England weeps

Joshua Dalton, Going Postal
“North Downs, Kent, England” by Dimitry B is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As our glorious leader bumbles his way though this miss-tackled crisis, dropping mistimed bombshells every other week. His cabinet of yes men never cease their blatant brown-nosing compliance, nor their ‘grateful for position’ willingness to fall in line. Our 1200 year old kingdom, with its advanced system of democracy and most developed legislature on earth. Has fallen foul to the daily diktats of a poorly advised Toff, not capable to lead a nation through severe turbulence. Perhaps blonde Boz would have been more suited as a leader in the 1990’s or the 2000’s, but certainly not the turbulent 20’s which we are all condemned to endure in its, thus far, bleak sobriety.

What misery we endure, waking every day to read of more and more restrictions, different rules, new guidelines, fresh advice, more warnings, lists of numbers. BE SACRED! says the man on the telly. Scared of a virus less fatal than the flu. ‘Shut up and comply or granny will die’ these evil people tell our children. ‘Just put on the mask it’s not about you’. The blatant emotional manipulation is obvious, but seemingly only to few. In a comfortable, prosperous nation of ‘gobshiteary’ everyone wants to be a renegade, a rebel or a revolutionary. Yet when real strife and turbulence rears its head those who speak the loudest and cry rebellion in times of peace and certainty are the first to fall in line. Indeed, they become the zealots who cry loudest for conformation, spread the fear and push the ‘new normal’.

Every day that goes by it becomes more apparent to me that the ‘Conservative’ party is no more. What remains is a contemptuous aborted clone of the Labour Party. A cancerous blob on the British political landscape, another ‘say what they want to hear’ party hungry for power. Full of soft, weak and ill-principled suits rabid for control. Happy to stand by while British culture burns and unwilling make hard principled decisions that would disturb society dinner party conversations. The old party of Thatcher, Churchill and Disraeli died in the hands of the europhile globalists in the 1990’s. This soulless organisation that remains must be cast aside, destroyed, its rubble turned to dust and its timbers burned. For Britain cannot and will not succeed as long as two power hungry parties willing to lie, deceive and cheat for power dominate the political arena and poison our ancient democracy.

Yet the siren always sings come Election Day. Because the crooks in blue aren’t as bad as the crooks in red, so we have to vote for the beating over the severe beating. Even when presented with a plethora of alternative voices and choices, the British hive mind is lackadaisically drawn to the ‘big two’. The political machines designed and geared to gain power, to exploit, extort and demean our dear land. What is to become of England? A nation to die without a fight, slowly drift into sadomasochistic self destruction? Or will we fight? Reject the rancid, rotten, evil parties of the past. To vote without fear, to cast off the clinging legacy of modern British political hegemony. And fervently reject the new post-modernist, seditious Marxist norm. Be brave, move foreword and vote for true change? One can only hope we rid ourselves of such self inflicted tyranny.

Every restriction he will dictate
Yet fewer sheep shall await

As more and more ask why
Fewer and fewer shall comply

As the future slips further by
I chose this hill, on which to die

Ridiculous! Confusing! millions cry
I say simply, do not comply

Ignorance is knowledge and war is peace
We must all cry ‘Sic Semper Tyrannys’


© Joshua Dalton 2020

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