Polling Predictions #13

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Well who’d a thunk it. Here we are again and no sign of an election in sight. The pint sized loser must be well frit. In the meantime what with defections (far-right Natalie) and suspensions being lifted (Kat Osamor) the oft quoted majority of 80 has fallen to 38. Some serious dereliction of duty there methinks.

Tories 344

Labour 205

The rest 93

Not sure how they work that one out because I make it 46. I am loathe to argue with people who should be brainier than me, maybe they don’t count the IRA and the squeaker. However you look at it, Boris’s 80 has shrunk considerably. If that sounds like filth, it probably is.

It seems that whatever the hindu dwarf does, he can’t shift those poll numbers. This may of course be because just about everyone has seen through him and can’t even bring themselves to support him even while clenching their noses.

The national polls this week have a Labour lead of between 15 and 30 percent. The 30 percent is from YouGov. I wonder how much influence the soon to step down Nadhim Zahawi has there. This may be part of his revenge on the little brown man. Speaking of Nadhim, his majority is forecast to be around 20%. How many of the soon to be unemployed Tories would give their right arm for such a seat. It seems the good burgers of Stratford on Avon would vote for anything wearing a blue rosette.

We also have a couple of polls for Scotland only. They do not make good reading for the SNP who are likely to lose over 30 seats in North Britain. Labour are up to 37 or 38 and the SNP are down to 33 or 31. You now have to wonder at the Scots. They had 50 or 60 years, maybe more, being a Labour fiefdom and a fat lot of good it did them. Life did not seem to have improved. They then took a chance with the SNP who have turned out to be even worse than Labour were and even more corrupt. Their solution to this is to revert to voting for Labour. It does not bode well for their future.

Wasn’t it Plato who thought the world of democracy but not if everybody had the vote. It seems the voters are even easier to bribe than the politicians.

Was it only week ago when we had the local elections, we will have many more months to wait until the Tories decide to have the GE, might even be January but I still do not see how they fiddle that one. Maybe Vlad the bad will drop a few of his missiles on us when Zelensky decides to attack Russia with Storm Shadows. From what I have seen the operators of such weapons are our own people. Perhaps CallMeDave will give them the nod and allow it. He seems intent on starting WW3 on his own. Horrible little spoon faced bar steward.

Talking of far-right Natalie much of the abuse from the Labour benches has been because Keith has seen fit to admit a far-right knuckle dragger while poor old Diane Abacus remains suspended. The Abacus has a lot of support among Labour back benchers, no idea why. Any how, Fabbers was on GB News last week putting the knife into young Natalie. He explained that she wanted to set the Royal Navy against the frog Navy and push them back to the shores of France. Fabbers, very syrupy as usual, said this was not something the Tory Party wanted. I give you one of the many reasons nobody likes the Tories, many of us would love to see the frogs told where to get off but it misses the point that the pint sized loser wants to import as many who look like him as possible before he scoots off to the USA.

The much heralded cut in NI and an alleged drop in inflation are seen as reasons we should all vote Tory. We are supposed to be grateful that we will be that little better off. Is anyone going to notice. Even the Moggster is going off message. He is having doubts about the logic behind the jabs. The clue is there was no logic, it was  let’s give squllions to Pfizer and their mates. Even the withdrawal of the Astra Zeneca version because of side affects is being roundly ignored by the MSM. As Samuel Clements, writing under the guise of Mark Twain, said “It is easy to fool people, it is much harder to convince them they have been fooled”. It is obvious our politicians were not fooled but bribed; the general public however certainly had the wool pulled over their eyes and some remain fooled to this day. Look out for useless face masks as you peruse the vegetables in Waitrose.

I have been disillusioned for a very long time with our politicians, for all their bluster not one of them has changed my mind. In fact their actions only reinforce my point of view.

With Labour reclaiming their pre-eminence in Scotland and Alex Salmond’s Alba Party being nowhere in the polls, Keith only has to stay schtumm and keep his troops under control and there is nothing the Tories can do. As for Farage rescuing Reform in England, don’t bank on it. He has said he will only join in if there is a chance they can succeed next time round. I reckon he knows Tice is going to sell out and will keep a safe distance from the balls-up and acrimony that will explode from those unfortunate or gullible enough to put their faith in Reform.

With defections ringing in our ears there are rumours of 3 more Tory to Labour defections, the three being of the “One Nation” wet side of the Party. The three include at least one ex-Minister who are a dime a dozen on that side of the House. Can we give any credit to these rumours, no more so than Gorgeous George’s hint that he too is talking to several potential defectors. No One Nation Tories in that lot as, if they exist, they are likely to be of the RoPer persuasion.

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