2021: Obama/Biden’s First month disastrous for the USA!

Fred Brownbill, Going Postal
“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Wow, where to start? Joe Biden and the most progressive administration ( led by Barack Hussein Obama ) in our history, worthy of maybe being Russian, Cuban, Zimbabwean, Chinese, North Korean or South African, have in the matter of about 4 weeks, done so very much harm to our country, our military, our economy, our people, our history, our constitution, our reputation ( apart from other Commie countries ) and our unity! They have managed in such a short period of time to have widened considerably the gap between the Democrats and Republicans and made more massive inroads into creating much more racial strife and weakened our national security with their insane immigration policies all at the same time. They have been really, really busy, the old man in his dotage and the extremely testosterone challenged Socialist, girly boy Barack Hussein Obama.

Now that the made for TV fiasco (which cost the US taxpayers millions of dollars) of the Trump Impeachment trial is over, the former and best president this country has had, will maybe not be top center soon on every network leftist show ( All of them in other words ) and people may begin understanding the harm they have done voting for this criminal lackey, boot licker and hair sniffer and the progressives. I hope buyers remorse sinks in, at least to those who actually and extremely foolishly voted for this anti American criminal and his treasonous comrades as opposed to all those dead and illegal voters who didn’t know!!!

It is very clear that what President Trump miraculously completed or started in four years may substantially be destroyed in four weeks!

It is also clear that Biden feels obligated to reward the extremists and progressive elements in that Democrat Party who donated so many hundreds of millions of dollars to enable his ‘so called’ sham victory. This is shown by the many actions he has taken via executive orders ( Ruling by decree in other words, just like a dictator ) to begin dismantling our constitutional republic and our very soul as a nation.

I have always said that America is a centrist nation, neither extreme right or left, but centrist. As the smoke of the fraudulent election begins to fade, more and more Americans will see what is happening and will not like what they see. As I said, buyers remorse will sink in. The actions this fake, crooked resident in the people’s house is taking now will have severe consequences in the 2022 elections which I think will move the country far away from the Democratic Party and their policies which, by then, will have created massive job losses, massive loss in incomes, lower standards of living, much higher inflation, food, gas prices and will have been seen to have negatively and majorly affected the minority ethnic groups in our country. ( The ones who did so well during President Trumps 4 years! )

Let’s look at some of his most terrible executive orders that will create the most harm. These executive orders must have all been prepared over the last 12/24 months with major contributions for their content from Trades Unions, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists.

It is hard to find just a few as everyday he adds to that horrendous list. However, I want to be respectful of your time so will limit myself to 5!

Firstly, cancellation of the Keystone Pipe Line and pausing new drilling leases on Federal Grounds, apart from costing thousands of great paying, secure jobs, will eventually increase the cost of fuel to all Americans due to the drop in output, causing more hurt to low income Americans.

The next on my list is the undermining of all the incredible and miraculous work President Trump did on the Middle East and the peace deals he worked out with historic enemies creating peace in the region as a real possibility. The mentally impaired Biden has already jeopardized the Jacob Accords by temporarily stopping the arms sales to the UAE which was apart of the deal. To date he has snubbed the Prime Minister of Israel by not calling him. After all, Israel is our strongest ally in the region. This reminds me of the horrendous insult that Hussein Obama played on Netanyahu by making him go in the back door of the White House on his official US visit as opposed to being greeted as all heads of state are through the front. He then kept him waiting for, if my memory serves me right, over an hour. Prime Minister Netanyahu should have walked out but he chose to take the high road. He was the better man but truly, against Obama, anyone with just a modicum of testosterone would be a better man! The Democrats irrational dumb hatred of Israel and their love of terrorist groups like Hamas and the PLO continue to astound me. The thought of them returning to the Iran deal should scare everyone.

Next on the horror list would be the overturning of the Trump era immigration laws, which kept our borders safe and gave us a massive increase in national security. Biden is about to let well over 25000 people into our country that had been kept in Mexico with minimum checks, many with criminal pasts and I am sure, many with Covid and other infectious diseases. He is also trying to pass legislation that will lead to American citizenship for millions of illegals in this country already within 8 years. Insanity. The Biden threat to stop interstate travel between Florida and the rest of the union due to its open business policy and great Governor, is seen that much more hypocritical and political. The fact he thinks we shouldn’t move but tens of thousands of illegals can enter the country freely, shows the level of hatred for America this evil administration has as well as for our beloved Constitution.

Next up is his insistence on having another Stimulus plan jammed through of nearly 2 Trillion dollars. This was done with zero Republican votes so no working across the aisle here! This is going to reward all the left run states by giving them billions of dollars to shore up their deficits and debts. None will go I am sure, to any well organized and run Republican States. The Blue States will be bailed out in that monstrosity to the tune of $350 Billion tax dollars!! ( Remember, as of today, there is over a TRILLION dollars from the previous stimulus not spent!!!! )

Next up is his siding with the communist led Teachers Unions. He has not ordered these people back to work. Remember President Ronald Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers? ( By the way, your taxes have been paying those teachers full salaries and benefits all through Covid, even as they have barely done anything to earn it! ) He cannot be that oblivious to the harm being done to hard working families, many of whom have been unable to work due to closed schools and businesses, as the kids have not been allowed in schools, some for over 11 months. The huge increases in child suicides, depression and mental illnesses plus the massive increases in domestic violence and alcohol and drug consumption caused by these unions and stay at home orders, is being ignored by the media and the president and his Comrades.

As I mentioned earlier, I could go on for page after page of the anti American actions taken by this fraudulent sick administration but I know that you, my readers, are as aware as I am of them all.

I do feel though, as I mentioned before, that the continuance of these insane actions and policies will lead to an implosion of the Democrats prior to 2022 and we will see massive gains by hopefully a new breed of Trump like Republicans who will cripple the Biden administration for its last two years. ( I say Biden with tongue in cheek as I feel he may not be around then! He may have worn out his usefulness. )

Let’s make America Great Again!

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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