In praise of the Countess of Wessex

Sophie dressed as Honorary Air Commodore on a visit to Kandahar, December 2011
Staff Sgt. David Carbajal, U.S. Air Force, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

All puffins, and most of the rest of the country, will be well aware that HM Queen Elizabeth II’s offspring have not been the wisest in their choice of spouse. This may not entirely be their fault but being married to one of those four is a trip in itself. Can’t do this, can’t do that , must do this and must do all sorts that doesn’t come naturally (settle down at the back you wankers). How awesome that the most successful of them is a non-royal and even non-aristocrat though there are some titled relatives.

Of all the various spouses involved I think Sophie Countess of Wessex has been outstanding. Of course when she first appeared on the scene there was a bit of the, oh she could only hook him, and the infamous pictures of Chris Tarrant raising her top in the back of a mini or whatever. Fair pair of norks but that has been long forgotten.

Her husband has always been seen as a bit of a wimp but that doesn’t seem to have rubbed off on her (yet again, those at the back get a grip). Sophie has knuckled down and actually put her heart and soul into what she has been expected to do. If only the Sparkle had done the same she may have been well in the ascendancy by now but impatience  rules her roost.

A few years ago Sophie visited the charity where my daughter works. Seeing as the rest of the so called management team are ‘kin useless and even lazier than a politician (something of an understatement), it fell upon my poor daughter to organise their end of the visit.

First came security checks galore and then the planning down to the minute followed by the great event itself. It all had to be kept hush hush and was not announced until close to the time of the visit. My daughter escorted the Countess during the visit and was on hand to prompt each move to the next part of the itinerary. She was told at the time by others, especially the CEO, you can’t do that, she needs to move at her own pace but the timetable was adhered to.

At the end, the protocol whoever and the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey said to her that it was an excellent day and keeping to the schedule was one of the most important parts. These royals usually have yet another trip somewhere after any visit so any delay is not welcome. CEO, go play with yourself.

The final opinion proffered was that the Countess was just delightful and kind of melted into the schedule. A woman who gets on with her job and can glad hand with the best of them. And to think, she gets at least one of these every day. What a contrast with a certain Duchess. I, for one, would not do that job in a month of Sundays but some are significantly more able.

The idea for this article was prompted by polar opposite asking who Lady Louise Winsdor’s parents were. That young lady also seems to be a credit to her parents.

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