“I’m not interested in Black History Month”

An essay on Woke

Wizard of OZ movie poster
MGM, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I recently visited two old friends. We were united by the deaths within a week of mutual life-long friends a few weeks ago. I realised it was important that we keep in touch. I had told one of them that I have Aspergers, which was a surprise to them, but then it did explain some of my behaviour over the years.

Excited at sitting down with them over a meal I I started to discuss what interested me and what I’d been doing for the last few years. Strumming a guitar, writing articles, arguing on the internet, following American politics was my answer.  Aspergers means you will say and do things that are outside of generally accepted  convention. You may broach subjects that others will avoid. I often do!

The subject got around to “Woke” and the wife did notice how gay themes had started to permeate tv series out of context. For example, a minor male extra blurts out he has to be home to have dinner with his husband. She even noticed how many multi-racial couples appeared in adverts. Her daughter in-law was a mixed-race girl with whom their son had a brilliant child of nine-months who they were babysitting.

Without the aid of alcohol or drugs, I blurted it out “I am not interested in Black History in the same way I’m not interested in the history of knitting” (Puffins will recognise my homily). I think it may have been a visceral bomb to their psyche. “You’re not racist are you?” asked my male friend. I proceeded to state most categorically that I was in no way racist. Puffins will know how I sometimes object to comments here that I deem are racist irrespective of who the target is.

It highlights the current Wokeist modus operandi  whereby they will shout:-

 “I have a cause. I think it’s a just cause. And if you don’t accept my cause and my beliefs then you are a bigot and we have a label for that”. “Racist”, “Homophobe”, “Islamophobe”, ”Anti-Transgender”. “Anti-Gay/Queer. And when I put that label on you, you will be a target”

I have often quoted a favourite few lines from the Don McClean song “Magdalene Lane” all about Hollywood studios around the era of Wizard of Oz and the cult of celebrity.

Here are the full lyric because the whole thing is poetry. It could almost be an anti-Woke anthem. I have bolded my favourite and most relevant part:-

The angels are lost in the city of stars
the wise men are down on their knees.
And the fruitman of freeway will sell you his cars
when he’s sure that you can’t find the keys.

And the ladies on Magdalene lane
all worship the sun and the sand.
And the migrants who come can’t complain
for this is their promised land.

MGM studios can’t make the nut
they’re auctioning Dorothy’s shoes.
Gable is gone, the good witch is a slut
and I’ve got the parking lot blues.

The wizard brought benzadrine smiles
and he never let Dorothy doze.
She died as she walked down the aisle
and all that remains is her clothes.

Over the rainbow a Kansas tornado
can twist up a little girl’s head.
Aunt Em’s on relief and the tinman’s a thief
and even the wizard can’t wake the dead.

The prophet has come to this kingdom of lights
but there’s no one to listen or learn.
And the savior performs for the prophet’s delight
while dissenters are banished or burned.

And the heretics beg to be heard
but the savior’s on tour for the week.
Salvation is found in his word
if only he’d learn how to speak.

And Lincoln is laughing with Amos ‘n’ Andy
concerning the Great Civil War.
And Paul Revere sleeps with the worst looking creeps
while revolution’s knocking at his door.

Magdalene Lane is the red light domain
where everyone’s soul is for sale.
A piece of your heart will do for a start
but you can send us the rest in the mail.

For we have our own families to feed
and we can’t let them starve just for you.
Well, we’d rather not watch while you bleed
so come back in an hour when you’re through.

It’s just another city full of sorrow,
it makes no difference why I came.
I only know I’m leaving here tomorrow
and only the motel man knows my name.

Maybe its summed-up by:- “Just because you shout it doesn’t have to mean I listen or care”. I have a standard response in another way:-  “I just don’t have the bandwidth to incorporate caring about what you care about”

I’ve labelled it “Meldrewitis.  The media and society are creating “new truths” that they use to fill their news outlets amongst the death of rap artist we never heard of and how close Mylie Cyrus is to showing her nipples and growler. What now? The Partygate Is Over. Jump into the Woke Dumpster and give us a new Virtue Signal. “Glastonbury is too White and Notting Hill Carnival is too Black” I suppose. Show me a Race and I’ll throw you some Bait.

How often is our broadcast media filled with agendas as if THEY define what you should think and believe. I’m not describing conspiracy theories to control mass population through hypnosis and propaganda but if you repeat a message often then you popularise it.

“If you dissent then we have a label for you and it isn’t one that presents you in a good light”

If I sat down and listened to a month of Black History broadcasts what are you expecting of me? Black History will be a broad subject. History can be huge. We all know the basic facts:-

“The Western World took Black slaves who were then freed to become citizens but they faced prejudice. Today there are many Black people who have broken through the barriers and some who haven’t. Currently many are employed in advertising.”

Maybe “Black History” is something for school children. Fair enough. But the majority of the population aren’t school-kids and understand the relevant facts for living in the present and NOT in the past.

There is a whole dumper load of Woke that many of us resist. I think that MOST people believe that we shouldn’t kneel to BLM, no need to wear a Rainbow Captain’s armband or fly Rainbow Gay flags, that blokes shouldn’t compete in women’s sport or use their changing rooms. We aren’t interested in Gay Pride marches, why should we when WE are the vast, vast majority of heterosexuals.

To all the Wokeists:-

Well, we’d rather not watch while you bleed
so come back in an hour when you’re through.


© Lugosi (fearing a knock on the door) June 2022