Big Bash 2020

Hook Norton Brewery
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9th – 14th July

I may have a couple of rooms available at the Gate Hangs High. First come first served. Management has changed again.

For those that like the outdoors many of us will be camping in one form or another at the GHH, there is a very large field with powered mobile home spaces (indicate if you want a mobile home space as they are limited) and plenty of space for tents, we will have a large BBQ. The pub has a shower room.

Last year we had ten or so people arriving the Thursday with most people arriving Friday. I should be there Thursday to Tuesday unless you’ve all buggered off Sunday.


  • Thursday. Drinks either in the GHH, or in the field, we may have a BBQ going, if not there’s always food from the pub.
  • Friday. Same as Thursday but including the late arrivals.
  • Saturday. The evening we should be going to the Hook Norton Brewery for a BBQ. Tours of the brewery (I’ll update with a link here later) will be available beforehand. Transport to and from the GHH can be provided. Transport back to other accommodation will be by shared taxi.
  • Sunday we usually have a roast in the GHH. If we can’t have it in the pub there’s plenty of space outside assuming the weather is decent. Sunday evening we go to the Pear Tree for the pub quiz, for which we will also organise transport, of if you’re feeling fit is about an half hour walk back to the GHH.
  • Monday. Relax, or go home. There’s plenty do do and see in the area.
  • Tuesday. Clear up day, for which I assume I’ll be on my own. . .

Email me (this is a ‘mailto’ link that will open your email client and default our email address). subject: ‘Brewery Bash 2020’

  • Dates you’ll be attending.
  • List of above events you’d like to attend
  • Type of accommodation at the GHH, or let me know you’re sorted for somewhere to stay

I may ask you to pay for the BBQ beforehand which you’ll do directly to the brewery. Should be about £30

Lunch on Sunday was £12 last time and very good value.

Mobile homes are approx £14/night, tents £5 – prices may have gone up slightly. I’ll update this post later today, or tomorrow, or you can always phone them yourselves using the link to their website above.

Even if you’ve already told me you’re coming it would be a good idea to email me again.

I’ll update this article with anything I’ve missed. There will be a link on the Home page menu to this article.

Swiss Bob

Update 1st June – Brewery events are unlikely