Blair’s Reset Britain Coup d’État

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Charles Anthony Lynton Blair.
Tony Blair in 2012,
The World Affairs Council
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A Suburban Street in South London

Guess which will be the most well-financed political party in Britain in 2022? You’re wrong. Read on.

While researching rubber-faced horror movie butler Rory Stewart for the weekly hour in a Mariupol air-raid shelter that is Question Time, your humble author fell across, an organisation of which Walter Mitty fantasist and court jester to the establishment, Stewart, is an advisory board member.

The website claims the organisation is political but non-partisan and boasts the patronage of an interesting line-up of high-profile public figures, more of which later. What caught a suspicious and cynical eye, honed by years of reviewing Question Time, was the suffix. The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalist Party and Greens are .org’s, meaning organisations. The Conservatives are a .com, meaning commercial. Presumably early to the internet fray, the Tories registered a domain name before .org was released or because the available categories weren’t as clearly defined as they are now. UK companies are denoted by which means there will be a registration at Companies House for The Britain Project.

Examining documents lodged there proved to be revealing. The full name of the organisation is ‘Reset: The Britain Project’. ‘Reset’ being a reference to The Great Reset, a brainchild of The World Economic Forum or WEF.

What was to become the Britain Project was founded just after the 2019 Tory general election landslide which ensured Boris Johnson’s “Get Brexit Done” withdrawal from the European Union. The company was formerly registered on the 20th of July 2020 under the original name of “The Centre for Liberalism and Social Democracy Limited”.

The nature of its business is declared as ‘Market research and public opinion polling’ and ‘Activities of political organisations’. Two months later, the company’s name was changed to ‘Reset: the Britain Project Limited’, perhaps after their early polling reminded them of the patriotism of significant numbers of British voters.

Rather than at an office or convenience address, Britain Project is registered at £2,000,000 private house, near the Thames, in an exclusive Thames Ditton avenue of South West London. Also in Thames Ditton, along with her husband Jon and four children, lives director Monica Harding. A former Conservative, Harding stood against Dominic Raab as a stop Brexit Liberal Democrat candidate in the Esher and Walton constituency in the 2019 election.

Here she is pictured campaigning alongside Hugh Grant, an activist in the anti-free speech organisation Hacked Off. Grant also campaigned for the Labour Party while warning of the risk of a ‘catastrophic’ no-deal Brexit. Grant’s £17 million home sits on the other side of the river from Thames Ditton.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
World Economic Forum plutocrats.
Participants at the World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia,
World Economic Forum
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Speaking at a Liberal Democrat party event prior to the election, Harding came over as too full of herself, too stage school and trying too hard to be Gina Millar. Not surprising, as Ms Harding is a London bubble lifer who has worked in management consultancy and been a director and CEO for a variety of organisations in the ‘third sector’. Her employers have included the British Council, Industry and Parliament Trust and Refugees International Japan.

During the 2019 campaign, Harding was assisted by another Reset Britain Project director, Cherry Norton, who on her LinkedIn profile boasts of being Harding’s Social Media Strategy Director and Media Relations Manager.

Ms Norton is an ‘implementation expert’ and former Sunday Times, Independent and freelance journalist specialising in social affairs and social media strategy. She has been a consultant to the World Wildlife Fund. In 2017 she took a year out at Kings College London to co-author Telling one story, or many? An ecolinguistic analysis of climate change stories in UK national newspaper editorials. Quite.

Just before the establishment of Britain Project, Cherry became a founding partner of Shared Voice, a company that promises to “create and execute digital campaigns that mobilise public support for your cause, business or policy ask.”

The other two directors of Reset: The Britain Project are Wyn Evans, a PR wallah, and the interesting Raphael McAuliffe, to whom we shall return.

During 2021, the company gathered its strength and subscribed more London bubble names to its agenda. Besides Rory Stewart, the ranks have been supplemented with television’s Trevor Phillips, polling’s Philip Kelner, uber-Remainer and former Tory MP David Gauke, a couple of LibDem MP nonentities and former Labour MP Luciana Berger. In early 2022, the embryonic organisation began to show its true face.

Speaking in his capacity as Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, in a keynote speech on January 20th 2022 at the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, un-indicted war criminal Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair referenced the company. In his address, Blair pin-pointed three forthcoming revolutions: Brexit, technology and global warming. In outlining his response to those challenges he said,

“My Institute will set out, in a series of papers and seminars with a global as well as national perspective, at least the principles of this new policy agenda. The Britain Project is a group working across party lines though headed by a Lib Dem, Monica Harding, and it will organise a conference in May. We want this conference to be an opportunity for people to come together and set out a broad direction for the future of Britain.”

The high-profile conference is now scheduled to take place on June 30th 2022. In the interim, we must examine The Tony Blair Institute For Global Change, also known as the Tony Blair Institute.

The Tony Blair Institute

The Blair vehicle’s mission statement is:

“Delivering Change. Our global team works in more than 20 countries across four continents to support leaders with strategy, policy and delivery. From Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine, the tech revolution to the net-zero transition, our experts and thought leaders provide fresh analysis, practical policy solutions and embedded support in response to the world’s biggest challenges – all driven by the progressive vision and insights of our Executive Chairman Tony Blair.”

