A salute to small business owners!

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I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, ‘Where’s the self-help section?’ She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.
George Carlin!

The above has nothing to do with this blog!! I just wanted to start out with a joke! Kinda lighten the day. 😁 The rest of the blog below will either anger you or cause you dismay. Or you will get the munchies!!! 🍫

Despite the Federal Government’s determined efforts to destroy small businesses and small business owners, many survived the attacks on them bought about by the Chinese Virus and the federal Governments draconian methods!

Now I am on record multiple times telling you all that my view is that both the Trump Administration and now the usurpers administration had and have no right to close private commerce down, tell owners to shut down, tell owners how to run their businesses, how many people they can have in their stores and even how far apart they must stay and also dare to tell Americans that they cannot move freely around the country. They definitely did not have the right to stop people from working to protect and look after their families. Let alone wear pathetic face coverings that do not work. To have a policy to close small businesses they deem non essential is wrong. Those businesses are essential to the owners and customers, the owners who need the income, their workers who need the paychecks and the customers who need the products and friendly service only found in these small businesses. For the Federal Government to allow the huge corporate donor conglomerates like Walmart, Home Depot etc. to remain open was 100% wrong. Period. Did the Chinese virus not enter those businesses targeting small businesses only? 😂😂

Remember, this virus had a fatality rate of under 0.4%.

You also know that I am disgusted with Americans who bought into that crap hook, line and sinker. They just rolled over and displayed their bellies. No rebellion. No argument. Nothing but plain subjugation to a dictatorship like set of orders. Just gave up their constitutional rights without a whimper. Covered their mouths and noses and cowered in their basements just like Sniffer Joe.

In case you are interested I refused to lock down. I refused to wear masks. I refused to follow the arrows on store floors stupidly telling me which way to walk the aisles. I did not come to America to be enslaved but to live my life in freedom and liberty. My constitutional rights as a proud and legal US Citizen and immigrant.

I want to tell you all about a man I met a week or so ago. His name is Eddie R and he was with his wife about to head north to Knoxville, Tn. He and his lovely wife are the epitome of all that was, and could be again, right with this country. They are proud patriots. They love this country. They respect the constitution as the ultimate law of this land. They are informed. They understand the evil transformation this country is undergoing with this Sniffer Joe Biden Administration. They love law enforcement and our military. They understand the threat that the Teachers Unions are to our kids and know higher schools of education are just liberal mind altering dens of filth and lies.

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to shout out to small business owners who have fought to survive during the previous year under the extreme conditions.

Eddie R is a typical small business owner. He is an entrepreneur who takes seriously his position as provider for his family. He owns two health food stores in Knoxville. He also owns a small chocolate factory making incredible chocolate for retail customers. Now, his health food stores were allowed to stay open during Covid, and although they suffered he was able to keep on all his staff. That was vital to him as he knew his workers depended on a pay check, just as he does. He is a responsible American.

However, his chocolate factory and outlet was not apparently essential and he was forced to close it down. ( How can anyone say chocolate is not essential??? ). He incurred tremendous losses as he ended up throwing out a lot of very fine and expensive chocolate, both manufactured and raw material which has a limited shelf life. He donated and gave some away as well.

He had a lot of retail stores etc. that ordered and sold his chocolate. They closed. Some never to reopen. He lost accounts that may or may not come back. Stores and customers who closed down owing him money were another cause of financial loss to this man. He will never be paid what he is owed by those businesses.

The up side to this story however is his doggedness at not giving up. He has reopened and is trying hard to rebuild that side of his financial empire!! As I said earlier, a true American trying through sheer grit, hard work and determination to live the American dream.

I have never advertised a product on this blog before but I feel a need to here. I was lucky enough to obtain some of his current product and it is THE BEST chocolate I have eaten. It is a very healthy product line and he uses only the finest quality chocolate.

Do yourselves a favor and help an American small business owner out today. Go online to http://www.zenevochocolate.com or see their line at Facebook.com/zenevochocolate and read about and then order some of his product.

You will not be sorry.

American small businesses have historically always been the backbone of America, the biggest employer and the best companies to work for. They need help. They need you all to support them now more than ever. The big box stores can all go rot as far as I am concerned. I try extremely hard to support local businesses wherever possible. All of them from restaurants to corner stores, bars to yes – Chocolate makers!!! OK. You are right. I am a chocoholic!

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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