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The vast majority of yer actual lefties give the impression that they are incapable of either thinking or concentrating and this means their education has to be conducted in soundbites. They use these soundbites to spread their generally evil messages. Their constant harping on about CO2 being the cause of Climate Change is one of their more obvious lies. The historical ice records show that CO2 levels rise about 800 years after a temperature increase. I leave puffins shivering in their nests to divine why the greenies want to stop CO2, though seemingly not in India or China.

There are at least two kinds of soundbite. The first is used to impart ideas, for example “CO2 is bad”. This is done without providing any evidence and you are expected to believe it, especially as it will be repeated ad nauseam. The second is used to shut down any discussion of these fallacious ideas, Remember you are just supposed to follow them blindly. Examples of this are “The science is settled”, “Racist” and “Fascist” along with the occasional “Nazi”.

The most obvious idiocy is “The science is settled”. This utter nonsense because science is always under threat of revision as new discoveries are made. The science only seems to be settled when it pleases or supports the left’s stance on one issue or another, the most famous one being Climate Change though I believe it was also allegedly settled when we were being mocked with Global Warming. This message was quickly changed when even their own dodgy graphs couldn’t support that bunch of lies.

I am sure most puffins will have their own favourite examples of these soundbites but remember, any evidence must be ignored or falsified. One’s mind can only boggle when we have politicians in positions of power implementing laws to turn back the tide as Cnut showed he couldn’t. I give you Ed Miliband and Ed Davey (should we ban politicians called Ed ?) who set us well on the way to the impractical Net Zero target.

Ed Miliband’s qualifications are in PPE and Economics. Ed Davey’s are in Economics. Neither of these sound very scientific to me. The one Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has a PhD for this thesis Writing for Women: a study of woman as reader in Elizabethan romance. Again, none of this sounds very scientific and surely studying Climate would be a scientific discipline. They may have picked up some things during their careers but for me, their opinion on Climate Change is worth no more than mine. I also remain to be convinced that any of the Climate specialists in our Universities speak the truth. Their grants depend on continuing the lies that are government policy.

I believe this is little better than indoctrination and was honed and perfected by Goebbels, a genius at propaganda but one of the most revolting Nazis, being possibly the biggest anti-semite of them all in an oh so crowded room.

We also need to consider selective amnesia. One of the greatest examples of this is when the boy Jones rants on about 50, or is it 60, million people being killed by Nazis and Fascists. The amnesia part is the at least 100 million killed by various kinds of socialism. Maybe we should excuse Mao Tse Tung because as the Hackney genius, Miss Diane, tells us, he did more good than harm. This kind of degenerates into a pissing competition in reverse where “my side” killed fewer than “your side”. He does this with monotonous regularity on TV shows and nobody ever pulls him up on it. It would be far better if nobody was killed by political points of view.

My first exposure to soundbites was during the Vietnam War demonstrations of the 1960s with the likes of *Hey Hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today”. Now the Vietnam War needed to be called out and the violence was the only way to bring it to the attention of the authorities. Slightly before my memories I suppose US bumper stickers along the lines of “I like Ike” may qualify as soundbites. I just looked this up and real bumper stickers first appeared in the 1940s and “I like Ike” seems to be the first political version. I include this as a soundbite because it doesn’t tell you at all why you should like Ike.

Having spread their nonsense propaganda, the left then need to shut down all dissent. For this they have a choice range of insults that are designed to make you feel ashamed. As the years go by, this list has expanded from the original Racist, Nazi and Fascist.

We now have

  • Progressive
  • Trust the science
  • Deniers

Deniers is an interesting one. You can be a Climate Change denier while not actually denying that the Climate changes. It is just that you don’t believe that much of it is caused by mankind. Remember every time a volcano erupts you get the “it is producing more CO2 than man has ever done”. Good for volcanoes I say, more CO2 is great for crop yields.

Progressive just seems to mean paying more taxes, very few parties ever got elected with that in their manifesto though many have actually done it once in office, see Isaac Hunt for details on the latest version of milking the taxpayer.

Trust the science is now used to stop all discussion about Climate Change. The temperatures are rising, the glaciers are melting, the sea levels are rising, there are more hurricanes and so on. The Greenies don’t stop with their lies and Trust the Science just means trust the greenies. Something I will never do. Its counterpart is the Science is Settled mantra when Science should never be settled.

The left have created a generation of dimwits, many with utterly useless degrees but maybe that was their objective, to have a mass of people incapable of thought and who are easily led because it is all about feelz.

As you go about your daily business dear puffins, fear not the insults of the left. Their insults are about as meaningful as calling someone a see you Next Tuesday, a trend that seems to have all but disappeared from this blog. We are all the poorer for that.

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