What Does “White Privilege” Really Mean and Is It True?

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

The term “White Privilege” is the term being used as a justification for all kinds of reverse-discrimination policies and even as Mao-style forced confessions of captive audiences, such as school children and employees of government agencies and big corporations. But what does it really mean? Furthermore, is it true? I intend to show that its meaning is a logical fallacy and, therefore, not true.

First of all, I do not believe that anyone really claims that being white conveys a natural privilege. Such a claim would be tantamount to claiming white racial superiority and, therefore, nothing really could be done about it. It would be the same as Nazi claims to Aryan superiority. No, the term white privilege must mean that society gives special advantages to whites that are not earned via merit and, therefore, government must do something to rectify this supposed inequity.

Before government “does something”, it is only just that one asks for evidence that these special advantages actually exist.  What are they? Where are they? Who conveys them? In what form do they arrive? One can hardly accuse children of obtaining special societal privileges, because children have not lived long enough to garner any of these supposed special privileges. Children have not applied for jobs, for example. Yet it has been reported by Fox News that the Department of Defense is indoctrinating children in DOD schools that white children are privileged and must confess their unearned special status. These children must be perplexed that they must confess to something that they have not received.

Perhaps the “white privilege” warriors wish to point to statistics that show that whites as a class earn more money, more wealth, etc.. All or some of this may or may not be true, but even if true these are merely facts and are not privileges. This is a very important logical point. A fact is merely a fact. The fact itself is not a special privilege and does not prove that a privilege has been conveyed.

The “White Privilege” claim is just the latest of charges that cannot be proven but must merely be accepted as true, such as that man is causing global warming that will wipe out life on earth in the near future. Another is the claim, which the American military uses to skew promotions away from white males via affirmative action, is that “Diversity” actually promotes a strong military force. The military finally is being forced to prove this claim, which of course it cannot.

The United States is a nation of individuals not groups. All individuals have rights. Groups have no rights. The White Privilege claim has no place in American society. And it is a logical fallacy to boot. It is past time to end all this nonsense.

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