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I am probably not going to be popular with some of the more acerbic and biased opinion makers that populate the corners of the GP community, but there are certain nettles that the “right of centre” need to grasp if any valid argument they have in wider circles, are not to be immediately dismissed out of hand as racist or bigoted. I’m not talking about accent, how one speaks, the preponderance or lack of eloquence in posts. Nor could I be bothered one iota if you keep coal in the bath, breed ferrets, wear a dirty string vest or eat baked beans cold out of a ragged tin. Neither does your IQ, or indeed lack of it, bother me much. As to looks, I have a face for radio so it would be somewhat superficial of me to judge on such a random metric. What matters to me more than anything else is your character, that important part of our personality or soul that dictates our personal values. Are you honest? Do have a good sense of humour? Can you be trusted? When push comes to shove, if I found you in the trench next to me, mid battle, would the prospect fill me with dread or confidence? Are you mature enough to appreciate we all have feet of clay, and nobody is perfect? Probably more important than any of these attributes, are you sufficiently confident and humble as an individual to be able to hold your hands up and admit that you are wrong, when you clearly are? The last point was not a trick question, it is crucial one that we need to address if we are to move on from the current ocean of political and cultural sewage we find ourselves swimming in.

The recent allegations concerning racism and hate crime in the Hartlepool constituency from within the Brexit party I found particularly disturbing on a number of counts. It ticks all left-wing and centrist boxes to such a degree that any casual observer who is not well versed in the dirty dealings of the left, would immediately dismiss the BXP as a bunch of racist, uneducated thugs, in the same vein as Tommy Robinson. Such is the brutal cut and thrust of identity politics, where tribalism dictates you must accept the whole panoply of values or else you are not “one of us”. To boast about attempting to bury a pigs head in the grounds of a mosque is, quite frankly, beyond the pale. We are the first to condemn the burning of Christian churches or the desecration of graves when it happens on our watch, yet where is the outcry when such equally abhorrent behaviour is applied to the Jew, Hindu, Sikh or indeed Muslim? While I am pleased that the BXP has taken steps to discipline the individuals responsible, I despair that the reputation of the party is now stained for evermore with such a foolish incident born of braggadocio. What angers me – more than anything else – is that this will immediately poison and effectively discredit any future intelligent debate surrounding the perils of immigration, EU membership and the seemingly intractable problem of Islamic radicalisation. We have either shot ourselves in both feet, or agent provocateurs quickly infiltrated the BXP and Channel 4 was on hand at just the right moment to perform a glorious expose and claim the moral high ground. Neither scenario leaves a good taste in the mouth.

To start to unravel how we can approach our current moral and cultural crisis, which is the pinnacle of uncontrolled liberalism, immigration and secularism, we need to take a few steps back. The first murder, according to the Old Testament, was due to the disagreement between two brothers over how God was to be worshipped. This might seem to be a very inane observation to those who are not particularly spiritual, but religion and the corresponding wars that have followed throughout human history undoubtedly confirm this fact. The other observation is that any Christian worth their salt will be like God, and hate religion. Religion, is the superficial worship of God or god without the corresponding respect for either what He says or indeed the holy or sacrosanct. It is far better to judge people by their actions, than cheap words. That particular metric is much more accurate than all the spoken words imaginable. The Bible, for all the blood, gore, and tragic history of the nations contained within, is unequivocal on one point. Human life is sacred, and to demonise a human being, irrespective of their sins, is to slap the Creator in the face while ignoring the plank in our own eye.

And here lies the problem. Islam, unlike other religions, is not a religion per se but a form of political ideology. There are those that would argue that the same applies to every other “religion” apart from their own, and they would be correct. Certain faiths are undoubtedly more political than others. It would not be unfair to suggest that a new cliché be born in this global age – one man’s faith is another man’s political ideology. However, unless we are to sink into death pool of moral relativism, one of the plethora of good books has got to be right. I know which one I support.

