Punch The BBC Into The Digital Age – Cancel Your TV Licence

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“If you watch live broadcast, you need a TV licence”

Funny, that statement.

Firstly, most people assume you need a TV licence if you have a TV.  It’s understandable, from the perpetual onslaught by the newspapers, from the very authoritarian BBC intermissions, from the exploitative Capita (aka TV Licensing) adverts, they’ve never felt the need to let that fallacy be corrected.

And why should they?  It enforces the BBC’s tax and their retention of their precious income, it allows Capita Business Services to make a good profit out of fining vulnerable women in court and the Deep State get to spray The Narrative™ all over the voters to keep them controlled and slaving away, earning that essential EU dollar for them.  And of course, those shrinking fiscal violets, the MSM, devour anything they can get their stinking, damn dirty ape paws on, without scrutiny.

The reality is, you don’t need a TV License.  At all.

£150.50 saved for a dirty weekend away, pay for Sadiq Khan’s nose job, a crate of fizzy Tesco Cava, a five-minute losing splash-out in a casino, a 30 second lap dance with “Big Bristols” Brenda with no touching or heavy breathing – just livin’ the dream, just livin’ the dream.

One of the posters here at GP said, “I don’t understand why anyone here on GP pays for the telly tax”.

An interesting conundrum.  We’re all relatively #awoke on here, most of us at an age to realise that life is short and the dross on TV doesn’t have the priority it once had.  More importantly, we recognise the bias, The Narrative™ that is being live broadcasted to our screens 24/7 and the adverse effect it has on all folks’ belief systems, the BBC being the Master Race.

One of the excuses I’ve seen, not only on here on GP, but elsewhere, is that I would, in principle, cancel my direct debit to Capita Business Services (aka TV Licensing) but the wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/child likes watching EastEnders/Casualty/Question Time/Wimbledon/CBeebies, so I can’t, or to be honest, I can’t be bothered with the hassle.

Well, yes you can.

And here’s how.  I’ll show you.

You have no need to be afraid, The Narrative™ has done its job and has already invoked an emotional response to this, this cancelling of the telly tax.  Ooooh, sends a shiver down one’s spine, naughty, rebellious, daring if we do… but what if I get caught?  Will I get a criminal record?  I’d lose the house?  I’d lose my job!  My marriage is over!  My kids will have to work up chimneys. I’m scared, I’ve never broken the law etc

Is exactly what those that haven’t cancelled the telly tax are feeling right now.

Those that have, are silently laughing, reminiscing at their earlier angst when they cancelled their telly tax.

There’s No Need To Feel Afraid

It’s true.  Everything you’ve heard about people not paying their telly tax and their “crimes” is all part of The Narrative™.  Millions every year in the UK are cancelling their telly tax subscriptions and you can join them and feel you are doing your patriotic duty by removing a vicious, biased, destructive, detrimental institution that is destroying our society.  Let it thrash, effervesce, shrivel and wither in the acidic pool of a subscription-based media market where it belongs.

Nuts & Bolts – Here’s How To Do Your Duty To Your Country

  1. Phone 0300 790 6165 (TV Licensing) and say you are cancelling your licence.
  2. Phone your bank and cancel your direct debit
  3. That’s it

You may get automated computer-generated letters from Capita (aka TV Licensing) saying various threats, but simply put them in the bin.  They are meaningless, designed to scare you and the great thing is, it costs Capita Business Services (aka TV Licensing) a great deal of money to send them, so worship their presence.  Eventually, they’ll stop.

You may get a chap that once worked in Burger King but lost his job because he was jerking off into the vanilla milkshakes, and the only job he could get was being a self-employed, zero-hour contract door-to-door TV Licensing salesman, knocking at your door to sell his repulsive and unwanted BBC wares.

Like all door-to-door salesmen, once he’s said who he is, and just to warn you, he may be jerking off in your porch, just say your normal response: “Not today, thank you, and take your stinking, damn dirty ape paws off my door” and close it.  They will not return.

That’s it.  Seriously, that’s how easy it is.

Ah, but Geeks, what about the police and the search warrants?

Never going to happen if you follow the above rules of NO CONTACT (don’t let door-to-door, jerking off into milkshakes, salesmen into your house, as a rule, or you’ll be buying sticky stuff you didn’t want in the first place).

Ah, but you see Geeks, my wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/child likes watching EastEnders/Casualty/Question Time/Wimbledon/CBeebies. What can I do?

So?  You do realise we live in The Age of Information, don’t you?  You can still carry on watching Live Wimbledon on your TV or iPlayer or iPhone or Android or iPad or YouTube, you can still watch EastEnders on your TV or iPlayer or iPhone or Android or iPad or YouTube, you can still watch Casualty on your TV or iPlayer or iPhone or Android or iPad or YouTube etc

And thanks to the technical digital advances from an analogue 3 channel, vacuum tubed, TV driven by a now anachronistically funded telly tax, to watching live streaming from around the world on any mobile device that can’t be monitored by the BBC and its Trademarked organisations, we are now free to watch whatever we want, whenever we want.

You think TV Licensing are going to chase you while watching a live broadcast of EastEnders on an aircraft?  Seriously?  Well, welcome to the Digital Age, fellow Puffin.  Your cognitive dissonance is no more.

Punch The BBC Into The Digital Age – Cancel Your TV Licence

Geeks – is Telly Tax Free for 9 years and have lived by the above mantra with absolutely no issues – saved £1,300+ – and yes, you all can too!  £1,300+!!!  I’m livin’ the dream!  Thanks, BBC!

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