Results – Wankpuffin of the Year 2017

The results are in, voting in the WOTY 2017 poll is over and we have a clear winner.

In reverse order.

In third place Brendan Cox, no doubt for his sterling work in the charitable sector where he’s known far and wide for putting his hands to anything (or anyone).

Second place, the doyen of the radio, not only a Wankpuffin but an enormous cuntspangle, James O’Brien whom we feel would win any gobshite of the year competition hands down.

Finally, our winner by some margin, her failures at the Home Office and as Prime Minister too numerous to list here, but let us not forget that she nearly lost a General Election to Albert Steptoe, a man so deluded he thinks communism still needs one last try, so blind he thinks murderers of women and children should be lauded as freedom fighters and lastly a man so stupid he would make Chancellor of the Exchequer a man not fit to manage the finances of a whelk stall.

The one, the only, Wankpuffin of the Year 2017. I give you Theresa May.

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