Confronting The Climate Emergency, Part 7

Open letter to my fellow Councillors 11/9/2019 - Diary From The Coal Face - Cllr James Dalton, Holme Valley Parish Council.

James Dalton, Going Postal

It is six months since the Climate Emergency was declared in the Holme Valley and the variation in temperature I have experienced in this time has been wide – in excess of a 30oC range. I have survived these thermal ups and downs. The Holme Valley Parish Council met on Monday 9th September 2019 and following  this meeting, councillors will have some further considerations to make concerning the proposed ‘Action Plan’ to confront the declared Climate Emergency on which they may soon be asked to vote. I thought it would be useful of me to summarise my diary so far and write to my fellow councillors, encouraging them to take on board my findings on the matter and to highlight to them particular recommendations. The letter is reproduced below.

Interesting fact:

Nils-Axel Morner, one of the world’s foremost authorities on sea level and the study thereof, has become ‘persona non grata’ in the Climate Change debate for telling it how he sees it. You won’t have heard of him, even though he was the IPCC’s expert anchor for this particular subject matter. No more, as Nils explains in this interview. He’s not happy “…it’s a little evil that children would be used as propaganda props…” “…that they (IPCC/UN) have been able to fool and change the world, is so dangerous for the survival of society…” “…the promoters of man-made global warming hypotheses will ultimately be exposed… …it is unscientific that they have ignored facts and that one day it will be revealed as nonsense, but then scientists will have lost their trustworthiness.”

Letter to HVPC Councillors

Dear fellow Councillors of the Holme Valley Parish Council,

Open Letter.

The ‘Climate Emergency’ has certainly attracted a lot of attention from certain members of the public, as could be appreciated by the attendance at the Holme Valley Parish Council meeting held on the 9th September 2019, where we had a packed house.

As Councillors will be considering the issue of ‘The Climate Emergency’ between now and the next Council meeting in October, it would be timely for me to share with you, my fellow Councillors, my thoughts. Having sacrificed much time studying the nature and magnitude of the climate change problem in detail over the preceding five years it would be remiss of me not to do so. To that end, as advised previously, since the new Council created the Holme Valley Parish Council Climate Emergency Steering Group [HVPCCESG] I have been recording my thoughts along with a few fundamental facts and findings in the form of a diary which has been published on a national political website. This letter will be included in Part 7, to be published soon. Though the articles have not gained much traction locally, each has attracted several thousand comments, so I suspect my findings have reached a significant audience further afield from the Holme Valley.

Part 1 – Climate Emergency Introduction.
Part 2 – What is the Emergency? CO2?
Part 3 – Energy.
Part 4 – Sincerity. All is not what it seems.
Part 5 – How much CO2? – the numbers.
Part 6 – Think Global, Act Local. Bilberry Pie.

There is something for everybody, including a recipe for bilberry pie in part 6! I would draw particular attention however to my comments and recommendations in Part 4 which I suggest need to be fully considered by all Councillors and resolved with the necessary parties before the next Council meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr James Dalton, Netherthong Ward, HVPC

End note

I took a trip to Edinburgh last weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day. Walking onto the Meadows with my son, a family of four passed us, smiling, happy and Mum was sporting an ‘Extinction Rebellion’ sticker on her blouse. On the other side of the Meadows adjacent to the University campus, Greenpeace had an ‘information’ stall with numerous enthusiastic leaflet holders. I smiled at my son and said I would ‘have a day off’, so I smiled at the young girl who was offering a ‘Climate Strike’ leaflet and we walked on past the University faculty buildings towards the Castle. I parted company with my son half way down the Royal mile as he went to meet a friend at Waverley Station and I walked back through the old town to the trendy café outside which the Greenpeace cluster were doing their thing.  No, I was not going to ‘have a day off’ after all… More on my conversations with a young environmental activist in Edinburgh, on the use of children as political props and ‘Climate School Strikes’ in future entries…

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