Critical Race Theory and Hussein Obama

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You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi.

I was reading the words of probably the most dangerous man ( well – testosterone challenged man ) in the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama, as he continues his/her tirade against whites and so called right wing media. I actually don’t know of any particular right wing media. Maybe some lean right? Considering 90% of the media leans left ………. ?

He was whining and complaining about the backlash to Critical Race Theory when he was interviewed by that extremist left wing CNN reporter ( reporter seems like a stupid word for any CNN staff – more like propaganda teacher! ) Anderson Cooper.

Obama mentioned how that fictional right wing media was causing fear and resentment among whites in a “Changing America”

Obama also stated that many race issues are a result of whites failing to reconcile with American history. I wonder which history? The new rewritten history or actual factual history. Apparently he also believes that the majority of the white population is unable to recognize that they can be proud of America but must accept that the history on our forefathers was that they committed terrible acts.


I wonder if he thinks the black on black violence and black on black crime etc. in the mostly liberal blue inner cities are a result of our forefathers actions? Or the fact that a black man was President for two terms! That there are tens of thousands of black millionaires. That black people hold many high political offices. Was this because whites were unable to reconcile the past?

In his/her words his political opponents, I call them true American patriots, would attempt to block that and use it to their advantage! Hmmm. Anyone remember the professor and the cop saga? Kicked off the hate and defund the police debate. Hussein Obama also stated that we whites and right wingers do not want our way of life threatened and will do anything to stop that. I am guessing he is talking about white supremists domestic terror attacks? Not sure where they are happening!

He says whites and their media are pushing a narrative that the two groups, blacks and whites, have nothing in common. That we don’t see or hear each other. Again wrong.

In his arrogant snarky voice, which annoyed me constantly while he was the self assumed emperor of us lowly proletariats, he then mocked whites and again the Republican Party for ignoring major issues ( you know – the ones important to Commies ) like climate change and the economy which he believed Trump destroyed, while concentrating on Critical Race Theory! He laughed as he said “ who knew that was the main threat to our Republic?”

Interestingly Bill Maher, a huge fan of socialism, BLM, Obama and Pervy Joe Biden, came out the other evening on his pitiful racist show called “ Real Time,” and knocked his fellow Libtards for not recognizing the huge steps that have been taken on racial and social issues! He actually stated that many liberals suffer from what he called “progressophobia” a term he defined as “a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognizing progress.” 😂😂😂. ( Anyone remember my article on brain damaged liberals? )

“If you think America is more racist now than ever, more sexist than before women could vote and more homophobic than when b—j–s were a felony, you have ‘progressophobia’ and should adjust your mask because it’s covering your eyes,” Maher told his viewers. “The chant from gay protesters used to be ‘We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.’ Well, we did. This is Pride month and it’s not even a big deal anymore. Thirty days of parades and festivals celebrating a cause that was once so divisive, Ellen had to pretend to be straight.” *

He went on to quote multiple examples like how opinions on mixed race marriages has changed and perceptions on gays. Legalizing pot. Changes have been significant and long lasting. I hate actually agreeing with Bill Maher but on this topic he actually got it right. *

America, we do not have a race issue. Admittedly it was less prior to King Obama who did spend all his 8 years pushing racism and the MSM aided and abetted him. It was reduced again under President Trump but now is resurgent again under the usurper Joe Biden Administration.

They are deliberately attempting to create huge rifts between the races and I believe want nothing less than a race war. You cannot turn on a TV show, a news broadcast, otherwise known as leftist propaganda, a paper, the internet or any other social media and not be bombarded with in your face racial lies and attempts to instill in all whites a feeling of guilt and shame. Of white privilege. Even in our military the distrust between the races is growing. Our national security is threatened by these actions. Our identity as a people is threatened by these actions.

The fundamental changing of America is underway. Obama is in his/her 3rd term and has sped up the agenda to almost a warp speed.

As I said, Obama is the most dangerous person in America today.

* copied from Faux News. Whoops. I meant Fox News!

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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