Europeans obviously value freedom more than us!

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‘There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.’ ~ Leo Tolstoy ~

Once again Europeans in many major cities came out in the tens of thousands this past weekend, as also previous weekends, in protest of continuous draconian lockdowns, mask mandates and Covid passports!

In America we see so many people masking up again like sheep. Cities here want to return to their draconian mandates with little to no protests. People just seem to be ready to do as ordered!! Regardless that many know it is junk science. The MSM is trying to shame the un-vaxed and businesses like the cruise industry is attempting to make them second class citizens. Not a peep from the so called ‘we, the people!!’

Meanwhile in Europe brave people are taking to the streets, weekend after weekend in ever increasing numbers. In London, Rome, Athens, Paris, Dublin and other cities. People have had enough. They are done with the whole Chinese Virus thing and the vaccine passports that are being required are the final straw that broke the camels back.

In Paris alone over 160,000 people took to the streets, sharply up from the 114,000 the week before. They were incensed at future legislation before the French Government that would set up the vaccine passport as well as mandate the vaccine for all health workers. In order to enter restaurants, businesses and any public areas, people would have to show their vaccine passport.

Apparently the French government has ignored the people and passed the legislation this past Monday regardless so I am sure that the protests there will continue and may get more aggressive. I guess the French administration and the Biden administration have one thing in common – their complete disregard of their citizens wishes and the feeling obviously they, the elite, know better. Regardless of the science. The reality can be summed up below. Three words…..




In the Italian cities of Rome, Verona, Naples and Milan thousands gathered to protest against the vaccine passport that would have to be carried and shown to enter any public space like a fair, market, stadiums, restaurant etc.

In Dublin thousands rallied to call for the end of draconian lock downs and masking rules.

In London thousands once again took to the streets protesting the authoritarian measures. The same in Athens where huge crowds protested outside parliament.

Protests were largely peaceful apart from France where police used tear gas on the protestors near the capital’s Gare Saint-Lazare railway station after protesters knocked over a police motorbike ridden by two officers.

It seems strange to me that in the supposed land of the free here in the good old US of A we are meekly accepting the lies, blatant untruths etc. although we know that the draconian and authoritarian rules are contrary to our constitutional rights – yet we accept it.

Even as we know that all the statistics are wrong ( the tests cannot differentiate between flu and the Chinese virus) and everything else doesn’t make sense.

Things like, “it’s only for a few weeks” and “it’s only a mask” or as it became “it’s only two masks” and then “get the shot, nope, make that two shots, oh hold on, you need a booster!” Then of course “once you get the shot no more masks” which becomes “mask up regardless, inside and outside.” I could go on and on but this Administration and their lying Dr Fauci make me sick to my stomach. Everyday they move the goal posts in their desire to control us. As I said above, most Americans just seem to want to fall into line and not stand up strong and proud.

I also know that in Europe the protestors will eventually win. They are determined to get some or all of their liberties and rights back. Some will be arrested, heck, maybe a few may die, but they are over this whole Chinese Virus lie and masquerade.

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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