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Put it down to cabin fever. I am going to go “Off reservation” in this article, so those who are allergic to anything resembling conspiracy theory probably best comfort themselves in the knowledge that the term was not actually coined by the CIA in the 1960’s, but has been around in published journals since the 1870’s. While the best conspiracy theories require a toxic mix of half-truths, propaganda and misplaced faith, “Conspiracy fact” is a different beast altogether. The realm of whistleblowers, powerful unaccountable actors, and those that feel the need to cleanse their conscience shortly before death, it is no wonder that the term “Conspiracy” is generally looked upon with derision and those who suggest it are frequently ridiculed. Despite the fact that this definition is a long-standing legal term where two or more individuals share a common joint venture, you will understand my frustration when this key point is frequently dismissed. Traditionally, any legal charge with conspiracy in the title offered the guilty a far stiffer tariff, something which seems to have evaporated along with the concept of treason. Part of the reason we find conspiracies both alluring and repulsive is that they are an easy get out of jail free card for personal and corporate responsibility, yet at the same time as a society, we indulge them regularly. On an economic level, this can be clearly illustrated by the commercial cartel or from the labour perspective a powerful union, on a personal level – who hasn’t given some stranger a ticket in a car park with some time left on it, thereby conspiring to defraud the parking company of revenue? The biggest moral “Gotcha” in most conspiracies is the human desire to make sense out of the chaos in the universe. Never subscribe to conspiracy what can be placed firmly at the feet of cock-up, is indeed a wise rule of thumb. However, I have encountered far too many genuine conspiracies in my life to dismiss offhand those who suggest this is a frequent phenomena, and the ongoing dilution of genuine accountability is a major contributory player in this. Having attempted to expose genuine, serious fraud in my life, I can attest as to how difficult it is to get a listening ear, never mind a just resolution. Even with cast iron evidence which demands investigation, unless you have the testimony of multiple witnesses, you will probably die on that hill alone. Paradoxically, if you do have a number of witnesses, the very first thing thrown at all of you is that you have conspired to wreck XYZ’s reputation. The personal cost in exposing wrongdoing is high. I’ve lost a close friend under such circumstances, and while he wasn’t murdered, the public damage to his reputation was such that his widow still blames the major co-conspirators for the stress that killed him. So I trust you will excuse me if I don’t go into too many details to support my argument.

As to the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, I have no choice than be duplicitous and seemingly incongruous. From personal experience I know the situation is grave from the testimony of trusted friends and family at the deep end. The majority are genuinely scared, and they trust the traditional MSM narrative as far as they could throw them. There is a lot not being revealed in the public domain as to the efficacy and biological mechanisms surrounding this virus. On the other hand, the government response seems wholly disproportionate, with the cure being worse than the disease itself. What is more terrifying about this, is that it is not just our government that has taken such Draconian steps, but many. If SARS-CoV-2 is a conspiracy, it is one on an unprecedented global scale. One would hope at least one national leader would refuse to comply, but everyone seems to have drunk the pandemic Koolaid. The closest rational and logical conclusion I can come to, is that a genetically modified SARS-CoV-2 escaped from the Wuhan lab, and the fact that it was genetically modified, truly put the fear of God into world leaders. The rest, as they say, is history. Of course, you then have to accept the working hypothesis that this virus didn’t jump from bats, but I would counter naysayers to this argument with a simple retort. Many are suggesting the death toll will not exceed a bad seasonal flu outbreak, and the previous outbreaks of Ebola and Swine flu didn’t elicit the same febrile response we now have. Something must have truly spooked world leaders on a global scale, and the traumatic scenes and testimony from Spain and Italy are clearly not a media construct. So until proven otherwise, I am going to ride the twin horses of cock-up and conspiracy. Cock-up in the sense that some idiot didn’t follow P4 biological security protocols, and conspiracy insofar as world leaders intend to leverage this crisis for everything they can. That is just what politicians do.

And now for the conspiracy part. When I started writing this article, I came across a very disturbing video on YouTube. Digging a bit deeper, I discovered it had been debunked some years ago, but like all good conspiracies, it had the whiff of plausibility around it. Imagine the scenario where you can alter human behaviour by genetic modification. Now imagine you can weaponise this capability in a vaccine, deliver this via aerosol, and you have the ability to control a hostile population via eugenics. This dystopian vision is even more disturbing when the players are Muslim, the target is the Middle East, and the vaccine destroys spiritual impulses, the so called “God gene”. While the former part of the last sentence is allegedly fable, the latter is not. They have even been carrying out experiments to prove or disprove this hypothesis, the occurrence and effects of enigmatic VMAT2 gene. Once again, we have the situation where the technological elite are very probably conducting experiments way beyond anything we dare imagine, under the cloak of national security, and by that factor alone, we will probably never discover the truth at the root of this pandemic. This historical piece of elaborate fake news was relatively easily debunked, only one source who has since disappeared off the radar, no doubt some science or media graduate who gets his kicks from deceit. Those of a more conspiratorial mindset though, will consider this a potential double bluff. By releasing something so easily discredited, if the experiment was indeed actually taking place, you would immediately have plausible deniability should someone try and leak any information about genuine operations.

