Halfcock’s a Tool of The Banks

and increasingly looks like a fall guy

The Torygraph’s “exposé” ignores the planning of the Convid response and its aftermath. Eugenics is the man without a face; the continuity that links families and regimes.

Aw Kamau, Going Postal
Matt Halfcock.
Matt Hancock visits the Centre for Doctoral Training at Heriot-Watt University,
Department of Energy and Climate Change
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Bojo had promised families would spend Christmas of 2020 together but that conflicted with the roll-out of the Convid-19 injection programme planned for December.

The solution revealed in the WhatsApp exchange with Department of Health media adviser Damon Poole who suggests we can “pitch with the new strain” to which HSINO Halfcock replies “We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain.”

Poole: “Yep, that will get proper behaviour change.”

Hancock: “When do we deploy the new variant?”

That would be the Alpha, or Kent variant that would be announced in November 2020.

Britain’s Smeagol hobbit is former HealthSecINO Halfcock who has emerged as a conniving Gollum chuckling over his precious variants.

As outrageous as this is, The Torygraph focuses narrowly on the Lockdown and whether the order to isolate was an overreaction.

It fails to address the low fatality rate from coronavirus, the disappearance in 2020 of flu as it was rebranded as Convid, the damage from the Convid injectable, or the fact that the GINO’s use of fear was based on social manipulation to manage outcomes – a strategy 10 years in the making rather than a spontaneous exchange on WhatsApp.

The journalist-INO releasing the messages, Isabel Oakeshott, says she did so because she fears the UK GINO’s glacial Convid inquiry will be a cover-up and a whitewash. The Telegraph’s response provides scant reassurance.

The Torygraph’s treatment of the Lockdown Files is selective. It also ignores Halfock’s role via meeting Billy boy in 2018 handing over £53 million and in pre-ordering Midazolam in 2019 in preparation for a die-off in hospitals and nursing homes documented by Jacqui Deevoy and the late Wayne Smith.

The Lockdown Files fail to examine the most controversial aspects of Event Convid: the preparation for the announcement of a coronavirus pandemic and the Convid response. This includes the following events and documents:

It’s a SIN

The usual caveat applies: motive is a minefield best avoided. That does not mean we have to ignore known events and facts.

Halfcock is the poster child for decision-making in what once were portrayed as smoke-filled rooms but today are the painfully bright think tanks of corporate-funded NGOs. We see this from the Rockefeller-backed CommonPass to the panoply of Gates-funded bodies like GAVI and CEPI advising on vaccines. Ministers become a middleman or a dealer on the street corner — the public to one side, their supplier to the other.

If there is any minister who covered all the relevant bases in the run-up to Event Convid it was Halfcock. With his background as a Bank of England economist he is close to former bank governor Mark Carney, COP26 climate change finance chief and one of the logisticians of The Great Reset.

Halfcock held roles in the Cabinet Office from 2015 to 2016 under Call Me Dave and was in charge of the press as minister for digital and culture until 2018. In April 2020 Halfcock arranged for extra shipments of midazolam – negotiations that must surely have originated some months earlier, perhaps in those French SIN meetings. Crucially he is on record discussing the “good death” protocol with Dr Luke Evans MP This quickly bore fruit. Prescriptions for the drug midazolam doubled during the height of the pandemic.

One piece of information is missing: death figures. The numbers that came out of Public Health England and the UK GINO’s Convid dashboard were delayed and wildly inconsistent. For example, the former lists 3,459 deaths from Feb to Sep 2021 and the latter 19,790 deaths from Feb to Aug 2021. An overview is impossible – and that’s where the work of independent researchers is essential to truth and accountability.

The title of SofS for Health now carries the suffix ‘and Social Care’. The role was held from 2018 to Jun 2021 by a former Bank of England economist Halfcock.

Public finances and tough choices in social care are Halfcock’s bread and butter, in the tradition of rationality and thinking the ‘unthinkable’. He is an habitué of the WEF and the tax-exempt foundations of the Davos hinterland.

Guiding the public to accept hard choices was the focus of an Anglo-French summit in Paris in Feb 2019. Science and Innovation Network (SIN) is based in 40 countries/territories around the world. Government documentation says it supports UK policy… strategic relationships… mutual benefits.

