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Firstly JGM2 this was going to be a reply to you but upon its length I decided to submit it for an article:

I got a new job as a van driver, large firm based in a new town, some miles from where I live. Due to the nature of the cargo you weren’t supposed to take your own bags into the warehouse (the warehouse and loading area were separated & apparently they had too many people “slipping things into their back bags by “mistake””). So my first day consisted of loading the van up for the afternoon run (They ran two shifts, earlies and lates, 10:00 – 18:00 were my hours). So I loaded my van did the run with an “instructor” to show me the ropes, no problems and back to depot before 17:00, joy of the job once you had done (van fuelled and washed etc) you could go and still be paid for the 8 hours. So I was gathering my stuff up to leave and the warehouse manager said they wanted a quick word, so I left my bag there in the loading area while I nipped into the warehouse and spoke with them.

I came back out and my bag had gone, panic mode, my phone, my wallet, car keys, house keys etc. I marched in and explained to the warehouse manager, who then alerted HR (which in fairness) then stopped the whole shebang and got everyone on site to check if anyone had my bag, no one had it (the company had designated lockers for employees and these were searched). They checked CCTV and couldn’t see anything, in the HR office I began cancelling debit cards etc, DVLA to request new driving licence etc etc. “Thankfully” I had recently changed the engine in my car and had a spare set of keys and ECU, ignition barrel etc (but no exterior lock set) at home, so ringing my old man he came across the county with tools and spare keys etc, I spent the next few hours, breaking into the car (read drilling at first the driver’s door lock and was unsuccessful then successfully got in via the boot), disconnecting the battery, refitting the ECU & immobiliser & changing the lock set. By the time I got home I was mentally fucked, a beer and bed.

By the morning, I had a car on the drive that was open and ready to be stolen by unscrupulous people and the problem of house locks etc. Suddenly my phone rings and it is said company. The HR lady on the end of the line sheepishly asked had I took my car home, I told her what I had to do and was waiting for a locksmith company to give me an appointment and come to sort my car. She then explained that the “instructor” saw my bag and didn’t want it to be stolen so took it home he didn’t think it had my entire life in there. I told them I would call them back once the locksmiths had come and assess the damage. If truth be told this was a lie and I organised a salvage car dealer (specialising in breaking that particular car) to get me a complete lock set ignition barrel and keys with the matching the ECU etc which I could collect that day.

With “relief” (if you can call it that), I didn’t have to worry about house keys, I rang the company back told them they (the so called locksmiths) were coming this afternoon and I had no way of getting over etc and due to the circumstances I wouldn’t be making it in today. It was a bold strategy in hindsight, because my contract said I couldn’t have time off in the first week. The way I saw it I’ve been inconvenienced by a fellow employee, you can deal with the collateral. And besides if they said “Arrivederci”, was that a company you wanted to be working for? In fairness she was ok with it and said I will see you tomorrow and HR will keep your bag safe. Calling in another favour off my old man, could I take a short term loan out from the bank of Dad and then also run me into Birmingham to collect a lock set and all the other gubbins.

That afternoon after collecting all the bits I set about redoing what I had done yesterday and completely got my car locking and secure. I went in the next day and got my belongings, in fairness nothing had been stolen and all was as it was with my bag, I had several apologies from the culprit right up to HR. Although nothing did go missing I felt violated there and didn’t feel settled in there.

I stuck the job for 6 months, after seeing how they treated drivers and warehouse over the festive period, it was enough and I was off. I took some valuable lessons from this job mind, saying less is sometimes more and be aware of whom you work with and who you work for. Another side story and reason for me leaving was how quick the gossip took hold around the place. Basically a lady’s car broke down and she couldn’t get home so I offered her a lift home. By the end of the week gossip had spread that we were having a fling behind her partners back, which wasn’t true. I ended up moving to a company and delivering into the centre of London everyday, it was exciting but the company politics got too much there too and I decided it was time to go freelance. So folks that was my worst first few days on “the job”. Not quite as bad as shitting in a box with your name on it & leaving it on the bosses desk but still.

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