My solutions to mass/school shootings


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When I watch the tragedies unfold on these mass shootings, I do not hold my breath as I know that the DemonRats will be pounding their chests and exploiting the deaths for what they see as political gain within minutes. I think the country is getting sick of listening to them sprout the same garbage time and time again. People need to feel inspired and hope and the message from the left is the total opposite. Instead all Democrats do is cause division and strife. Racism. Hatred. None of those things should be a part of any American life.

First understand, firearms are not going anywhere. There are countless millions in private hands and billions of rounds of ammunition. Despite the leftist rhetoric, sales of guns increase every time something happens or they threaten to try and remove them. We patriots will defend our second amendment rights and protect the constitution against all and any tyrannical governments of which the illegal Biden regime is definitely one.

No. We need a real common sense approach to finding the solution. It has been, as always, staring us in the face. Since the growth of socialism in this country in the 1930/40’s on their sole aim was to destroy the very soul and fiber of this countries greatness. The very reason we were founded. Freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness but mainly our belief in a Supreme being. God.

Their aim has been to destroy our belief in God. Our faith has been under attack steadily since the 60’s, in an era when hippies bought in immorality as normal. Non ethical behavior as normal. Non belief as normal. Hatred of our country and our institutions spread with their filthy ideology and the ways they lived. The remnants of that sick generation of “free love” drugs and illicit carnal knowledge of all and sundry, are those in power now. They are the ones that became teachers. They are the ones that became professors. Business leaders. They are the ones running government departments. They are ones in power. They are the ones destroying the very fabric of American greatness. They are the ones running the educational teachers unions that have stifled real history and fed our kids with this so called “WOKENESS” and CRT.

America. We have to come together as a nation. United. Proud. We have to admit we have done wrong. We have to clean up our act. We have to go into communities and try fix the social issues. We have to bring back religion. The family unit. Prayer. Church. Charity. Aid.

We need to put an immediate stop to trying to financially rescue other countries. We have to put 100% of our available resources into helping make America Great Again….and Again!

If we cannot rescue America we cannot rescue others. Our foundation is flawed. It is cracked. Broken in places. Until we restore America we cannot and should not look to restoring anyone else.

There are hard choices to be made but hey! We are Americans. We thrive on hard. It’s what we do better than any other nation in history.

We need to fight crime. Support law enforcement in all areas. Close our borders. Remove all illegals. Fight the scourge of gangs and the drug trade. Fight the scourge of human trafficking. Fight the scourge of an out of control federal government that has for too long broken the constitution and become too inclusive, corrupt and too big to manage. Take them out of state controls. States rights must be fully restored.

The majority of these shooters have had contact with law enforcement. Their thoughts openly displayed on social media. Teachers have seen but not acted. More sinfully so have parents who have forgotten how to parent as they try and be friends rather than parents.

Mental illness plays a massive part. As a nation we are woefully unable to deal with the mental illness in this country. There are not enough facilities. Not enough trained staff like social workers. Many states have only one or two small facilities which cannot cope. The huge amount of cash Biden has given away with no ties to Ukraine could have built and staffed hundreds of facilities nation wide. The money he has supplied to leftist groups intent on our destruction could have been spent on fixing our inner cities.

These facilities are needed. Often parents do not know where to go. What to do. Who to ask. City, county and state computers do not talk to each other so algorithms can be developed to attempt to identify these prospective shooters in advance and get them the help they need. Find the desperate, the loners, the angry, the bullied, those with differences that could affect them as they grow.

Parents have got to get support groups going nation wide to try help those who cannot help themselves. Help parents by giving them the structure and direction they need to help them parent. Let them know there is no stigma to having a child that has issues but help point them in the right direction.

Loners in particular need to be identified and helped. It is not normal to want to be alone as a human being but it has become the way for many of our kids, especially during the insanity of the China virus lockdowns. We need to have support for them. Help for them. Assets to help them 24/7.

We need our kids to get away from the perils of social media and create a total re-emphasis on family, church and social connections. Stop them watching violent films. Playing violent games. Watching immoral shows. Teach them what a family unit is. Teach them to use contraception should they need to become sexually active. Teach them morals. To deal ethically with all. Display firmness and love in all our interactions.

I understand it has taken us 80 plus years to get where we are today but I believe we can turn it around if we really want to, inside a decade. There is nothing we as Americans cannot achieve. The greatest generation was our WWI and WWII generation. Let’s surpass them using their spirit, their love of country and their belief in God.

First and most importantly we need to retro fit all schools nation wide with hi tech security. Schools should have one entrance/exit once open. Period. One way in. One way out. Entry should not be easy. Training for shooter drills need to become regular and second nature to students and staff. Teachers need to carry and be trained in the use of handguns.

There are many like me that are former military and/or law enforcement that are retired. We still maintain a proficiency in firearms. We own our own. We have our own equipment, ammunition etc. so need no tax payer funding. I for one would be happy to volunteer several days a week or more if needed patrolling schools and helping keep our future safe. I know that school districts, towns, cities and states don’t have the money to have several paid police officers in every school and every place of learning. Volunteers like myself could take a large financial burden off those agencies. It would be our way to give back to a country that has given us everything.

Let’s be honest. With the Defund the Police movement especially in liberal cities, many police forces are extremely short staffed. Recruitment is difficult if not seemingly impossible in areas. Volunteer security personnel is the obvious answer. There are millions of us nation wide ready and willing to face the challenge.

So. To recap. Our kids need to learn morals. Ethics. Religion. Good behavior. Family values.

Understand none of that list above will be found in any democrat politician or organization at present.

Volunteer security at schools and other places of learning that is not crazily regulated to the degree it makes it hard or impossible to volunteer are and could be a most valuable asset. School buildings made more impenetrable. The longer it takes a shooter to gain access the longer we have to get there and put a stop to the threat. Permanently.

America. All the above and more is possible. Ask not what your country can do for you but for once ask what you can do for your country. America needs help. Desperately. Only Americans can fix our problems.

Are you up for the challenge?

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

Fred Brownbill 2022