Victory or Surrender?

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“You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.” Winston Churchill.

I love a lot of Winston Churchill’s sayings, but the one above fits the subject of this blog today pretty well.

We, as American, God Fearing patriots and conservatives have a choice here! We can either have our heads in the tigers mouth or be the tiger with our enemies heads in our mouths.

Our choice.

Which do you want?

America, this country is going to the dogs. It is becoming an absolute mess. Since the day that as far as I am concerned, an illegal regime, led by a traitor, thief and pervert took over the WH and also pretty much the House, our lives, finances, health, freedoms, liberties, constitution, military, law enforcement, education, freedom of speech and race among other things have all become the new subject to attacks by these radical leftists.

Everything and more that I am going to talk about below has happened since Sniffer Joe and the Hoe illegally stole the election of 2020.

Let’s look at some of them individually. Our lives have become those of slaves, dictated to by a dictatorship style of administration. We are told where to go, how to get there, what to wear, when and where we cannot go. They even try to force you to put things in your body you do not want or need.

Our finances are getting hit by the cruelest tax of all, inflation. This will affect every last American, but obviously the poor to middle class worse. It stands at 4.16% in May this year and an upward shift is coming. We see that in everything we buy from timber to gasoline, food to postage stamps.

Next up is health. I believe due to the insanity of the Covid era rules and regulations from a corrupt CDC, Democrat and prior Republican administration, we are going to have a huge proportion of our population with majorly reduced natural immunities to any up coming diseases. This will be due to the insanity surrounding masking, social distancing, lockdowns and other restrictions that meant many did not even get to visit their doctors for major health problems. We have and will also continue to see a rise in depression, mental illness, drug and alcohol consumption and suicides. This will be more prevalent in our youth.

Our freedoms are up next in this discussion. These have been seriously eroded as the governments power has extended to the degree our businesses were shut down, our travel was stopped, our ability to support our families was removed from a majority, our ability to move freely around our neighborhood and country was curtailed. Every day another attack on our freedoms of choice or expression are eroding to the degree we, at least 75,000,000 strong, have had our voices and our votes destroyed.

Our Liberties, something we have always taken for granted, have been under attack for decades leading up to where we are now. We have little say in how our kids are educated, our abilities to go freely to worship have been destroyed as many churches were forced to close and many unable to reopen, our abilities to just be a Free people has almost disintegrated as huge portions of our society are too scared to protest due to the new era terminology and threats faced for doing so. You stand to lose your job, your homes and your future etc. for one word that may offend the left. Even your white skin color can be wrong.

Our Constitution, the most incredible document written has been attacked regularly and it’s very existence as the ultimate law of the land is at risk. Hussein Obama, a traitor and domestic threat, tried telling us this document was a living document. Something to be changed like the wind. IT IS NOT.

Our military, since this illegal administration took control, has constantly been under attack. The inclusion of Transgenders into our military is guaranteed to create issues and cost we, the working stiff tax payers, a fortune. Their inclusion comes at a time when our enemies can sense our weakened position in the world just as they are strengthening their militaries. Joe even had the Texas National Guard picking up trash at the borders! Trash left by the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and migrants so welcomed by the leftists running our country into the sewers. Kamala, the so called VP, even insulted our military with her texted message to enjoy the long weekend! Nothing about the real reason for the long weekend. She is disgusting. No morals. No ethics. Just a pure hatred of this country and half its population. Then we are seeing the replacement of top brass with leftist leaning political ideology replacements (puppets) ensuring that the changes to our military occur.

Two disgraceful lowlifes and their take on Memorial Day.

Next up is Law Enforcement, a subject like the military close to my heart having done both in my life. Since the beginning of the Hussein Obama 8 year destructive rampage against America and now under this administration, cops have been vilified, lied about, belittled, insulted, assaulted, ruined, imprisoned and murdered as the left tries to remove them from their positions. Criminals have been emboldened, victims victimized by the criminals and the administrations in these Blue cities and States. Cops are leaving by the hundreds in search of a new career. This leaves whole communities without enough cops and vulnerable to criminal activity.

Education is now being totally re-written and new woke socialist teachings replacing old trusted methods. Our kids are being taught that this country is evil, we as a nation are responsible for all the wrongs in the world and that white Americans are racist and have only got where they are through white privilege. All sorts of perversions are being treated as normal and encouraged. History in particular has been re-written to lie and back up the evil and ungodly message they are teaching our kids. As a nation we spend $16,000 a year on average per child K through 12. Our kids are near the bottom of the league when compared to 72 other nations, none of which spend anywhere near that per child. The Teachers Union is a total communist organization who dictates to corrupt politicians what is taught and by who. It is a national disgrace.

I think you all see the problem. The left is destroying this nation faster than anyone foresaw. Since the rightful victor of the 2020 election left the WH, this country has moved to the left at an almost supersonic speed.

It is down to us America. As I stated near the beginning of this narrative, we either surrender and place our heads meekly and obediently in the tigers mouth or we stand United, strong and with a brave heart and place their heads in our tigers mouth!

We got until the 2022 Mid Term election cycle to try fix this mess.

Failure is not an option.

We hold the power America.

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

© Fred Brownbill 2021

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