So just for a moment, let us look at the mechanism that Islam is using to dominate and control the West. Far from the practical effects of demographics, infiltrating our organisations with Taqiya, or the subjugation of women, there is a much more potent sorcery being used against our Judaeo-Christian culture. It is both spiritual and cultural, pragmatic and visionary. It occupies the space cleared by the tanks of secular humanism, the bombers of liberalism and the machine guns of disbelief. Not only does Islam offer “Jam tomorrow” in the guaranteed afterlife of 72 virgins, but it is built on the reasoning that life on this earth is corrupt and everything you do must be geared towards that reward you receive upon your demise. It combines the philosophy and romance of the nomadic traveller with a destination “just over the hill”, or the sand dune as the case may be. Today’s life is hard, so it immediately is focused on the long game, the future. It also offers immediate membership to a vast community or club that will offer refuge, friendship, succour, no questions asked, provided your ideals are agreed. Unconditional acceptance. A sense of belonging. You are accepted as a brother, irrespective of your previous race, crimes, religion or indeed colour. However, once inside the poisonous walls of such salvation by works, every Muslim will look upon you as lower than dirt should you survive the emotional, psychological and indeed physical trauma enforced on you should you leave. Turn your back on Islam, and the penalty is death, something that is amiss in other religions unless you climb the pillar of some of the more wicked cults.

I once had the pleasure of knowing the son of a prominent police officer. A damaged soul, he not only turned his back on Christianity, and underwent a sex change in the ‘80’s when such practices were taboo, but shortly afterwards, married a Muslim. Being a good friend, to this day I defend his actions as he was playing with a loaded deck, and the church certainly did not understand for one moment the abuse he suffered as a child, which played a major role in his rebellion. As an adult male, he was clearly living a lie on many fronts, and being built like a Yorkshire toilet didn’t help matters much either. I was shocked though at the immediate transformation and acceptance his new lifestyle afforded him. We eventually parted company as the level of “neediness” increased to deafening proportions, something no doubt rooted in his physical transformation. And that is Islam in a nutshell. It will give immediate comfort to those that utter the oath, make that commitment, and from that point onward, you are a prisoner to an ancient belief, irrespective of your past tradition. However you chose to work out your sentence is up to you, be it by deception or the sword. Every word spoken against you on earth can be dismissed, as you have the inheritance of heaven awaiting you. Such environments are incredibly appealing to the disaffected and emotionally destroyed, and this philosophy is incredibly dangerous when combined with the moral precept of Taqiya. While Taqiya is both hinted at and occasionally used in the Old Testament, it is clearly absent from the New. As Christians, we are encouraged to be as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves. To hand those with a chip on their shoulder, licence to usher in a new age that will crush the injustice they have experienced, with such a hammer of lies, is a powerful psychological driver. Once formed, the concrete barriers of radicalisation cannot be easily fragmented.

One walks a dangerous path when you demonise a human being. Directed at those who hate us, it is very tempting response, and I find it difficult to resist the urge, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I get it – when the government accuses conservatives of being radicalised, the gloves are off, the knees jerk, and the moral values of each side of the argument sets harder still. What  is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. But we need not fear such classification, as it illustrates the fact that consequences have  now reached the nostrils of a political elite, that has chosen to play both sides, and is now facing an ultimatum as which side to support. Good versus evil is now the only game in town and the boundaries are becoming clearer. Only the globalist or the indoctrinated will reject the noisy, crude, disjointed, cacophony that is current Western right of centre political argument. While we might have historical right on our side, we have lost so many battles due to the use a broad brush where a fine highlight of the detail is more appropriate. We are currently at war, and any battle requires discipline, concentration, unity and focus, but most of all an army that is guided by a good general. As a political force, we are currently disjointed, fragmented, isolated. Like individual sheep, we are quickly picked off by the wolves that understand the game, and that game is for keeps. If we are to capture space in political spectrum with any semblance of credibility, we need to get our act together. Part of that is being realistic. We need to realise that the other side currently has at least 75% of the territory, if not more. They dictate the rules. So we need to fight clever, not stupid. Giving open goals to the other side will only amplify their strength and demoralise our troops. We need to be cleaner than clean, whiter than white, wiser than wise.

As to Hartlepool, trying to be positive, I have a suspicion this is trolling in action. The mood up north is not exactly an embodiment of metro bubble tolerance. We have ducked a bullet, but if we are to move on, we must draw a definitive line in the sand dividing valid political opinion, fools and terrorists. Currently, we have a government and media that classes the former two as the latter. Until we garner a modicum of respect for our enemies, we will openly hand ammunition to the other side. After all, we have no reason to plumb the depths of depravity just because the opposition does so. While that level of respect is not honoured by the other side, we really must respect the Christian belief that we war against principalities and powers, not flesh and blood, should we wish not to become the hardened individuals that only war can make a man.

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