Crisis Update: Bank Chief Fired In Social Credit Blowback

Another example of conspiracy theory in action

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I had never heard of a politically exposed person (PEP) before…. not until I read that the head of NatWest bank had resigned over withdrawing bank services from British political figure Nigel Farage and tattling to the BBC.

Targeted, yes. I suppose that “exposed” is how the authorities view you.

Indeed, a PEP is a thing, mentioned by British politician Grant Shapps, the curiously named Secretary of State for Net Zero (and Energy Security which amounts to the same thing).

“I welcome the NatWest/Coutts CEO stepping down. However, it’s equally important banks stop applying political (PEP) tests to people (& families) opening new bank accounts.”

Fraud detection company Comply Advantage, which advises the financial sector and in which Goldman Sachs is an investor, states on its website:

“While politically exposed person (PEP) status does not predict criminal behaviour, the risk exposure that it brings means that financial institutions must apply additional AML/CFT measures when establishing a business relationship and conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure that they capture changes in their customer’s risk profile. PEP monitoring requirements are preventative in nature and should not be considered indicative of criminal behaviour.”[1]

The term Senior Foreign Political Figure, emerged in the late 1990s in the wake of the Abacha affair, a Nigerian money-laundering scheme.

It applies to politicians who might get into financial trouble but is not meant to be applied to junior officials or regular people, according to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog.[2]

It clearly does not apply to the ex-leader of the Brexit Party, now an online commentator. Not only did the bank single out a former politician-cum-podcaster but also the bank’s CEO discussed Farage’s personal finances with a BBC journalist. Farage told BBC Radio’s Today programme:

“The frightening piece is this: I am far from alone. Many other people have come forward to say they have been shut out because of what they stand for and what they believe. And now the banks are working on monitoring the social media of every single one of us and that needs to be stopped. That needs to be stopped stone dead.”

Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer revealed that he had been “nearly de-banked” because of his friendship with Farage. Heffer, a conservative journalist, says that the term politically exposed person means in practice nefariously more than simply being close to the government coffers and thus possibly corrupt. He recounts that Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, was judged “politically exposed” because he rejected the narrative of “climate change.”

Who rules?

Those who cheer on cancel culture should recall what happened in the Soviet Union when a different kommissar wore the boot.

Canadian truckers are the most famous example of a political decision to freeze the accounts of critics of the government. At that stage even the Canadian banks thought finance minister and (deputy) prime minister Chrystia Freeland had gone too far – she also ordered insurers to cancel coverage for protestors’ trucks.

In Britain the account of TRIGGERnometry podcast was cancelled. They are part of the Jordan Peterson/Ben Shapiro/DailyWire circuit. Others who have lost their accounts include UK Medical Freedom Alliance, and Left Lockdown Sceptics. HSBC withdrew banking services from the owners of the Bitchute video platform.

Farage had already been shut out of Coutts, and found no other bank willing to take his deposit. The BBC came to the banks’ defence, arguing that the millionaire Farage had not had enough money in his account to qualify for an account at the royal bankers. Curiously, the BBC statement came a day after NatWest/Coutts chief Dame Alison Rose sat next to a BBC journalist before he tweeted the claim that Nigel Farage’s account had been closed for insufficient funds.

Rose, the first woman to lead a major British bank, has now admitted breaking the most basic fiduciary duty to a customer and has resigned. But few ask why and how the BBC itself became part of the story in which banks are withdrawing services on the basis of people’s political views. Media and banks colluded to “cancel” an individual – removing their banking facility, the most potent example of a social credit penalty.

To refresh, Farage is not, so far as we know, connected with any government slush fund – he has never been in government – so he does not fit the banks’ own definition of a politically exposed person, though he is opinionated, prominent and connected with Brexit for which the bureaucratic gravy train will never forgive him.

So is the bank clampdown on opinionated individuals merely censorship or something even more sinister?

The banks may be showing their hand and normalising the punishment of dissent. If that sounds fanciful, bear in mind that opposition is mounting, though belatedly, to the Great Reset project.

If the banks plan a social credit system, why reveal their hand? If they don’t plan to penalise individuals for opinions and thought crime, why are they doing so?

It is hard to refute you are trying to kick someone when you are shooing them away with your steel-toed hobnailed boot, or to deny that you intend to strangle someone as they wrest themselves from your hands.

While some “alt” media sites are slow to admit the Great Reset is a thing, there are signs that the owner-investors know that many are awake to their gambit – which can be simplified to a digital ledger of all world resources, including human, paw and plant, with cash replaced by a form of rationing.

You know they are on the defensive when they get defensive. The New York Times has for years claimed that talk of a New World Order is anti-Semitic — even though NWO’s most voluble proponent was president George H. W. Bush.[3]

Yuval Harari, who acts as “street thinker” for the WEF, recently built and demolished a straw man: “a cabal that secretly controls everything that happens in the world.