Sadly, the old maxim “Follow the money” has proved correct once again in revealing the true motives behind any particular narrative. The debate continues over the wide margin of victims between countries. At first glance, this seems to suggest this outbreak is not as serious as officially stated, but I would counter this with 2 responses. Firstly, any daily deaths are a reflection of past infections, and there will be a considerable time lapse between those rising depending on the incubation period, which some consider extensive. Secondly, the grim scenes we have witnessed in Italy and Spain are unprecedented in any contagion outbreak in living memory. It goes beyond the pale to suggest these are a conspiratorial act between the corporate media and government. Such theories discredit by association, those who genuinely have serious doubt in respect to the true motives behind the handling of the current pandemic, myself included. One of the golden rules of epidemiology is that any statistical analysis is close to worthless until the episode is over. It is only then you can look back and learn the relevant lessons, as during the crisis there are too many dynamically changing variables. There is also the fact that any lockdown will skew the figures, hopefully in the right direction. What in reality happens is that the focus changes from the public square to the institution, spread will be more likely in homes, any open businesses and hospitals etc. Murmurings by the WHO about removing individuals (by force if necessary) from their home, is qualified by this change. The morality of this Draconian measure aside, I would urge extreme caution when it comes to statistics from whatever source, particularly as I have previously stressed that there is no gold standard for testing. It is emerging that up to 80% of PCR tests result in a false positive, and this combined with the faulty Chinese test kits makes a mockery of any decent statistical analysis for the time being at least. The fly in the ointment here is the efficiency and sensitivity of the test kits, anything below high 90% accuracy will create major distortions, especially amongst small sample groups. I’d far rather go by the real world indicators of what is happening in ICU departments and hospitals up and down the country, but even this channel is now blocked. Any UK citizen journalist trying to film or to gain access is at risk of imprisonment, health care staff who whistleblow at risk of losing their job. All we have to go on is the tainted credibility of a fourth estate, who like some medieval witch doctor, believes that clapping and banging pots and pans will cure COVID-19 by driving evil spirits away. The gullibility of individuals to this propaganda is seemingly endless.

The UK Column has recently truly hit the nail on the head in exposing the links between Bill Gates, ID2020, and our Chief Medical Officer. Having watched him on Sky, I have been impressed on the whole by his manner, and until this revelation, considered him credible. Sadly, that is now in doubt. In 2008 he was awarded $40 million for malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That buys a hell of a lot of ears. It also raises a disturbing question about the morality of allowing a technocratic elite access to the levers of power without any democratic accountability. The West coast of the US is littered with millionaires and indeed billionaires born of technical success, who share one common vision, that of “Managing” the world population. Depending on how honest these individuals are, this extends from improving quality of life in the developing world so that parents have fewer children, to outright eugenics, transhumanism and genetic engineering. It is clear that the lessons of Nazi Germany have not been learnt, and the eugenics movement has morphed from something distasteful to a politically acceptable solution yet a publicly undiscussed one. What is quietly forgotten about, is the strong links between abortion, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors and vaccination. The other elephant in the room is that medically “Safe” vaccines for some strange reason, seem to have caused an increase in spontaneous abortions in pregnant mothers in developing nations. This has been well documented as far back as the early ’80s, yet many remain ignorant of such practices. The latest HPV vaccine appears also to leave infertility and abortion in its wake. It is no surprise then, that not only has Bill Gates been demanding freedom from malpractice prosecution, but others are becoming more vocal about outlawing any “Negative” vaccine on the Internet. Considering that thalidomide victims are still fighting for compensation almost 70 years on, this makes a total mockery of any accountability within the pharmaceutical sector. To add further “Credibility” to the ongoing vaccine debate, the CIA used this as cover to collect DNA samples when hunting for Bin Laden.

Such ethical elephant traps must be avoided at all costs if public health initiatives are to continue to have any credibility. Our bodies are precious, and the level of trust we place in doctors and nurses is immeasurable. We literally trust them with our lives. And unquestionably, they deserve our respect and gratitude for everything positive they do and the genuine sacrifice they make. Yet, it is becoming more and more clear, either through cock-up or conspiracy, that the handling of this outbreak by our government leaves a lot to be desired on many levels. While we seem to have avoided the crisis of NHS overload, it will take at least a decade for this country to recover from the economic and social damage wrought upon it, provided of course that SARS-CoV-2 is as benign as we are being told it is. Current post mortem evidence suggests that the virus attacks not only the lungs, but multiple organs, red blood cells and T cells as well, causing oxygen shortage and immune system damage, while lung function remains completely unaffected. This means that the virus has multiple attack vectors, not just the more common ACE2 receptor route as previously thought. This will severely limit traditional vaccine approaches, and a number of clinicians are beginning to question the validity of this route, as they are with the concept of leveraging herd immunity. As always, the only way we will find out is with time, but one thing is certain, this whole debacle absolutely stinks. From the Chinese decision to delay in telling the rest of the world the truth, to our government procrastinating over the initial lockdown, yet leaving our borders wide open and wrecking our economy, there are a lot of unanswered questions. When we look at South Korea or Sweden, Germany even, there seems to be too large a disparity between casualty figures just to be dismissed by healthcare models, demographics or indeed broken and inaccurate testing regimes. If we are brutally honest, I think we have to agree to a toxic hybrid of both cock-up and conspiracy, and I would say “Good luck” to anyone wanting to get to the bottom of this poisonous mix. For there is far too much money at stake and vested interest for anything close to the truth to ever emerge.


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