I am a Conspiracy Analyst

‘You will own nothing and be happy (or else)’
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I think the days of conspiracy theory are long gone.

The great WEF reset programmes are well under way. Yet there appears to be cognitive dissonance amongst the western middle class to accept it.

I made the point last year at a London Resist Movement meeting that the British middle class in particular struggle with the concept. The universally renowned British sense of humour which has carried us through dark times in our history is now our Achilles heel, we find it impossible to take perpetrators of world domination seriously.

Charles Chaplin’s film the Great Dictator (1940) portrayed Hitler as a figure of sinister fun. Literary villains like Sherlock Holmes’s adversary Moriarty, Ian Fleming’s master baddie the cat stroking Blofeld & pantomime’s Captain Hook in Peter Pan all engender fake fear & appeal to our sense of humour.

I developed this hypothesis to my Chelsea audience which greeted it with some skepticism. Ironically the next speaker played a clip of Klaus Schwab speaking at Davos, complete with his delicious Peter Sellers inspired stock villain’s German accent. The whole audience collapsed in laughter.

You see they simply couldn’t take him seriously.

Let us away with theories & deal only with facts.

What do we know?

The World Economic Forum was conceived in the early 1970’s by Kissinger & Soros it began a quest to groom young potential global leaders. The whole apparatus is aiming for one goal, secular global governance. There is no secret about this, they boast of its phenomenal success, Klaus Schwab is on record describing how the WEF has infiltrated national governments. Google WEF.

Macron, Sunak, Starmer (leader HM Opposition) “Davos is more important than parliament”), Johnson  (“it is imperative the Ukraine contiues the war March 2022”), Cameron (genocide is in our national interest) Trudeau WEF’s St. Paul) the Archbishop of Canterbury (“if Jesus were alive today he would recommend the vaccine”) The ubiquitous Rothschilds, lift any historical flat stone you will find one.

Don’t  forget the impact of the institutional fellow travelers. There are virtually none which do not adhere to the doctrine.

The National Trust, RNLI, The Royal Society, the Rockefeller & Rowntree foundations, the BoE, influential academic seats, the BMA, EVERY charity where its CEO earns more than you.

Frighteningly most western Health Ministers are WEF/WHO sympathetic, the list is endless & includes local government, civil service & quangos.

Unprecedented numbers of parents are opting for home education as moral & educational standards collapse, have you seen the sex filth promulgated in state schools as part of the curriculum?

The mandarins of WEF include the wealthiest men on the planet, they have much in common, they are Malthusians & bereft of moral integrity, they are sociopaths, some are psychopaths.

Look at the line up. Bill Gates, he funds the WHO, Disease X sponsor, Jeff Bezos, he controls significant book distribution & Washington Post editorial , George Soros, Davos platform performers Charles & William Windsor, Jacinda Arden & Larry Fink (Blackrock) the champion of Environmental  & Social Governance, ever wondered why there are NEVER any white actors on British TV commercials?

Banks, insurance companies, the armed forces & police brag about their illegal racial quota promotion schemes to get favourable ESG ratings.

The WEF has declared a goal of reducing the age of sexual consent to twelve year olds, all aboard for the Epstein express ?

The wealth they control is beyond human imagination. What editor (Going Postal exempt),  politician or charity CEO is not for sale? They own or control  the media. Washington Post, Guardian, Daily Telegraph (climate pages), many technical & scientific journals including The Lancet.

The UN, WHO, IMF, GMC & many we don’t even know dance to their tune.

Ever wondered why the huge farmer’s demonstrations in Holland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain & Romania are not covered?

Why the excess deaths enquiry has been postponed until after the election?

They are masters of psyops. Wait for Disease X, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Surely you must have wondered why ostensibly sensible friends are still getting jabbed with the lethal clot shots, that the majority of the population succumbed to diktat on whom & how many could come to you at Christmas or which aged relative you could visit & where ?

What did you think when you saw all those arrows on the ground to keep six feet apart in the plandemic, the perspex screens in the pub, do you or did you believe a cloth mask could prevent a respiratory virus infection?

If you believed all this nonsense it is because  you are either intellectually lazy, gullible, stupid or perhaps just cowed by the system.

Do you believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant not a life giving natural  gas without which the planet would die? Do you ever ponder why dissent is never aired on legacy media?

Do you imagine that if a man just believes he is a woman then he becomes one? Do you want your local high street draped in gay pride flags once a year? Do you want the Royal Navy in the Red Sea or the English Channel where the threat is?

Do you feel an experimental jab in the arm at £25 a go for your doctor is better than your natural immune system?

Do you believe your government has your welfare at heart?

The WEF institutions & their acolytes with their immeasurable wealth, press control & psyops campaigns can it seems make the majority believe  anything, the English middle class perhaps the most gullible, don’t believe me? Eavesdrop on them at Tate Modern.

How much longer before your dinner party guests accept on balance the moon is made of green cheese

“There was a very good piece in the Telegraph, Tarquin, just above the piece explaining how the Ukraine is beating the Russians, which laid out a forceful case by Neil Fergusson of Imperial College London that the moon is made of green cheese, evidence would suggest therefore Sage Derby & with a blue moon it morphs in to Stilton it was fact checked by the BBC no less”

If you think this is going too far imagine your reaction only twenty years ago if somebody was forecasting Yorksire would be digging up agricultural land to install solar panels ! Or the seascape would be littered with windmills at a mind numbing cost or the New Zealand women’s weight lifting champion was really a bloke.

One of the pillars of global governance doctrine is the removal of the nation state, the revision of a nation’s history, abandonment of Common Law principles, mass state sponsored immigration, abolition of a free press, corrupted politicized science & education, a war on historic culture, relentless installation of fear in some guise, the discouragement of personal financial independence by high tax, currency degradation & below inflation interest rates.

Is this happening? Is it a random coincidence?

The key as history shows to dominance is propaganda accepted blindly  as Lenin told us by useful idiots.

Try this wee test

Can you name a single western world leader who didn’t spout

BUILD BACK BETTER post scamdemic ?

Who do you imagine writes the script? Who programmes legacy TV teleprompters ?

Global governance is not one man but an elite syndicate, they can be found at Davos now along with fatuous Hollywood celebs.

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