It is neither secret nor does it control everything. Financial markets do not operate as a cabal but as syndicates. But let us be clear: banks started the kabuki of security theatre long before anyone else; before 9/11 and before the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) began groping you down.

Curiously, the pretext was the same: looking for drugs, terrorists and their weapons of mass destruction. President George W Bush, himself from a banking family, would later joke, leaning to look under a piece of furniture in the Oval Office: “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere.”

The Covid response merely adds new prongs to the same fork.

The fingerprints of the bankers are all over the planning of the Covid crisis and its segue into the climate crisis, with an uncannily similar response: lockdown-quarantine, 15 minute cities; rationing of resources, using digital ID, to decide what and whom is essential. Countries have already been divided into mega regions with integral transport and economic systems for the easier population control — aka The New Normal.

In 2021 the Biden administration backed down on a proposal to collect banking information on accounts with transactions over $600 per year.

If any further evidence is needed search out the missing link in the concern of the central banks to capture the billions of “unbanked,” mostly in less developed countries, by replacing the use of cash with digital currency under central bank control.

See Beware The Trifecta Of Tyranny: Pandemic treaty, vaccine passports, central bank digital currency are globalists’ bet (Moneycircus, Nov 24, 2022)

Back on the chain gang

The European Union is, it seems, a trial run for the replacement of nation states with a supra-national federation. It is actually worse than that. The European Parliament is purely advisory and all decisions are taken by the European Commission which is appointed, not elected. The EU is not a democracy. It is not a republic.

It has no constitution and thus no citizens. Decisions are taken by corporations who advise the bureaucracy for which the appointed commissioners are merely a front.

See Nazi Bargain And The Post-War Order: Did the WW2 settlement cloak plans to revive the fascist project? (Moneycircus, Oct 27, 2021)

The European Union is a dry run for what the World Economic Forum proposes as a corporatocracy in which politicians bend over, or get out of the way.

The banks – meaning the privately-owned central banks – are, it is safe to assume, owned at least in part by the same people who, through the three biggest asset managers, BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard, own controlling stakes in all the world’s major companies, including the media.

None of the above is a theory. Follow the money. Research the origins of the EU and the United Nations.

All about the money

The Covid response was triggered by a monetary event. This has been established beyond doubt by the likes of prof Richard Werner, a former World Economic Forum young global leader, before he fell out with Klaus Schwab.

The pandemic was used – in the latter’s own words – as an opportunity for a Great Reset, which is a financial, economic and population event.

The decision to lock down the economy, and provide massive stimulus directly to the largest corporations, was decided by central bankers before the pandemic: they discussed it in Wyoming in August 2019.

Other pieces of the puzzle – central bank digital currency, biometric ID (aka vaccine passports) – are also objectives of the privately-owned central banks that pre-date the pandemic.

Schwab is a former student of Heinz Kissinger, who was the author of National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200), also known as the “Kissinger Report,” a directive of December 10, 1974, drawing attention to the “need” for population reduction in “less developed countries.”[4]

The work of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt has shown that the U.S. National Security Council is in charge of Covid policy, rather than Health and Human Services as we were told.

Something has changed since NSSM200 since it appears that developed countries are also in the firing line.

One question is why the U.S. NSC would target its own military for the mandatory Coof shot. Another is why in the first round of the Covid response, the target was countries which form the Atlantic alliance: the Five Eyes.

The Rockefeller Club of Rome’s 1972 document, The Limits To Growth, and the National Security Memorandum-200 of 1974 use the same argument: the risk of exponential economic and population growth on a finite supply of resources.

The Club of Rome suggested that the spectre of climate change should be used to drive compliance.

Since the strategy is set out in two documents influential in policy-making circles it is pointless to have a tennis match over globalists vs the empire.

Unchecked medical tyranny would create a compliant rump population at home, while the shift of production that might entail, could benefit footloose globalist money. I don’t see any conflict between the interests of globalists and empire.

This leans towards the globalists and the “empire” being intertwined: the descendants of the East India Company and their ilk. Which answers the question we began with.

From fear to GULAG

Fear is where tyranny begins. You may think a trucker honked his or her horn in Ottawa to protest against vaccine mandates, but a Canadian MP declared that honk, honk stood for HH… or “Heil Hitler.”

That is surely an example of a fevered imagination with an infinite capacity to create simulacra and spectres. It should not be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power.

The reason the cult is manipulated by fear is that any tyrant lives in perpetual, irrational fear that someone is plotting their downfall. Whatever form the body takes – individual or syndicate – it must cultivate fear in those around. The servant in this cult won’t stop until she sends that honking trucker to the GULAG.

