Let’s Fight Alongside President Donald Trump! MAGA!

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I have been suffering from TWS for almost two months. ( Trump Withdrawal Syndrome ). Listening to his phenomenal speech closing out the 2021 CPAC in Orlando, Florida, recharged my batteries, refilled my glass of hope and increased my drive towards Saving America. The man gave me goosebumps at times.

His speech covered every gamut of the political arena, every aspect of the treason and unconstitutional acts that took place in the election, every evil thing this Administration has, is and are planning. He spoke as my President and the President of about 75,000,000 Americans and I am sure that number is rising as more people suffer buyers remorse and move over to the light and reject the darkness which is Socialism. The only certain result of Socialism is Communism, the ultimate aim of the radical left in this country.

He spoke about the disastrous immigration policies being pursued by the Democrats, their refusal to complete the wall, the return to catch and release, to Sanctuary Cities, their attacks on ICE.

He spoke about their surrender of schooling to the communist Teachers Union. However Biden is proud that the illegals and immigrants at the border have teachers and classes daily while American children are not receiving a real education. Mental Health issues, depression and other calamities along with suicides are riding expeditiously.

He spoke about Covid, Operation Warp Speed, the vaccine, the gamble on putting up $10Bn in advance to pay for the actual production of the vaccine prior to its release. His point is that although that idiot Biden mentioned there were not any supplies of vaccine when he took over, despite having himself received the shots in December ( I guess he forgot ) 100% of all the vaccines being given were produced and put in the pipeline by President Trump. Biden can claim all he wants how his Administration is doing a great job but all they are doing is following the Trump directives.

He mentioned the removal of the travel ban on people from predominantly Muslim countries where terrorism, unlawfulness an diseases are rife. Now we will have more undesirable people being encouraged by the Enemy Within (Biden) to enter our country and possibly commit other acts of depravity and terrorism upon an unsuspecting citizenry.

He talked about the surrender to Iran, the worlds largest sponsor of terrorism, the dropping of economic sanctions which should have been used as a bargaining chip. Basic common sense but missing intentionally from these Democrats.

Our return to the WHO and our compliance in returning to paying them $500M a year. China pays $39M with a much larger population. Stupidity.

Then it was on to the destruction of our energy sector. The massive loss of jobs, the huge financial rewards and windfall for OPEC and Russia. The now almost certain massive increases in fuel costs with the resultant hits on inflation, jobs, prices and our standard of living.

Most importantly he talked about election integrity. The need for common sense changes to make the election fair, secure, transparent and allow we the people to have trust again in that very basic right as a citizen to vote and know that vote will be counted. He gave a list of changes that are needed. I do not understand why any citizen, Democrat or Republican, would not want to see fair elections so that the real will of the people is observed. These changes are all common sense and I list them here.

Election Day should be one day only.

Mail ballots should only be for proven military personnel out of the country, those truly and vouched for as too sick or those confirmed by embassy staff to certifiably be out of the country.

Zero, Nada, no mail in voting. In person only.

Voter ID must be essential.

Universal signature matching. Common sense huh?

100% citizenship verification.

Chain of custody protections for all ballots. Especially military ones as we remember Obama ensuring they were not counted as he knew not many military personnel would vote for him.

He called for States to legislate laws to counter – attack Big Tech like Google, Twitter etc. who have unconstitutionally silenced conservative voices. Mine included.

Then he mentioned HR1. This obscenity must be stopped. Attached is a link for you all to research this Bill. https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/report/the-facts-about-hr-1-the-the-people-act-2019 Read it and prepare to fight to stop it.

Tough, strong, young, , capitalists, conservative young Republicans are needed to rebirth this tired, corrupt and pathetic GOP. Never before has this nation been under such a huge threat that our very existence is not guaranteed without we stand and fight.

Go to http://www.donaldjtrump.com and also look out the Save America PAC. It is now or ever. Stand up. Be strong. Be vigilant. Be Americans. Support your time, money and energy.

Let’s take our country back. Our President, Donald J Trump has just laid out our journey. He even named the enemies in our own camp. They need to go.

He will be in the fight right alongside us. We can rise to the challenge and we will win starting now!!!

God Bless America.

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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