Industrialists, psychologists, academics and bureaucrats gathered in the British ambassador’s residence two and a half years ago to discuss:

  • genomics — sequencing and data collection from birth
  • sharing health data — what to do with populations, especially the old
  • behavioural science — how to get people to accept measures

Britain’s behavioural teams are more advanced than the French, presumably due to the history of the Tavistock Institute. ‘Well-established entities with a history of policy trials in health,’ include:

  • Public Health Improvement Research Network
  • Public Health England Behavioural Insights
  • Behavioural Insights Team

These have been activated during Event Convid, with members aboard the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) who calculate the degree of fear needed to motivate the public:

“The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased … using hard-hitting emotional messaging.” (SPI-B minutes of Mar 22, 2020).

Die Meistersinger

Why did the Allies choose to make Nuremberg a song and dance about medicine, given that Germany’s eugenics programme was inherited from the U.S., Canada and Britain who provided the research, the funding and in the case of the Rockefellers’ Josef Mengele, the personnel?

It was funded by Macy, Kellogg as well as the oiler-bankers and inspired by the Cold Spring Harbor and Tavistock.

Though doctors were the largest cohort by profession to join the National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the Allies looked the other way in the case of many other Nazis such as many of the industrialists, including the Quandt family who own much of BMW.

It would have been easy to find another pretext on which to convict and hang them for something else, while in the process protecting the image of eugenics.

The Western population, after all, only knew what the state corporate media told them. A nobody of a historian at the time, Hugh Trevor Roper, who had worked for British military intelligence, was about to be given the job of writing the authorized history of the Third Reich from documents supplied to him by military intelligence.

The narrative was controlled. Why let eugenics be thus defiled?

Perhaps the explanation is that they knew it was evil and took the opportunity to project it onto the Germans, while fully intending to continue the research. The OSS-CIA hired many of those they portrayed as schlock-horror scientists.

Charles Darwin’s biggest fan Francis Galton worshipped eugenics. The co-founder of the United Nations Julian Huxley thought eugenics to be the highest branch of science and included Fattaturk’s father on his UN team with the aim of legalising Eugenics. Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner, and their vehicles the Rhodes Scholarship, the Round Table movement, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) considered the British elite the masters of the world. Eugenics was the Anglo religion. It seems it remains so.

Malthus’ disciples

Thomas Malthus was Professor of Political Economy at the East India Company College and his teachings on population quickly gained prominence, suiting as they did the ambitions of the East India Company and the financial interest of the corporate-imperial class.

He has, in the original meaning of nice, a formula that is easy to grasp, seemingly scientific yet reassuringly moral. Malthus says population multiplies geometrically and food arithmetically. His second job as a pastor provided the moral overtones. He must have awed his students.

Who does that sound like – a nifty formula, backed up by moral strictures? It brings to mind that Ted Talk in which Bill Gates invented CO2xPxSxExC.

Those who read The Economist magazine will recognize the satisfying internal logic of every article, fitting the weaver’s frame, the weft pressed smoothly into place. The reader leaves with a self-congratulatory feeling that he has understood the world sufficiently to go forth and act. The Economist is praxis, brought to you by the House of Rothschild.

Today those who seek to revive or perpetuate a corporate-imperial ideology still dance around the dry bones of Malthus who died when Marx was 20, the winter before he entered the University of Bonn as a law student.

The graph

The Torygraph is trawling through Halfcock’s emails but portrays “Lockdown chaos” as a matter of incompetence rather than intent.

Is this exclusive focus on Lockdown a ploy to normalise the strategy, to “learn lessons,” and to get it right next time?

The nation’s senior public servant, Cabinet Office secretary Simon Case comes across as immature (he was the youngest person appointed to the job at 41) allowing himself to be politicised, criticising one minister for “pure conservative ideology” and indulging in childish jokes at the expense of travellers stuck in quarantine. He is, however, just a scapegoat. The policy itself is barely questioned.

The Lockdown Files reveal the extent to which the strategy was planned and scripted, including terrorising the population using manipulation and fear to scare people into taking the shots.

The Torygraph fails to acknowledge the Lame-stream media’s complicity in failing to challenge the evidence while playing stenographer or, if you prefer, pied piper.

A five day isolation was as effective as 14, but the GINO did not want to embarrass itself by changing course. Where was the Lame-stream media?

What we’re discovering is that the GINO has a detailed manual for behavioural psychology developed since the end of WWII.

Having analysed 2.3 million keywords the trove reveals plans to “frighten the pants off” the public, threats to withhold aid to disabled children if MPs didn’t support tougher lockdown measures, and the revealing quip that “Bill Gates owes me one.”

Halfcock was touting a British “Variant Assessment Programme” to the WHO and he wanted Billy boys’ endorsement (hence the £53m brown envelope). He quipped to his adviser: “Tell him that considering how many people I’m getting his chips injected into, he owes me one!”

