Corona Virus and Reactions

My take on the virus and all that goes with it

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There seems to be a number of different reactions to the situation we face. Most fall in to not believing there’s a virus, believing there is but that it’s just flu, to thinking we’re all going to die. Words like exponential are mentioned a lot. Consequently, linked to these are the reactions to lockdown. It’s a coup, a NWO takeover, the lizard people, etc through to the lockdown isn’t strict enough and why aren’t we welding old people in to their own homes. I shall chip in my two pennyworth, though I’m not a doctor, nurse or scientist. Those only come from Africa and the Middle East, after all.

“Ain’t no virus, bro.”

This is clearly and observably bollocks. I know several people who have now tested positive. People on this blog are posting that their relatives have it, some who are quite ill. Bodies stacking up in Italy and Spain have not been conjured from thin air. The fact China covered it up tells me it’s real. President Trump is also taking action and he’s no mug.

“It’s just the flu.”

No it isn’t. It’s a lot more contagious than flu. At the same time, it’s not the Black Death come again either. A sense of perspective is needed. Death rates vary. Much seems dependent on demographics, economies, the amount of testing and how deaths are reported. South Korea currently has the biggest testing regime. Death rate there is around 0.4%. In Germany they aren’t doing posthumous testing. Italy also has a large proportion of elderly people, who are more vulnerable generally. Spanish and Italian economies have had problems for over a decade now.

“We’re all going to die.”

No we aren’t. Calm the fuck down. Panicking and scaremongering helps no one, not least yourself and your own mental health. Most people experience a mild to moderate illness and recover. Some of the models are clearly dodgy, giving worst case scenarios based on governments taking no action, etc. Governments were always going to act. Just watch those death tolls get revised downwards as more testing is done and more reliable information becomes available. Again, a sense of perspective is needed. It’s a serious situation, but it’s not the end of days.

Moving on to the government handling of the crisis and subsequent lockdown.

“It’s a coup.”

No it isn’t. That’s not to say I agree with it. Do you really think Boris wants to crash the economy and force everyone inside for months? Bojo was looking forward to riding the crest of a wave by taking the UK out of the EU, watching the economy grow, then facing whatever pantomime villain Labour installed as leader and winning another election. Corona crisis and economic Armageddon were not on the menu. As many people were saying even before he got ill, Boris looks knackered, not like an evil super-villain.

“The government is trying to kill us all.”

The virus mainly affects older people and men. These are the core Tory vote. Why would they wipe out their own voters? That makes no sense.

“The government doesn’t need to take any action. It’s just like a flu season.”

Again untrue. What many fail to see is that all the regular diseases, ailments, health conditions and regular accidents and injuries are still occurring. The corona virus pandemic comes on top of all of these. People still have cancer, strokes, heart attacks, norovirus and regular flu and various other illnesses that need treating.

Death rate and serious illness from the virus are low, but as mentioned it’s highly contagious, so there is the potential if unchecked of thousands needing hospital care, a proportion will need ICU, a proportion of them will need ventilators. The extra cases would quickly fill up A+E and intensive care units. People without the virus who are ill could then die due to lack of resources, as well as the virus patients. Add to this that winter vomiting viruses regularly go through hospitals and shut wards. The corona virus is yet more contagious, so patients who might otherwise live will catch it in hospital and die. This has already happened to some. Add again to this that a certain percentage of health workers will catch it and be off work, further reducing resources. This is the scenario where the excrement meets the extractor blade.

Lockdown is designed to slow the virus so that extra capacity in the NHS can be added to deal with the extra people needing treatment. Hence the converted conference centres and rugby stadiums being used as makeshift hospitals. I hope they aren’t needed.

“The lockdown needs to be stricter.”

You can only lock people inside for so long. Mental and physical health will suffer. People won’t tolerate it forever and they will eventually break the rules. The economy is already going down the pan as it is. Fearmongering journalists want it so, because it makes them feel relevant, gets clicks and viewing figures. None of them are epidemiologists or qualified doctors. The lockdown is oppressive and goes against our natural instincts and natural freedoms. It’s also crippling the economy. I fear I will not have a job when this is all over. Outside of the mainstream media no one wants it. The fun and games are already beginning in the diverse and vibrant cities around Europe.


“It’s the lizard people.”

The problem with believing in conspiracies is that eventually you see them everywhere, whether they exist or not. Not everything is a conspiracy. Some things are as they appear. I believe it started in China, by accident. The Chinese government covered it up for a month or two. They have admitted they knew about it in November. From that I can infer it was probably earlier. This would account for the worldwide spread before alarm bells started ringing. I think tens of thousands in the UK have already had it but didn’t realise. Globalism and open borders allowed the rapid spread. Outsourcing everything from paracetamol production to clothing and food with extended international supply chains has also been shown up as a grave strategic error. If we are going to blame our government for anything, blame them for this.

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