HATED! Trump Doesn’t Care

It’s all about the winning

James Dalton, Going Postal
“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump is a man of his word. He’s the Ronseal One Coat of politicians – “it does what it says on the tin”. Promises made, promises kept. Americans see a flawed President who said what he was going to do and, unlike your normal politician, did what he said he would do. They see a President who doesn’t care about the continuing demonisation of him by the fake news mainstream media. They see an energetic President who’s out there every day battling for them, fighting for ‘We the people’.

2016 doesn’t seem like that long ago, but it’s déjà vu all over again. Donald Trump, the bad orange man, was vilified in the run up to the 2016 election on the 8th of November. The New York Times boldly predicted a Hilary Clinton victory (85% chance) on the day of the election. Virtually all the pundits whose views were promulgated by the major broadcasters also predicted a Clinton victory. Few analysts and commentators stuck their necks out in 2016 in defiance of the polls and groupthink to predict a Trump victory. In the UK there was only one view, a Clinton victory, and even fewer of the limey pundits called it for Trump. I was one of those few.

I’m not naive enough to think that I’m a savant, or that those with a professional media interest in US politics would ask for my view this time around seeing as how I’m (i) elected and (ii) did get it right last time. The same names, the same pundits, the same experts will have their views, analyses and commentary rammed down the viewing public’s throats explaining how Biden is ahead in the polls and on course to a victory over a beleaguered Donald J Trump.

The ‘experts’ were wrong in 2016 and next week they will get more air time to act all shocked and surprised when they are shown to be wrong again as the US electorate turn out in numbers and re-elect Donald J Trump as their President. Four more years of Trump. Can you hear the co-ordinated cries of anguish and foul play that will be broadcast throughout the MSM yet? If you listen very carefully you can already hear the whispering of excuses for Joe Biden. To excuse the experts’ sad record of predicting outcomes as ignorance, however, is to do them a service. These ‘experts’ whose words are delivered to the masses as gospel are propagandists pretending to analyse and inform while shaping opinion and promoting their paymasters’ agenda.

Why Trump will win.

So many explanations are out there to be seen and there is little point in repeating them here, we’ll all find out next week, so I suggest people sit back, take all the noise from the experts with a pinch of salt and enjoy the show – for that is what it is – and relish the reaction of the ‘liberal media’ when the result becomes evident. Then bathe in their devilish tears, for they will form lakes. If one wishes to understand in advance why the experts are wrong again then look at metrics beyond the ‘Biden vs Trump’ national polls: Live audiences, enthusiasm of campaigners, confidence of Republicans, voter registration statistics, polling among hispanics and blacks, standard of living rises, early voting statistics where available. Most importantly, watch Trump’s and Biden’s recent live events and listen to what they are saying.

Perhaps it sounds somewhat trite, but the biggest reason that you can give yourself for placing a wager on Trump at 15/8 (as of 31st October) is, put simply, Trump is a winner. He’s an alpha male. He’s a boss and he’s bossed his detractors and enemies for 4 years and the Americans love a strong alpha boss. Despite the reports of ballot rigging, despite the Supreme Court rulings relating to verification of mail in ballots which indubitably increase the risk of fraud in certain states, Trump cannot lose even accounting for the evident widespread Democrat electoral fraud. Next Tuesday, the little man, the little woman, the silent American will speak when in matters as they did four years ago and out in numbers, greater numbers and with more enthusiasm than in 2016. They will re-elect  Donald J Trump as their President. It will be marvellous, for as Archbishop Vigano wrote on 25th of October 2020, we are in a battle between good and evil and Trump’s victory will be that – a triumph of good over evil in this eternal war.

#MAGA. Make America Great Again.

© Councillor James Dalton, 5 Star Direct Democracy Party. 5dd.uk 2020

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