Another go at a bit of fanciful poetry. It imagines a time in the summer of 2019 when the government, mired in scandal and indecision, is on the verge of collapse after giving in to [more…]



Joseph Penstock was my mother’s father. He was a great man who died far too early. He was wise, funny and generous and I never remember seeing him really angry.  He was a small businessman [more…]



Homeland It’s just after lunchtime on a day in early February, the capital is bathed in bright sunshine but the breeze, from the east, is chilling to the bone. We can see; An office in [more…]



Hate There are many ways to make a good living If you don’t really care what you do You can use acid to hijack a moped If that’s what does it for you You could [more…]

European Union


In June 2016 the British people took the momentous decision to leave the European Union. They took this decision based on their true feelings and their belief, in my opinion, that the EU has gone [more…]