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To some, this article will come as a major surprise as my demise has been exaggerated somewhat. For those of you who were concerned as to my well-being, a big thank you and a hug. For those of you who were astute enough to discern that I was burnt-out and needed some distance, 10/10. My sudden disappearance from GP was neither a flounce or arrest by the Old Bill for being too gobby. I was simply emotionally and mentally drained with continual exposure to the news cycle and I could not face another protracted keyboard session at the computer, either commenting on current events or writing seriously.

I made a solemn personal promise to myself years ago that if I saw things deteriorating I would take evasive action rather than spiralling into an unrecoverable depression. I could see this happening, and whilst it might be interpreted as a flounce, it was more akin to a badly baked soufflé imploding upon removal from a moderately hot oven. The turning point, ironically enough, was my last (unpublished) article where I compared the brutal human cost of the COVID psyop to what happened during the Holocaust (Something Andrew Bridgen MP has been pilloried for as well, so I am in good company). This, for those who know me well, was in no way anti-Semitic or anti-Jew, unless of course you are of the attitude that the Holocaust is purely a Jewish affair and any non-Jew dare commenting on it or comparing it to other atrocities is verboten. I was merely attempting to highlight the evils of unrestrained medical experimentation with tyranny, and that the hangman’s rope was the only just solution to such horrors. In no way was I attempting to undermine or diminish what happened to the Jews during the war years. Having just acquired a new printer, I used the draft article as a test and asked Mrs R on her opinion. I can’t remember her exact comment, but it was not encouraging as she was clearly following the New Testament Christian path of turning the other cheek and not getting angry. That article rests alongside many others languishing in my documents folder, awaiting the day when I can revisit them with my “Publish and be damned” hat on. Taking the current war into account and the ongoing strangulation of freedom of speech, that window may take some time to arrive.

As to my physical health, I am finding it increasingly difficult to move about, even just between rooms – never mind up and downstairs. Any physical effort pretty much exhausts me now, that leisurely 10 minute dump and reading something from my extensive toilet book collection has lost its lustre as I cough, wheeze and gasp for breath afterwards. I now understand why so many people with respiratory and heart conditions are found dead in the loo. During the last lurgy outbreak I coughed so hard I believe I somehow damaged my right eye, and my eyesight has now deteriorated further as well. Not being great to start with (I gave up driving years ago), this is not good news, but after wearing hard contact lenses 18 hours a day for almost 40 years my eyes were pretty much shot anyway due to corneal abrasion. 20 years of working in front of a computer monitor for long hours probably hasn’t helped matters much either. My eyesight was so poor in fact that up until the Thatcher revolution I was entitled to free contact lenses as they were the only effective way to correct the massive twin astigmatisms I suffer from. Long periods in front of the computer screen are now the exception rather than the rule for me these days. C’est la vie.

“Serves you right for smoking all your life” I hear you say, but here is my mea culpa. Apart from my conversion to Christianity, much counselling, hallucinogenics, alcohol, and cannabis – tobacco has kept me alive over various low points of my life and yes, it has quite probably shortened my lifespan as a result. In all honestly though, I am eternally grateful to the death stick as it gave me an excuse for many “Time outs” where my urge to punch someone in the face (or worse) was reaching intolerable levels. “Anger issues” I hear you counter, but my response is “Yes, righteous anger”. All true Puffins understand why. Life is cruel, and especially cruel to an idealist who only wants to do the right thing, be compassionate to others and ultimately be left in peace to get on with the job in hand. Unfortunately, my definition of “The right thing” doesn’t always agree with the many low IQ barbarians and high IQ psychopaths who seem to, inevitably, get their hands on the levers of power. Never being one to subscribe to “Silence in the face of injustice” this ethos can be a two edged sword, and I have learned the hard way that speaking truth to power is one of the quickest ways of getting yourself defined as a troublemaker.

