killed, two captured. Under international law, any people, part of whose territory is occupied, may legally fight the enemy army, including on the territory of the aggressor state. The UN therefore does not consider the prisoners were “kidnapped” but “captured” in the context of non-governmental military action. Hezbollah intended using these prisoners as bargaining chips for release of its soldiers held in Israel. From Tel Aviv’s perspective, there was not a minute to lose. The war ordered by Washington had to kick off before Lebanese military intelligence discovered the truth about the assassination of Hariri (the previous attempt at war). COG member Dick Cheney gave approval and Isarel once again invaded Lebanon.

Septic Ambassador for NATO, Victoria Nuland-Kagan (aka Project of the New American Century) beat the war drums and mobilised the “allies”. After 34 days of fighting, Israel was forced to retreat. The UN Security Council imposed a cease-fire, allowing Israel/Septics to save face. While the “international community” with the exception of China, Russia, Syria and Iran, counted a victory for Israel as a foregone conclusion, a few hundred “rebels” had managed to rout the ultra-modern, Pentagon-equipped and supported army. These combatants were placed under the command of Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah (now SG of Hezbollah), under the supervision of Syrian Defence Minister General Hassan Tourekmani, who was present throughout on the battlefield.

Given the short time frame, Iran had no time to get involved in the war, other than planning to offer political asylum to Hezbollah leaders. After the cease-fire, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad (President Armoured Dinner Jacket) invested heavily in the Lebanese resistance, bringing at that time their inventory of missiles up to 500 (it is larger as of today including a small consignment of thermobarics).

The 11 September members (COG) who until then had been victorious in Septic-land, Afghanistan and Iraq, had just met defeat in Lebanon, while the deposed Ba’athists began increased resistance in Iraq. Hezbollah’s victory called into question the illegitimate power of the “US Continuity of Government”.

Meanwhile, back in Lebanon, PM Fouad Siniora attempted to cut Hezbollah’s communication lines and also block transports from Armoured Dinner Jacket to Hezbollah, in order to facilitate the next Israeli attack on Lebanon. Siniora was the ex-accountant of the Hariri family, a secret agent for Meddling Internationally 6’s controlled Jordanian Intelligence Services, and currently a member of Club de Madrid which is a forum of democratic former presidents and prime ministers.

Siniora gave instructions to cut the telephone landlines that had been set up by Hezbollah with the help of Iranian engineers. Hezbollah were therefore obliged to use either the state-run corded telephone network, or one of the three mobile networks, all of which were controlled by the Israeli military. Further, Siniora forbade Hezbollah from using the Beirut airport runway that was used for its air bridge with Tehran. Aircraft regularly flew in rotation, sending young Lebanese for training with the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij militia, in return these entities sent huge quantities of weapons, including innumerable numbers of missiles.

Nasrallah demanded that the PM cancel such orders, which he called a “declaration of war”. Siniora refused as preparations were still ongoing for a new war against Lebanon, Iran and Syria. On 7th May 2008, Hezbollah occupied all the buildings of the Lebanese power structure as well as private homes of compliant officials.

Within a few hours the security services of the state were disarmed, Hezbollah had succeeded. More discreetly, Hezbollah had successfully attacked a bunker located under the ex-HQ of the Television of the Future (property of the Hariri family). The bunker housed the operational centre for British, Septic, Israeli and Jordanian forces. The foreign officers managed to escape by way of a tunnel to reach the beach, where dinghies took them to a US ship. Having secured control, Hezbollah withdrew. Their victory led to the Doha agreement on 21st May 2008. The March 14 Alliance led by Walid Jumblatt, centred around the Hariri family, negotiated the continuation of its place in government. Hezbollah couldn’t care less, and demanded and got latitude for the defence of Lebanon.

The whole operation of the Cedar Revolution, the National Enquiry Commission and the Special United Nations Tribunal was eventually exposed and shut down. HRC bagman Feltman managed to convince the Western part of the UN Security Council that the Lebanese and Syrian presidents had ordered the assassination of the ex-PM of Lebanon.

Nothing was said of Feltman and the Cocaine Importation Agency’s plan:

  1. Kill Rafik Hariri and blame Lebanese and Syrian presidents for the murder
  1. Organise a colour revolution with Gens Sharp’s crew – the Cedar Revolution
  1. Provoke repression of the revolution by the Syrian Peace Force in Lebanon (Muslim Brotherhood cadres)
  1. Justify a landing by US Marines to return order to Beirut and then attack Damascus

Syria’s al-Assad, who’d already begun withdrawing his peacekeeping forces several months earlier, decided to withdraw all of them, which pulled the rug from under the feet of the Cocaine Importation Agency.

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