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Gmbd, Going Postal
Vancouver Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015 (Sep 16th, 2014)
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It might be my star sign that causes me to have a love for people as a species but then I love everything walks or slithers.

When I consider people I can’t help but see them as babies and I wonder what happened in their lives to make them happy or to make them miserable or cynical.
I suppose you could list some basics that people want;

lack of hunger, thirst
sex, offspring
knowledge of method of survival (employment skills) possession of tools of survival (house, car, credit-rating, tools for

Being able to do as you please would be cool but that requires quite a bit of money.
And power is attractive but that requires even more cash and influence.

But I am digressing, what is it that people want ?
What is it that motivates people to do anything ?
Why not lie down like a baby and kick and scream until you are fed or nappy changed ?
There is a whole hundred pages to have a look at what is it that people want but then nobody here would read it.

There is the brain that is conditioned, like the social brain but there seems to be a separate brain that observes the social brain.

I’ll just make a few statements, you can agree or not. I don’t know if they are right and really I don’t care if they are or not.

Criminals have more access to the personal brain than the social brain making them freeer and more of a person than a sheep who does as they are told and follows the flock.

All Muslims are slaves, they have wasted their opportunity.

On the other hand social norms are really a good thing, stops everything getting chaotic.
I can’t see much wrong with common law, what I know about it.

My generation may well be unique in history having had the benefit of scientific understanding and being left alone to make up our own minds.
An education system that told us how to think rather than what to think.
Being English is obviously helpful 😛

Previous English generations were not restricted in thinking that much.
A relative of my ex invented the torpedo and that inventive thought is probably in the tribe but now there is, or there should be a different sort of freedom.

A freedom to decide ” Just What Is It I Want ?”

The elected representitives don’t seem to know what it is they want.
They go along trying to balance the dilemas of their social brain when really what is needed is a personal brain to make itself known to the populace.

For me I just want to know just what the fuck is going on ?
That and finding a way to escape.

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