The Adam and Eve Story

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I came across this book that had been scanned into a PDF and loaded on a website.  Not a book that I would normally read, but it piqued my interest.

It proffers the theory that our planet has undergone many catastrophes of a severe global nature, a kind of reset for mankind, most living creatures and structures on the Earth’s surface every 12,000 years.

The mechanism by which this is achieved is through the separation of the Earth’s crust from the shallow molten layer below, which is not molten but in a solid state.  It stipulates that the cosmic magnetic forces surrounding the Earth solidify this normally molten layer which cements the crust to it and stops the crust from “free-wheeling”.

At regular stages in our solar system’s heliocentric arc through the Milky Way, our planet periodically enters a null zone of magnetic and solar intensity.  The first indications of this are the migration of the magnetic poles which gradually move towards the equator.

This is happening now.

This drop in magnetic field strength is enough to “re-liquify” the shallow molten layer and cause the Earth’s crust to break free from the layer and topple violently across its axis until it reaches equilibrium.

As a result of this massive shift of the Earth’s crust, entire continents are flooded, mountains destroyed, new mountains created out of the sea, 2 mile high tsunamis formed, destructive supersonic winds, massive earthquakes, ice caps now situated in the equatorial regions melting rapidly raising sea levels by hundreds of feet, total destruction of most wildlife and most living things being consumed by an amalgam of supercritical frozen mud and water.

“And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.” – Genesis 6:13

Some of the recorded evidence of this cyclical cataclysm are quite intriguing with references to the bible and the story of Noah’s ark, the story of Adam and Eve and the new beginning after a similar cataclysm.

There’s also some connecting the dots of archaeological digs on finding totally preserved woolly mammoths and their perfectly frozen condition, similar rock strata found over several continents and a hypothesis about why certain species seem to become extinct suddenly.

It explores the fact that ancient civilizations were not simply stone aged but were quite advanced.  Their knowledge was lost in the various cataclysms and the handful of survivors that had survived in extreme circumstances, their generation’s understanding, let alone replicating this ancient knowledge was diluted, distorted and eventually forgotten.  This may give light to some of the curious mechanisms of construction found ancient sites such as the Aztec and Egyptian structures and some unexplained archaeological artefacts

The addendum of the book migrates towards some even more off-field hypotheses, such as before the cataclysm a myriad of UFOs would descend and rescue a select few, also explained as “The Rapture”.

However, just as the experiment of applying a weak magnetic field to a vessel containing rotating mercury to watch it solidify points to the molten core theory, there’s enough story to keep some readers entertained, but there are quite a few trigger points to stop reading there and then.

Here is the link below:

Keep an eye on the accelerating drift of those magnetic poles – 2050 might be the year for The Great Reset!*

* probably not the one that Herr Schwab was hoping for!

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