So coming back to GP after a short break has been quite revealing. There seems to be more bickering than normal, especially over the “Jewish question” which has caused much trouble (as predicted in the Good book). While I adamantly agree that there is a global conspiracy to bring in a New World Order, I equally as adamantly refuse to place this blame specifically at the doors of the Jew, or indeed the Jesuit, the Satanist, the Marxist, the Freemason, the Fascist or the Marxist. Those that are responsible for this long-term strategy form a very broad church indeed, and those who appreciate and understand occult matters get this. Indeed it is utterly pointless in trying to categorise and tag who is behind this cabal as to do so is to immediately fall into a trap – one of distraction and misdirection. The closest I have come to understanding the major players is the shadowy Committee of 300, as the pieces consistently fit. Judging the actors by their actions this group has all of the power and none of the accountability, an excellent attribute to global domination. And guess who in the news is allegedly a member? I’ll just mention two “P” words – penis and pig.

This is why the UK is about discover a very unpleasant truth surrounding the cost of misguided tolerance and acceptance. Even without the loaded dice of taqiya, we have bitten off more than we can chew by allowing uncontrolled immigration to weaken our institutions, infrastructure and culture – almost to the point of collapse. Sadly, this modus operandi is also a distraction as we have ignored years of endemic corruption inside our institutions and businesses. Going back as far as the Thatcher generation once again, we couldn’t even look after our own poor, welfare dependent, homeless or drug addled population then. What on earth possessed us to think we could adequately care for the rehabilitation of the mass casualties of foreign war who are much more of a humanitarian challenge? In small numbers, maybe. If somehow we could transform all that bitterness into Christian forgiveness, but this takes an individual change of heart which is impossible if one desperately and stubbornly clings to old values and culture. So rather than rationalisation we have ghettos, instead of integration we have division; taller and wider cultural barriers have been built and reinforced rather than destroyed. The media clips of Palestinian women ripping down the missing posters of Jewish children is obscene on so many levels. Years ago such behaviour would have been utterly condemned, the perpetrators rounded up and facing – at the very least – breach of the peace charges in front of a Magistrate, but now that we have gone all “Global” it is perfectly OK for foreign nationals et al to bring their bloody and long-running grudges to the streets of the national capital. Their “Injustice” is given more than enough oxygen of publicity, whilst in the shadows the true war-mongers and bankers play both sides off against each other, creaming profits from both sides. To the military industrial complex there is no such thing as a “Bad” war, plenty of opportunity no matter how few or many the casualties may be. Such a cynical strategy is indeed “Woke” and “Equal opportunity” in the truest sense for such players care not for the religion, race, gender or colour of those they slaughter. As always, the emptiest of barrels make the most noise.

The solution to the complex Middle East conflict is simple. To quote Golda Meir, “If the Palestinians lay down their weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis lay down their weapons, there will be a massacre”. The rising up of global pro-Palestinian sentiment world wide, is no coincidence. The fact that this is happening during a period where Western institutions and infrastructure are already weakened from years of corruption, neglect and political correctness should not come as a surprise to anyone. You cannot prosecute war after war without eventual blowback. The West, as always, has approached foreign policy decisions from a short to medium-term perspective. Other nations have played a much longer game, and this is so clearly obvious from the number of people now raising their heads above the parapet with extremist views towards the Jew and indeed the Gentile. What other philosophies and ideology are deeply embedded within our institutions? Never has the collapse of the Soviet Union posed more of an existential threat to the West – At least then we clearly knew who the “Enemy” was.

This winter will be a harsh one on so many levels. With many local councils currently facing financial collapse, it is inevitable that the financial burden will be dumped onto the taxpayer. Combined with exorbitant energy and tax bills, the economic pressure will be extreme. Just please ignore the Hegelian dialectic that will scream for government and civil service reform – this is just another distraction and will ultimately play into the hands of the aforementioned cabal. They want societal collapse and will use any crisis to achieve it. Whatever government that takes hold of the reins of power, they better have their act together or the chaos that emerged from the COVID fiasco will be like chicken feed. Don’t think for a second that this is an accident. Politics, especially global politics, doesn’t suffer from such trivialities.

In closing, you will pleased to know that Mrs R’s appointment as a receptionist in a doctors surgery has opened her eyes somewhat, along with a moderate diet of GB news. I doubt if she would disagree with my previous article now, as I have rarely heard such words emerge from her mouth of an evening. Indeed, I believe her angst levels now frequently exceed mine. I think I may have crossed the Rubicon now, and the anger has been replaced with a deep, bone-penetrating sadness. For eventually that is all you are left with after overdosing on the realities of Clown World.

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