The Saracen’s Head


Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

I am a sane and sensible person (honest!!). This isn’t the only time – I’ve had a couple of experiences that I can’t explain. I’m not given to flights of fancy – I swear on my life that this is true:

In the 90’s, we were members of the VFR motorbike club. I nicknamed us the Mr & Mrs Club as we were all deemed “sensible” people (ahem).
We don’t drink to excess and certainly no drugs or wacky baccy (boring, I know).
We had monthly local meetings, camping trips in the summer and a bit of a do at Christmas, all good fun.

One Christmas party we had was held at The Yew Tree Inn in Ednaston near Ashbourne. We had a lovely meal and a bit of a boogie before setting off at around 11 o’clock, to The Saracen’s Head in the nearby village of Shirley, where we were staying for the night. (This pub was built in 1791, so has a bit of history.)

We were sharing with another couple, Terry and Maggie, that we have known for years. In our place, there was a room downstairs with a kitchen, dining table and sofa. Upstairs were 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The bathroom was straight in front at the top of the stairs, with a bedroom either side. (Terry is well known for his loud snoring, but with 2 bedroom doors shut, I figured we would be able to get some sleep – little did I know!!)

We had a final nightcap then settled down for the night, (merry but not drunk).

We had the bedroom on the right. There was a bed (obviously) a chest of drawers and a place to hang clothes. There was also a radiator, which had a small green light on it to show it was on – this light was constant (info relevant for later on). There was also another partial wall in the room, that had a bit of a storage space behind it where we put our bags. Above that space was a skylight – nice to see the stars through. That was the only window in the room so no light pollution from outside came into the room.

All was well, until I woke up freezing cold. I could hear that Terry was sleeping soundly across the landing (foghorn level, haahaa) so I thought it was his snoring that had woken me. I got out of bed to turn up the heating up and got back in and drifted off again. Once again I woke up suddenly. I was freezing cold again and the light on the radiator was getting brighter and then dimming over and over. Hubby was fast off, I could still hear Terry (Maggie deserve a medal!!) I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, and felt the sheet where I was lying – that was also freezing cold.

I lay there for a while with my eyes tightly shut, and tried to wake Hubby up, but he was well into the Land of Nod!

Then nature called – I needed to spend a penny. Got out of bed and as I had my hand on the door handle, a green mist started floating on and around the door, and I could see the landing through it!! Dashed to the loo and sat in there for ages, really spooked!! After what seemed like ages, I got the courage up to go back to bed. The door was open, the green mist had gone, and the green light had gone off.

Needless to say, I lay awake, eyes tightly closed, until it was time to get up. Another couple from the club joined us for breakfast and I told them about my experience. They all responded as expected – “What had I taken the night before?” “How much had I drunk” (even though they know I don’t drink much and don’t do drugs) Hubby didn’t know that I had tried to wake him several times, said he’d had a fabulous night’s sleep!!

They were still ribbing me when the landlord brought in tea and coffee, and to take our breakfast order. Said he could hear the laughter outside and asked what was funny. I repeated what I had told the others and with that, put the drinks on the table and said he’d be back in a minute. True to his word he came back with his wife, and asked me to repeat what I’d said. When I had finished, his wife turned to him, smacked him on the arm and said ” I told you this place is haunted!!” She had seen and experienced the same as me when cleaning the room. Made me go cold, but at least it shut the others up.

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