Gmbd, Class

Gmbd, Going Postal
“I look up to him because he is upper class, but I look down on him because he is lower class.”

Growing up in a working class family post war.

Let’s try to imagine.

The State made your parents go to war and risk their lives to defend the state.
Doubtless most would have done that anyway without the conscription but you cannot argue with the State.

To fight for what ?
Freedom from tyrany ?
Protect the lives of family and friends and acquaintances.
Identifying with “This England” just because.

What is the natural order of things ?
Is it written or can it be changed ?

Seems like that in the military there is an order like a pyramid.
The top guy then different layers of authority each able to order the guy on the lower tier to get on and do as he is told.
Like classification of individuals classified in terms of superiority one to another and ideally in the military superiority is earned.

There seems to be tendency for people to enjoy feeling superior to others, I don’t know what is the mechanism.
India is riddled with that sort of thing.
There was a guy I half heard on the wireless the other day talking about somebody whose name I didn’t catch.
He was born into the untouchable class in India and somehow went to live for a decade in the USA and then he went back to India and he was not allowed to stay in hotels.

“You filthy dog, you have contaminated our hotel. Get out”

What is that all about ?

He was an influential guy but I dunno who he is, he said.
“Don’t be Hindu, give it up, be Buddhist, Christian anything, just don’t be Hindu.

That sort of thing exists all over, it seems to be a natural human tendency.
Wanting to feel superior over another. To classify humans.
Does it make the very, very complicated life easier to understand ?

So there it was, I think, post war, I observed.
You had the owner people, the management people and the worker ants.
And you had the English and then everybody else.

When you are born into working class you really have nothing, maybe a bank book with a couple of quid in it from relatives.
So what is this all about you ask yourself ?
What is this structure of society that I perceive ?
I wonder if I like it.
How will I understand it and seek to fit in ?

Really, it is all very ruthless.
You need to have something to sell.
If you don’t have anything to sell you need to invent something or you will just fade away.
Better get beavering.

So anyway.
Post war I do think that the society was riddled with class distinctions at all levels.
I’m not saying that they are not permitted to adopt that attitude, just that it is not helpful.
I don’t mind so much if they are scathing about foreigners and their peculiar ways but I get annoyed if people are scathing about the indigenous.

So the new class that my generation invented is no class.
There is classification but it is nothing to do with colour or physiology but rather; “Is this person talking sense or not ? ”

What started me off on this was people’s general love affair with Thatcher when to my mind she was of the old fashioned management style class who saw the working guys as inferior class.
I would like to be corrected on that but that was my impression.
Blair is I guess my generation but he must have forgotten something, or got the wrong idea or maybe he is just a cunt.
So I dunno how we got where we are with the representatives that we have and the way the society has been coloured.
Likely it is very complicated when really it should be simple.

I’m uncertain that I have communicated the observation.
And all this is further complicated because now the society has changed so much that my love for it cannot be explained today with earlier thinking.

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