Enemies of Democracy: President Biden’s September 1, 2022, Nuremberg Speech

Fred Brownbill, Going Postal
Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Our Presidents,contrary to their campaigns and acolytes,are not elected as Kings or even, as President Biden seemed to imply at his September 1 2022 “Nuremberg” speech, as The Leader. We elect Presidents to faithfully enforce the laws we assent to through our elected representatives. Our President is expected to voice priorities and policies sought not via executive or bureaucratic fiat but via Congress. This is precisely why almost twice as many words were dedicated in the Constitution to describe the duties, powers, and limits of the Legislative branch as that of the Executive, and why the authors of the Federalist Papers, in explaining the meaning and intents of that Constitution, assigned the greatest powers to the Legislative branch, and the least to the Judiciary. Their arguments in favor of ratifying the new Constitution clearly stated that the three branches of government were not “coequal”, but existed with very limited powers granted by the people that allowed checks and balances amongst the branches. Our courts have long enhanced their authorities beyond those specified to become a second law making body through judgements and precedents based often on perceived need rather than persistent principle, and President Biden wants to enhance his authority via the actions of those courts. Congress benignly neglects their assigned duty over our government’s purse, preferring to allow the President to risk establishing a nominal budget as a basis for bargaining amongst special interests. President Biden raised the fiscal ante with diktats of endless debt to give “free money” to the populace during and now after his unnecessary lockdown of our economy, effectively making many indentured servants of the government. Congress’ time seems mostly occupied with “doing something” about the “crisis of the day”. President Biden now establishes the overarching crisis of the country, which he alone can properly address, as domestic terrorism composed of political opponents, parents, and those who seek to have our laws enforced equally. Our initial bicameral system, designed to represent the people in the House and the States in the Senate, has chosen to be a pure captive of the popular vote. Our President Biden has now called only a portion of that popular vote legitimate, and states he “will not stand” for any interference in the legitimacy of that vote in our upcoming elections. Does President Biden now intend to “oversee” those elections with Federal force, as in the Reconstruction and 1960’s Civil Rights periods? Maintaining incumbency for the sake of the useful powers of seniority generates a lifelong class of elitists rolling into and out of and back into government and the remoras of non-governmental organizations. President Biden claims that only his party members, “mainstream” Republicans, and non-populist independents are worthy of such rotation. We citizens have long allowed our Congress to enhance their own recurrent electability by abdicating their powers and responsibilities to the Executive and its’ self-empowered bureaucracy. Under President Biden and his Executive Orders, that bureaucracy now forms the bedrock of our government, immutable and largely immune to the wishes of the people, their elected representatives or the courts. That bureaucracy, at the behest of the Executive, now makes its own laws and fees governing the people, with little or no recourse possible.

Many of these present Executive branch activities are at core little different from those imposed by a certain British monarch two and one half centuries ago. Then, as now, only a small portion of our people seemed fully aware outside their daily lives of the dangers present and the ongoing losses of freedoms and rights. When that small admittedly privileged vanguard of men from many walks of life insisted on their full rights under then ancient British law and tradition, the suppression which erupted upon them and their ideas forged a new alliance among the common people of colonial America. Against the premier world power of its day those Americans persisted in spoken, written, and finally armed empowerment of not only those ancient laws and traditions but also a new recognition of their ultimate meaning, the freedom and equality of each individual, and the subsidiarity of a servile state. Now, according to President Biden, those who chose to actively invoke the full meanings of the Constitution in spoken, written, and voted form are no longer deplorables, but actual enemies of a Democrat-defined democracy.

While I do not like former President Trump, I do like most of his priorities and policies. We are a long-established sovereign nation, without ethnic or racial borders but with definite borders of geography and common belief. Unlike former President Trump, our President Biden has chosen other paths. Borders and beliefs, by oath of the President as Chief Executor of our laws and Commander in Chief of our military forces, must be enforced, but are not. Elections are to be run under the direct supervision and action of State governments, but our President says those same governments cannot be allowed to do so according to the will of their citizens as reflected by their elected representatives. The courts have likewise been allowed to intervene in this well-defined Constitutional process with President Biden’s encouragement and assistance. Our President has likewise refused to enforce many other laws despite the rightful demands of citizens. Our President has enabled policies of repression via law, regulation,and censorship of free speech in all venues and sought to punish citizens publicly and privately who in many cases did not engage in violence but simply in peaceful passionate presentation of grievances. Some few of those who allegedly engaged in criminal activity in the January 6th Capitol riot remain jailed under severe circumstances and in many cases without charges or rapid access to the courts, like a domestic Guantanamo. Our President has often served as judge and jury in his public pronouncements regarding those charged with political or criminal acts directly violating our principles of assumed innocence. Our President continues to combine, via Executive Order, treaty, and diplomatic agreements, with other nations and supranational authorities to subject us to jurisdictions, rules, and laws foreign to our Constitution and the laws and traditions of our nation. Those same Executive Orders, seemingly now with force of royal mandate and law, have been used to expand governmental rule over many aspects of our private and personal lives. Our President supports and empowers public, private, and governmental censure of us for pretended offences of newly invented and ever expanding intersectional civil rights while actively seeking new laws and regulations to attain separate and unequal entitlements and privileges for favored subgroups he has chosen. He engages our military forces and monies at his will as mercenaries to his foreign policies while abandoning prior allies to their fate. None of these were Trumpisms; none of these seek to Make America Great Again.

Our President Biden has repeatedly stated that he seeks to be a uniter, a leader, of all the people. However he limits those people to those who willingly submit to his Democratic socialist globalist agenda. Almost half of the voting population from our last national election are discharged from any concerns, protections, or rights as “MAGA Republicans who are enemies of democracy”. As a proud member of our Constitutional Republic, I must count myself amongst them.

© Nik Bednarski, M.D. 2022