Easy Chocolate Brownies


  • 3oz flour (I use buckwheat flour)
  • 8oz butter
  • 5oz dark brown sugar
  • 4oz ground almonds (you can use 1 oz ground almonds and 3oz chopped hazlenuts)
  • 2oz good quality cocoa powder (ie Green and Black)
  • 2 large eggs beaten
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Heat oven 180C/350F/Gas 4

Fully Line a baking tin 7” square with parchment paper


  • Mix butter, sugar and cocoa and melt in saucepan
  • Cool to lukewarm and add the beaten eggs
  • Fold in flour, almonds (and chopped nuts if using), baking powder and vanilla essence
  • When well mixed pour into lined baking tin
  • Cook for 30 mins but check after 25 mins by opening oven door and giving tin a little shake. If mixture has a very slight wobble remove the brownie.
  • If mixture has a definite wobble leave the full 30 mins. Every oven is different.
  • Leave in the tin to cool completely. Then carefully remove and cut into squares.

Brownies should be soft and slightly gooey in the centre. They are best eaten on day of cooking although will be OK but not so gooey on second day.

TIP: take your parchment up and over the tin when you line. You can then lift the parchment with your brownie square in tact once cooled. 

I make brownies to serve with warm cream laced with Amoretto as a pudding but they are also delicious for tea as a chocolate lovers indulgence. Thinking of Mr M as I write.

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