DH, Going Postal

HMS Gammon

I’d like to open proceedings with a confession: I have never before in my life written a travel piece with even the faintest modicum of honesty or integrity. The truth of the matter is that [more…]


Polling Day in Scotland

Ah cannae f**kin’ baleeve tha Sarge hos sent me oot tae guard some f**kin’ sh*thoose poalen stashun en Govanhill aw day wi’ wee Kenny tha prubashunah. “That Sturjan c**t’s prolly gonnae be hingin’ aboot,” he [more…]


The threat fae Russha

Ah mind tha otha day there we aw’ thott the stashun wiz gettin’ attocked wi’ wan o’ they deadly nerff ayjunts fae Rusha. It wis aboot hoff eight in the mornen an’ the Sarge decidet [more…]