Empty beds

While the British public was being told that hospitals were overwhelmed and elective treatments must be postponed to “protect” the NHS, Halfcock suggested importing French coronavirus patients into Britain. He shared a letter with advisers which offered “spare capacity in London and the south… We could provide some ICU beds to which you could transfer some patients.”

In the U.S., House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer has called Convid fraud “the greatest theft of American taxpayer dollars in history.” Money was lavished in ways never before witnessed. In Britain more than £30 billion was allocated to a Track And Trace app for the NHS.

By the end of 2020, more than 2,500 consultants were working on the project at a cost of £1 million day. Despite the concern of some officials, nothing was done to curb the spending for at least six months, before the end of July 2021.

Just as in the U.S., the impromptu hospitals set up in exhibition centers stood empty. Britain’s Nightingale hospitals cost £530 million. In New York a temporary hospital at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center cost more than $52 million. It treated just 79 patients.

In the U.S. an estimated $200 billion in federal unemployment benefits were swindled but even that dwarfs the money handed out to corporations.

Why now?

Why is the Lame-stream media revealing the playbook in such detail?

The same manual of fear will likely be used to push the Central Bank Digital Currencies [CBDC] with a scripted collapse of the banking system, possibly linked to food and fuel shortages to incentivise the gullible into signing up for a digital passport as the price for GINO aid – perhaps rationing vouchers or some form of Universal Basic Income [UBI].

Or it might be another pandemic. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held a tabletop exercise, Catastrophic Contagion, in October 2022 to simulate a deadly “Enterovirus” that targets children.

Back in 2020

WhatsApp messages confirm the government was implementing the “fear document” from the SPI-B group. This was originally exposed by UK Column so read it there.

It [the shot] provokes a generalized immune response, modifying DNA/RNA and its experimental. That already puts the mRNA vaccine – if mandatory – in the realm of forced medical experimentation and the Nuremberg code.

Will the first version cause massive side effects? meh. The second version may perhaps give a clearer picture of the way ahead, open a pathway and perhaps they’ll test it in Liverpool. The third version may provoke an immune response on the level of auto-immune disease or HIV and may provoke depopulation.

All of these – HIV, auto-immune disease and experimental mRNA – are presented to the public as ‘shucks happenstance’ (shit happens, to you and me) and shrouded in unknowns. Yet we’ve already seen the deliberate and relentless spreading of HIV through contaminated blood: we’re told it was just business. OK, so thanks for admitting it was deliberate. Was it also an experiment?

Perhaps Fauci, Gates and Fort Detrick are more acquainted with the intersection of their life-giving or life-taking properties.

June 8, 2020

The Covid Event closely follows plans disclosed 15 years ago by Strategic Communications Laboratories SCL which nominally closed down after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018. See Slate, 2005.

“A shadowy media firm steps in to help orchestrate a sophisticated campaign of mass deception. Rather than alert the public to the smallpox threat, the company sets up a high-tech “ops center” to convince the public that an accident at a chemical plant threatens London. As the fictitious toxic cloud approaches the city, TV news outlets are provided graphic visuals charting the path of the invisible toxins. Londoners stay indoors, glued to the telly, convinced that even a short walk into the streets could be fatal.”

SCL’s key associates include Nigel Oakes, Mark Broughton and the Behavioural Dynamics Institute, a virtual lab led by Professor Phil Taylor of Leeds University.

The techniques include manipulating people to demand the new restrictions rather than simply forcing the laws upon us.

If the Convid response was an impromptu scramble in the face of an unexpected event, you’d expect a gathering of pharma execs and politicians to be breathing a sigh of relief and taking stock of where we are.

You would see rough edges, disagreement, some tough questions and awkward moments. Instead, the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 in London opened by Bojo, was entirely scripted. There was not a single moment of pause or reflection.

UK Column’s latest broadcast reports on the GAVI “vaccine alliance” $8.8 billion fundraiser. Notably there was no discussion of the successes and failures of the response to Covid-19. No one spoke off the cuff. Everyone was reading a script. Even in the Q&A the answer was a scripted response – showing that they had the questions in advance.

The delivery by Billy boy was strident, demanding compliance with his 20-year effort to vaccinate every child on earth… But whatever you think of him, where was the discussion, the reflection at this difficult moment? Lessons learned? After all… the long-predicted pandemic has happened. You would think that after contact with reality, the pre-made vaccination plans, plans would be adjusted. There was no sign of that. And no comments beneath the YouTube live stream of the Vaccine Summit event.

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