Incorporated in December 2016, the Blair Institute absorbed other existing Blair organisations; ‘The Africa Governance Initiative’, ‘The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ and Blair’s ‘Initiative for the Middle East’. The nature of its business is, ‘Other education not elsewhere categorised’.

According to LabourList, Blair also transferred £9.7million from one of his other interests, Windrush Ventures Limited. A director of which was his former Downing Street aide Catherine Jane Rimmer, who is currently a director of the Blair Institute and who signed off the most recent annual accounts of September 2021.

It was through Windrush that Blair advised companies and governments. By 2015 turnover had reached £19m a year. According to Forbes Magazine, one of Windrush’s most profitable ventures was advising Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on ‘government reforms’.

Although the Blair Institute’s website only publishes financial statements up to 2017, more comprehensive and recent accounts can be found via Companies House.

In the year up to December 2020, the Blair Institute had a turnover of $45,000,000 (£36 million at today’s exchange rate) and a staff of 267. As such, after referring to figures published by the UK Electoral Commission, we can conclude that The Blair Institute has a larger turnover than the Conservative Party, Liberal Democrat Party and Scottish National Party, combined. The Tory Party’s annual turnover being £24 million, LibDems £5.3m and the SNP’s £4.4m.

Taking into account the Blair Institute’s declared reserves of $5.8 million and a cash balance of $26,000,000, Blair’s organisation dwarfs the perenially en-debted Labour Party too.

Where does the money come from? Donations. Who donates? The institute claims it is under no obligation to reveal its donors but does provide a selective list in the Strategic Statement section of its September 2021 accounts.

Donors include:

  • African government partners (Yes, through their corrupt governments, poor Africans give money to Blair)
  • The alliance for a green revolution in Africa
  • Anne Wojcicki foundation (Made her money in genetics)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Blavatnik Family Foundation (Asset stripping the Soviet Union)
  • Blavatnik School of Government (As above)
  • Kirsch Foundation (Retail)
  • Larry Ellison Foundation (Data)
  • Nathan Associates, London (Analytics)
  • Wellspring Development Capital (Management consultancy for globalised Big Food)
  • Social Finance UK (Bond-based social finance)
  • United States Agency For International Development (‘Aid’ agency)
  • Victor Pinchuk Foundation (Ukrainian oligarch)

Not included in the list is the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which made a 2018 payment of £9 million to Blair for advice on their ‘modernisation plan’ to ‘support the change programme’. According to The Daily Mail, the monies didn’t come directly from the Government of Saudi Arabia but from Media Investment Ltd, a Guernsey-registered subsidiary of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, a publishing group chaired at the time by Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Farhan.

Interestingly, the Blair Institute accounts conclude with the telling line,

“CONTROLLING PARTY. The company is controlled by Anthony Charles
Lynton Blair, being the only subscribing member of the Company.”

Also in the education business is son Euan Blair. As recently as June 9th 2022, Euan Blair’s Multiverse education technology company received £175,000,000 of funding from investment houses including; StepStone Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners, General Catalyst, Founders Circle Capital, Audacious Ventures, BOND, D1 Capital Partners, GV and Index Ventures. Because of the opaque funding of the Blair Institute, and the opaque nature of the ‘names’ behind investment funds, it might be naive to assume that, Kazakstan style, it is not possible for the same globalists to be donating to the father while investing in the son.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
Euan and Cherie Blair.
Cherie and Euan Blair with Nigel Lamb,
Aidan Pedreschi
Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Being flush with money and having successfully lobbied for a knighthood in the 2022 New Year’s Honours list (Euan, was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours a few months later) Blair is well set for a return to front-line politics. But how? And when?

Tony On The March

In the run-up to the April 2022 French presidential election, Blair gave a ringing endorsement to sitting President Emmanuel Marcon. Following the diminutive Frenchman’s victory in the first round of voting, Blair issued the following statement:

“Many congratulations to President Macron. His victory is immense for Western democracy and Western politics. A huge tribute both to his personal leadership and the importance of the political centre.”

After Macron won the second round and thus retained his presidency, Blair stated the following;

“I congratulate Emmanuel Macron on a superlative victory which is great news for France and Europe. His campaign and the substantial majority he achieved, shows that the centre-ground is alive and kicking and the place where elections can still be fought and won by Progressive politics. Well done Emmanuel!”

Founded in April 2016, Macron’s party La République En Marche! (or the republic on the move) was a new centrist grouping drawing support from politicians of both the left and right aware they were about to lose their seats in the French 2017 legislative election as President Holland’s unpopular administration ground into the dirt.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
Emmanuel Macron addresses the World economic Forum.
Emmanuel Macron, YGL, President of France ,
Foundations World Economic Forum
Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Marcon’s new candidates didn’t even have to leave their existing parties but simply had to commit to supporting Macron. Although half of the candidates were supposed to be from outside the Paris political bubble, many were existing mayors or members of regional or departmental councils. The French election was won by En Marche, technically known as the Presidential Majority Parties, with 350 out of 577 seats.

