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Mug shot of Jeffrey Epstein made available by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, taken following his indictment for soliciting a prostitute in 2006
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Something rather significant happened over the weekend. American billionaire “hedge fund manager” Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York on charges of child sex trafficking. This has garnered a measure of attention from the media, and most interestingly they are currently trying to link Epstein to President Trump. In fact right now BBC News online has an article where the leading photo is of Eptein and President Trump together at an event. The insinuation of course, is that Epstein has provided under age girls for President Trump to have sex with.

I thought it might be worth writing a little primer on the history of Epstein and these child sex allegations that have followed him around for years.

Some years ago Mike Cernovich filed a lawsuit to have Epstein’s federal prosecution files from a 2008 investigation unsealed. He was subsequently joined in the lawsuit by the Miami Herald newspaper. That lawsuit was successful and Epstein’s files were unsealed. New York police were able to have a look and whatever they saw resulted in them meeting Epstein as he got off a flight from Paris last Saturday. It has been reported that a search of Epstein’s Manhattan apartment has uncovered evidence including photographs of what are believed to be underage girls.

For a very long time now there have been rumours and gossip that Jeffrey Epstein rather enjoys the company of teenage girls. Allegations have been made for years that Epstein provides underage girls to the rich and powerful for sex. Epstein owns a private Caribbean island near St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This island has been dubbed “Paedo Island” and it is alleged Epstein has a rotation of underage girls sent to the island to entertain his guests. Epstein also owns a private jet which is alleged to have a fully fitted interior where passengers can engage in group sex with underage girls. This aircraft has become known as the “Lolita Express”.

In 2005 a woman contacted Palm Beach Police Department to report her 14 year old daughter had been taken by an older girl to Epstein’s local mansion where she was paid $300 to strip naked and massage Epstein. Palm Beach Police Department started an investigation which was subsequently joined by the FBI. An undercover operation was mounted and gathered evidence of Epstein engaging in sexual activities with underage girls. The FBI gathered statements from 36 girls whose stories all corroborated one another. Epstein was arrested but subsequently arranged a plea deal with the then South Florida Federal Prosecutor Alexander Acosta. This deal involved Epstein pleading guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitutes as young as 14 years old. In return Epstein would gain immunity from any federal charges, his federal indictment would be sealed and also those of four co-conspirators and any “un-named potential co-conspirators”. He would be registered as a sex offender and have to pay restitution to 36 victims. After pleading guilty to the lesser charge Epstein was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Instead of being sent to a state jail like other sex offenders he served his sentence in a private wing of Palm Beach County Stockade, where he was allowed to hire his own security detail and was allowed to leave the stockade and go to his work office for 12 hours each day, six days per week. Epstein served 13 months of his original 18 month sentence. Upon his release on probation he was allowed to fly on his private jet between his homes in New York City, Palm Beach and his private Caribbean island.

A scandalously lenient sentence for someone who had been caught having sex with children. Why was it so lenient? The federal prosecutor, Alexander Acosta, was a political appointee of the George W Bush administration. Was the swamp protecting its own? Was a politically appointed federal prosecutor protecting big and powerful names from being implicated in this scandal? Acosta is currently the Secretary for Labor to the Trump administration and is now coming under some real scrutiny over a decade after he cut Epstein such a lenient deal.

There have also been a string of lawsuits filed against Epstein alleging he engaged in sexual activities with underage girls and trafficked them to other rich, famous and powerful individuals. One of the lawsuits filed stated Epstein trafficked underage girls to “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.” In another lawsuit filed against him the plaintiff, Virginia Roberts (referred to “Jane Doe 3” in the court papers) claimed that when she was 17 years old Epstein had used her as a sex slave and subsequently “lent her” to prominent Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. She claimed to have had sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions. This case was settled by Epstein out of court, as were many other lawsuits filed against him. Others were thrown out by the judge, including one from a woman who claimed at she was sexually abused by Epstein and Donald Trump when she was 13 years old.

