Roger Ackroyd’s Question Time Review

Richard Burgon (Labour Remainer and prolific exhaler of hot air – from both ends)
Gina Miller (Busybody Remainer)
Helen Whately (Tory Remainer and recipient of Saudi Arabian largesse)
Camilla Tominey (DT deputy editor and Leaver)
Juergen Maier (Siemens CEO and Remainer who got ripped a new one from the audience last time he was on QT).

4 Remainers, 1 Leaver
In Lincoln – a Leave constituency.

The back room bods at QT must have put their heads together after the mauling of the Remain panels in the last two programmes and devised a line-up that would withstand the onslaught of any uppity audience. Here they were stuck in a Leave constituency with the likelihood of a fair chance the bastard plebs will be rude to the Remainers yet again so how to fix it? It goes a long way to understanding the mentality of the metro bubble dwellers that they think overloading the panel with four passionate Remainers and trying to steamroller over the views of those good people in front of them and at home will somehow fix the problem. Gina Miller and Juergen Maier, the latter the CEO of possibly the largest employer in Lincoln and thus someone that no-one recognisably an employee of Siemens would ever publicly denounce as a swivel-eyed, globalist EU fanatic? Yeh, that’ll do it.

Except that allowing the two politicians, one a Tory “gal” and the other a Labour buffoon, to hog the debate – ably assisted by Ms Botty (Rear of the Year 2010) – sent the cunning plan spectacularly off the rails. Despite both Maier and Miller, the EU double act, shilling for their corrupt political corporation it would appear that the audience, on balance, were not having any of it. The first question – what should we be stockpiling in the event of No Brexit? – was music to the QT producer’s ears (although we know that this was particularly chosen to pump up the Project Fear discourse being pedalled by the MSM). Ms Botty seemed to get very excited by this prospect and kept repeating “but what would YOU stockpile?” when the panellists refused to play that silly game. Camilla Tominey ably punctured the nonsense speculation and received a fairly robust sounding support from the audience. Ah, you could almost hear the slapping of hands on foreheads in the producer’s studio – yet another bastard audience that wasn’t going to play  the game.

Whately is a lightweight Tory MP that voted for May’s WA thus willing to tie the U.K. indefinitely to the EU. Her experience in industry and business is zero having worked as a SPaD within the CC office and doing a little bit of “voluntary” work. She is, like many of those who receive the largesse and expectation heaped on them courtesy of the electorate, quite able to ignore her constituents and follow the perceived party line.

Burgon does exactly the same but in his case – and it would seem endemic within the Labour Party- he is a buffoon and a fuckwit to boot. Allowing this Marxist numbnuts to get anywhere near the mike is a recipe for disaster for Labour and, as expected, he didn’t fail to entertain last night. Exhaling enough hot air to inflate a balloon big enough to carry Phileas Fogg, Passerpartout, Aouda and the whole of the Reform Club members half way round the world he was able to explain precisely nothing to the audience both in the studio and at home. Pushed by Ms Botty to outline Labour’s Brexit policy he was only able to repeat the same mantra we have heard oh so many times before and which amount to nothing more than a hill of beans. He really came into his own on the Venezuela question when he refused time and again to condemn his supportive tweet of Maduro. The worst thing any politician has to endure is being laughed at. And he got it, in spades.

No doubt the Labour trolls will be gunning for Ms Botty again with her intensive questioning of Burgon on both Maduro and Brexit. It is fascinating to read the feed under the Twitter announcement of the QT panel on a Thursday afternoon. They are still beefing on about the “appalling” and “racist” treatment of Abbott and no doubt they will be out in force again over Burgon being ripped a new one. Why they can’t see how deeply unpleasant and fundamentally ignorant these Labour representatives are – and there are plenty more to choose from on the Opposition benches – is beyond me. If the Lincoln audience is anything to go by there is no chance of Labour making any headway against this hopeless Conservative government. Can they not see which way the wind is blowing?

Another curious response to the QT lineup announcements is that many of those tweeting shout out “another biased Leave panel!” When it is quietly and politely pointed out to them that there has NEVER been a Leave heavy panel they either skulk away or revert to abuse. Sigh.

There were a couple of calls for a second referendum from the audience but these were mostly shouted down and poorly supported. That particular horse has run its final race and got the bullet last week. Otherwise another fairly satisfying response from the good folk of Lincoln and I would go as far as to say that the continuing scare stories promulgated by the likes of Maier, Miller and the MSM are having precisely the opposite effect.

Next week we are in Motherwell. Och aye the noo.

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