It is such a movement, with himself in place of Macron, over which Blair salivates.

The Blair Institute / Britain Project Launch

A press release at the end of May informed of a Blair Institute / Britain Project launch conference set for the 30th of June. It will be hosted by Emily Maitliss and John Sopel, respectively late of BBC Newsnight and the BBC’s former USA correspondent. It is to be called The Future of Britain.

Blair will address the event, as will US economist Larry Summers, financial journalist Martin Lewis and former leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, Ruth Davidson.

Politico website claim that organisers are desperate to include President Macron and $1 million a year New York charity supremo David Milliband. A youth wing entitled “My Life My Say” will be unveiled Politico quotes sources close to the organisation as saying,

“There are people who think that this is the embryonic new centre party, but nobody wants to say it.”


“The half a dozen individuals who spoke to Politico made clear that the Britain Project was definitely not a new party — but none would entirely rule out it becoming one in the future.”

For one, if it were to become a political party registered in the UK, it would come under the auspices of the Electoral Commission with extra scrutiny placed upon the sources of Blair’s funding. In the medium term, this may not be an impediment. UK political parties are not supposed to be funded from abroad but bypass the rules by using proxies within Britain. For instance, London-based Mrs Lee of the Chinese Communist Party and the ludicrous Barry Gardiner. Similarly for the Tories, ‘dining clubs’ and their anonymous members.

Politico continues,

“Another person involved said: “It’s not a political party, but it potentially could be a movement that puts pressure on existing parties to move in the right direction.”

A movement in hock to an unelected Blair exerting influence over a progressive alliance and prospective progressive alliance coalition at and after the next election. In other words, a Blair coup d’état. So what is Blair’s ‘right direction’? Put simply, it is the globalism of the World Economic Forum.

What Chance The GloboBlair Agenda?

Remember the former Prime Minister’s three challenging revolutions? The Blair Institute and Britain Project websites provide solutions.

  • Brexit – re-join the EU in all but name by re-committing to the single market and adopting all EU laws.
  • Technology – Artificial Intelligence including compulsory mass biometric registration, mass surveillance and the adoption of a social credit system successfully rolled out in Communist China, which the WEF euphemistically refers to as ASC or Alternative Credit Scoring.
  • Global Warming – total commitment to Net Zero while intimidating the public with catastrophe theory consequences to non-compliance to the agenda.

The Blair project will be heavy on propaganda and social media. Pollster Peter Kelner of YouGov is onboard as is the ridiculous Lord Windrush of Chipping Norton in the County of Oxfordshire (not his real name – Andrew Cooper). Cooper is the founder of the Populus polling, research and strategy company. Privately educated at Reigate Grammar school, Andrew was a classmate of Labour leader Kier Starmer.

Remember: Opinion polls exist to influence opinion, not to reflect it. Momentum can be generated artificially through exaggerated positive polling figures. Simultaneously, opponents can be demoralised by exaggerated negative polling figures.

Every time you see a poll claiming a majority wish we were still in the EU, or Brexiteers wish they’d voted Remain, you are being played by the fake polling industry.

The Britain Project is laden with London media, social media and polling people. It is a propaganda effort. In the near future, you will be bombarded with pro-Blair messages. The optic will be one of blaming Brexit for everything, no matter how ludicrous the connection, and insisting on Blair’s progressive centrist politics as the only solution. A trolling operation will target Blair’s opponents.

Will this have any impact outside of a London bubble? That brings us to the fourth director of Reset: The Britain Project, Raphael McAuliffe. As well as his position within Britain Project, Mr McAuliffe has played Mummy Pig, Bus Driver and Big Bad Wolf in Story Storks for Princess Island at the Rose Theatre. He boasts of having starred alongside Meryl ‘stand and applaud convicted paedophile Roman Polanski’ Streep in the 2016 film Florence Foster.

Raphael is also a director of Archangel Voices, a voice artist agency. In his own profile, he offers Standard English, Cockney, Southern Irish, Liverpool, Scottish, East European, Standard American, Welsh, French, Italian, Prince Charles and Dudley Moore, in a range from ‘deep and authoritative to gentle, kind and expressive’.

Unsurprisingly, Mr McAuliffe has been employed by the BBC and a Cook’s tour of London and South of England broadcasters. He has provided corporate training for the BBC, Surrey County Council, the NHS and ‘various murder weekends’. Well.

It is easy to sneer at the continuity carbon-phobic Britain-hating Remainers, six years after the Brexit vote, sitting in their South American Nazi ex-pats late-1940s street cafe plotting the return of the Old Times, but the sheer weight of money available through the Blair Institute and the amount of content they can put into mainstream and social media obliges this author to warn Puffins of a Blair coup d’état blip on the radar.

Late News: As we go to press, the nonsensical verdict in the Arron Banks v Carole Cadwalladr case (note – no jury) shows the support the Blair Reset Britain Project will have within the judiciary. Radar blip incoming, gathering speed and enlarging.

Always Worth Saying, Going Postal
Blair coup d’état incomming.
Tony Blair, Middle East Quartet Representative,
Pavel Golovkin
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