Yet another lawsuit filed against Epstein claimed that he rigged his properties with secret cameras to film the rich and powerful having sex with children, and Epstein would use this for blackmail. There have been some claims and speculation that Epstein can’t really account for the massive wealth he has accrued and that blackmail would explain much of it. There are even claims dating back several years that Robert Mueller was a co-conspirator in this blackmail operation. Again, these are only allegations and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The interesting thing about the Epstein case is that it’s not really about Epstein, it’s about who he trafficked underage girls to. The list of names linked to Epstein in this regard is extensive and includes politicians, businessmen and celebrities. One name that is frequently linked to Epstein is that of former US President Bill Clinton. Federal Aviation Administration records acquired via a Freedom Of Information request show Bubba Bill flew on the “Lolita Express” at least 26 times. We also know that Clinton visited “Paedo Island” 17 times. According to Fox News five of these trips were without his Secret Service bodyguards. Prince Andrew has also been linked to Epstein. It’s interesting to note that a former girlfriend of Epstein’s is Ghislaine Maxwell, eldest daughter of the late Robert Maxwell. She introduced Epstein to Price Andrew. It is claimed that she acted as a madam and would recruit young girls for Epstein’s underage harem. She denies this, and any knowledge or involvement in his alleged activities.

And so we get on to the Trump connection. This line is being pushed by the establishment media. It’s on very shaky ground indeed. Epstein and Trump are both billionaires. They moved in the same circles, attended the same dinner parties and functions so of course they would have been acquainted with one another. What the BBC and the other fake news outlets won’t tell you is some years ago Epstein was a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort. It is alleged that Epstein propositioned the underage daughter of one of the club’s other members (other versions of the story allege that he sexually assaulted her). Upon being told of this Trump had Epstein banned from Mar-a-Lago.

Brett Edwards, the attorney who has represented many of Epstein’s alleged victims has gone on the record to state that during his 2009 investigation he subpoenaed many “pretty well connected people” and that Donald Trump was the only one who was totally cooperative with his investigation. In fact Trump’s initial subpoena was subsequently withdrawn precisely because he was so willing and helpful in his cooperation with Edwards’ investigation. Edwards has also said that Trump provided plenty of useful information for the investigation and that there was absolutely no indication that Trump was involved in the child sexual abuse.

Virginia Roberts, the earlier plaintiff who had named Prince Andrew has also stated that she was once present at Epstein’s home when he had a number of underage girls present and using his swimming pool. Donald Trump arrived unannounced, and remarked how nice it was Epstein had allowed neighbourhood kids to use his swimming pool. She said Trump left very quickly when he learned these were not the neighbourhood kids.

New York magazine published an article about Epstein in 2002. Trump was interviewed for the article and told the magazine “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Read between the lines. Was Trump warning us about Epstein?

Finally, one interesting development I heard late last night is that Epstein has agreed to a plea deal where he will name every one he has trafficked underage girls to. One wonders if Epstein will have an unfortunate accident before his case gets to court.

President Trump has made several very significant moves since taking office to tackle organised paedophilia and child sex trafficking. Could this new prosecution of Epstein be the first really big move to drain the swamp? Has Trump waited nearly three years to get all his ducks in a row? Ask yourself would this be happening under President Obama? President Bush? Would it be happening under a President Hillary Clinton?

Be mindful that the establishment media will be going into overdrive desperately trying to distract and move your attention away from the Epstein case. They will want to memory hole this whole thing and make you forget all about it. Big Tech will be manipulating their algorithms to prevent you from reading or hearing about this case. They will be pulling out all the stops to dissociate Epstein from establishment figures such as the Clintons (Epstein was a donor to both Hillary’s presidential campaign and the Clinton Foundation) and anything which might tarnish Democrat politicians in particular, especially given next year’s presidential election.

This could be very big. Epstein could conceivably bring down much of the so-called deep state establishment. This is definitely a case to watch very closely. Assuming that is Epstein doesn’t have an unfortunate accident before his case comes to court.

Oh, and one more observation from Lionel – let’s see if ol’ Bubba Bill goes down with the Sicilian Flu in the very near future.

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