Those giving orders know the role of the acolytes is to follow rituals. In my encounters, these foot soldiers are discouraged from debate, fearful of error in the party line or, nowadays, in the ever-changing social formulations. We see not political movements but the minstrels who perform for oligarchs.

So they end up complying obediently with the plans of the thugocracy – even a power grab so blatant and obvious as that which is underway in the guise of public health and climate change.

Eco warriors and the most paranoid germaphobe should still be able – in five minutes’ reflection upon their supposed ideals – to see that these objectives of the ultra wealthy do not align with their own. But they are schooled to fear independent opinion, to accept arguments from authority, to act as the foot soldiers of power.

This is why Latypova and Watt’s research is so important: they follow the Covid response to its source at the NSC.

As the Covid response was an operation run by military and intel, this may explain a few anomalies: why President Donald Trump was not able to push back; why the Covid response was backed by military-grade censorship and propaganda at near-wartime levels; and it takes us back to the National Security Council Memorandum 200.

It targeted populations in LDCs or less developed countries – and while NSSM-200 remains the foundational document of U.S. population policy, something seems to have changed.

Kabuki prancers

Anyone who has battled with online banking knows that it can descend into mind-twisting insanity:

The assumption of the customer’s malintent, every citizen an asymptomatic carrier requiring ever-more elaborate security kabuki, which in turn generates endless false positives locking you out of your account, while the banks work hand in glove with the real crooks who deal in nothing smaller than tens, even hundreds of millions…

Lock down the masses, drain their lifeblood, block their movement, paralyze their ability to exchange. Send them to an app to verify themselves. Again and again and again.

If you want to know who is behind Event Covid, the ever-changing regulations, masks bad – masks good, stand up wear a mask – sit down take it off… this is the doing of bankers. This is exactly the rigmarole they put us through to transfer $200 from A to B.

Like a dose of telltale Microsoft misanthropy, however hard you try, you will never succeed in complying. Eventually you concede, as you do in the face of Microsoft Windows: it’s broken but enough of it works. If you try to dot all the I’s and cross the T’s, it’ll never end.

Spending hours on the phone trying to add a bank account to PayPal or verify your identity only to get locked out the very next time you try to log in, or those tortuous weekends spent activating Windows, has the same familiar tone as days locked down at home, complying with irrational and ever-changing demands.

Suddenly it makes sense that Bill Gates hails from a family of Federal Reserve bankers. He has the exact same mindset: the people are livestock who exist for Gates & Co to corral and vaccinate and tag and license and slap with penalties for moving out of your box. At the end of the day Gates and the bankers will give the same smug riposte: you failed. Try again later.

You never exit verification because there is always a bank card that’s just expired, or a login from another city on a business trip or an innocent slip that triggered the algorithm – or you just tried to verify too many times. Details of existing bank accounts are never enough. After you have provided snapshots of passport and driving license one’s doubts begin to give way to suspicions. Maybe it’s this way by design.

This is what the PCR tests are about: they can find anything by increasing the cycle threshold; you are never fully compliant. Your vaccine passport is good until the day it’s not. Then you are asked to undergo another verification…

The above section is from Bankers Infected the Economy: Rivals for Power, Part Two. Their Covid Cure was Premeditated. (Moneycircus, July 13, 2021)

A global tendency

The usual response would be to wait and to observe calmly: things have a way of working out. However, we have just been through three years of “two weeks to flatten the curve.” To assume that officials will overreach is the new normal.

Had we refused to comply, back in mid-2020, how different would things look today?

If the British had not clapped like seals while their National Health Service was being dismantled, they might not be contending with historic waiting lists and strikes. Canadians might have thrown full weight behind the truckers instead of listening to journalists and politicians conjour spectral extremists. Was it not clear that the extremists were those in power?

Americans facing traitorous governors perhaps should have stood their ground instead of fleeing to more commodious states.

In France, in the Netherlands, in Sri Lanka, in Brazil: they fight.

In January this year, more than 1,000 people had been taken into detention for the “terrorism” of questioning the election result. That’s not in the U.S. that’s Brazil. Yet the same Ordem e Progresso is being imposed in the U.S. People reportedly died in Brazilian camps for lack of water.

Brazil is now censoring in secret: the silenced rarely know the order against them. The deadening hand of corporations in league with governments is self-perpetuating. Censors shun the light.

Brazil’s judiciary is preparing to extradite the ruling party’s critics from abroad. As we have seen in the U.S. capture of the judiciary is a thing, whether it is George Soros bankrolling district attorneys or the use of judiciary to set policy.

There are growing signs that the clampdown in Brazil is a dry run for the globalists’ new order – whether defined by Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, Build Back Better or the New Normal.

To be continued — because it doesn’t end


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