Always Worth Saying’s Question Time Review

Question Time 6th June 2024

The Panel:

Mark Harper (Conservative)
Shabana Mahmood (Labour)
Liz Saville-Roberts (Plaid Cymru)
Carla Denyer (Green Party)

Venue: Chester

One of the Warwickshire Mahmoods, Shabana was Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood until the dissolution of parliament on May 30th.

A grammar school girl – Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls – after graduating in law at Lincoln College, Oxford, she completed the Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law. A practising barrister, the 42-year-old specialised in professional indemnity until entering parliament in 2010.

Miss Mahmood is standing again at the next general election and, given she received 80% of the vote last time, is expected to retain the seat. Destroyed by mass, uncontrolled, unlimited immigration, Ladywood is one of bankrupt Birmingham’s rotten boroughs. It was not always so. Previous MPs have included Puffin’s favourite, Clare Short, and Liberal Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. In 1924, Sir Oswald Mosley was only 77 votes from taking the seat.

Now overrun by Shabana’s fellow Azad Kashmir Mirpuris, her constituency website’s ‘Advice Surgeries’ page begins with ‘If your case is about housing or immigration’. Miss Mahmood’s declared parliamentary interests also have a whiff of the subcontinent about them. Curry King Lord Noon is a donor, as are the Friends of Bangladesh and a certain Mr Tipu Sultan.

The interesting Mr Mudassar Ahmed also contributes, albeit as if one of Pakistan Railways’ alpha-male elusive incognito ticket inspectors. For Mr Ahmed puts his hand in his pocket while lurking in different guises.

Through his Mayfair-based Silk Road Consultancy Ltd – according to Companies House, a firm with no employees – Mr Ahmed avoided his name being connected to a £10,000 donation on February 12th 2024.

On the 26th October 2023, Ahmed pulled the same trick when giving £2,380. This appears in the register of parliamentary interests as being made by Unitas Communications, but further investigation shows Mr Mudassar to be a (the only?) Managing Partner of Unitas.

Who is Mudassar Ahmed? According to himself, Mr Ahmed specialises in PR, research and digital cross-cultural communications, and has over 14 years of experience in ‘leading and delivering impactful projects for governmental, intergovernmental, corporate and charitable agencies.’

Furthermore, Mudassar is:

Passionate about fostering interfaith and intercultural dialogue and cooperation, and I have established and led several initiatives and networks to advance this mission. I serve on the Advisory Council of the Atlantic Council’s millennium leadership programme, and I am a Board Member of Global Ties U.S., America’s largest and oldest citizen diplomacy network. I am also the Founder and President of the John Adams Society, the official UK Association for the U.S. Department of State’s IVLP alumni, and a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and with the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

As you can tell, this makes the Great Man one of the 500 most influential Muslims globally and one of the 1,000 most influential Londoners.

Last week, we investigated local lass Labour candidate Julie Minns, who turned out to be a London-based Bell Pottinger lobbyist. The take-home being, a post-July 4th cadre of Labour Government high flyers will not be serving their constituents or this country but will be indebted to lobbying and globalist self-interests.


Many decades have passed since a Second Secretary of Chancery last obliged this humble reviewer to rural Pakistan. My sketchy memory is clouded further by too much time under the baking sakrabalaiṇḍa sun and an excess of over-sugared chai. But I’m sure I can recall a personal encounter with the legendary Captain R.L. ‘Tiger’ Akram, who would leap from all fours on suspected fare dodgers while disguised as a baby elephant just escaped from the baggage car.

All this happened behind a bunk curtain in Sleeping Class, while chaperoning a wayward Turi-caste Pashtun Princess, following a midnight ticket office misunderstanding at an unfashionable halt on the Khan Pur to Chachran Sharif branch line – which one assumes is long gone.

Better times.


‘London Liz’ Saville-Roberts was the Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Dwyfor Meirionnydd until May 30th and is standing again in the July 4th general election. The Elthan-born leader of Plaid Cyrmnu in the House of Commons left the capital when 18 to study languages at Aberystwyth University, where she learned Welsh.

After university, the 59-year-old returned to the capital and then went back to Wales as a journalist. Liz left journalism to, in her own words, ‘support and develop post-16 Welsh medium education’, which this reviewer assumes to mean ‘worked in a sixth-form college’.

Elected a local councillor in 2004, eleven years later she was returned to the Westminster parliament at the May 2015 general election. With languages running in the family, Liz’s mother, Nancy, was a self-taught Russian speaker, a PhD and an accomplished organic chemist.

Cousin Jenny Saville is a Royal Academician. Not of the Lord Clark school of human creative skill and imagination, critics describe the Young British Artist’s work as ‘challenging’ and ‘new’. This humble reviewer prefers the word ‘modern’ to describe her infantile grotesques.

As if also a cousin to Jimmy, Jenny’s work, amongst the obesity and gore, includes daubs of children’s genitals. In self-portrait, rather than appearing as Carravagio posing as Baccus or Rembrandt dishevelled, Jenny depicts herself (trigger warning) on the toilet with her panties around her knees. Quite.

A native of Swindon, at the dissolution of parliament, Mark Harper was the Conservative MP for the Forest of Dean. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Brasenose College, Oxford, before a chartered accountancy career with KPMG, Intel Corporation and his own practice. The 54-year-old was elected to parliament in 2005. Mr Harper rose to become a minister and had his own cleaner. His parliamentary expenses show for seven years the diligent Miss Isabella Acevedo invoiced Mr Harper for weekly cleaning and ironing.

The paperwork also shows the qualified accountant was paying Isabella below the Living London Wage. You can take the boy out of KPMG, but you can’t take KPMG out of the boy. Worse was to follow. When Mr Harper was an immigration minister, it was revealed Miss Isabella was an illegal immigrant. Rather than prosecute Mr Harper for employing an illegal and sack him for lying about checking her status before giving her a job, Isabella was deported back to Columbia. Apprihened by immigration officers at her daughter’s wedding, no less.

Thirty-eight-year-old Carla Denyer has risen to be a Green city councillor in nutty Bristol’s looney Clifton Down ward and the co-leader of the Green Party in England and Wales. As I type, reference the Met Office’s ‘Weather, Global Boiling & Endless Drought’ website shows the temperature to be a cool 12C while it throws it down. Hm.

Elsewhere, Gridwatch informs me, despite it being a windy day, the UK’s installed wind farm capacity of 30Gw is only producing 8.5Gw of electricity. Twenty percent of our electricity is being imported (at a vast cost) from the Continent. Hmm.

No matter, brave Denya saves the world and solves the looming energy crisis by patrolling the streets of Bristol and sticking homemade Anti-Social Behavior Orders on cars.

The St Chad’s College, Durham, graduate will contest the Bristol West constituency at the next election. One is half-tempted to hope she wins as, in doing so, Puffin’s favourite, the ludicrous Tangham Debbonaire (not her real name), will be unseated.


After Kier Starmer’s miserable performance in the ITV leaders’ debate on Tuesday, the BBC hit back through tonight’s QT.

Question one, do truth and integrity matter in politics? No, read the above. Rather than move on to the next question, La Bruce preferred to grill Mark Harper. Instead of examining the inevitable massive tax rises under a future Labour government, the BBC have desiced to call that Mr Sunak lied in the leadership debate.

Mark Harper said a letter from a Permanent Secretary confirmed ‘normal practice was carried out’ when costing Labour’s plans. La Bruce read out a carefully selected part of the letter, mentioning, ‘Civil servants were not involved in the production or presentation of the Conservative Party’s [claims] or in the calculation of the total figure used.’

A baldy loon in the audience added, ‘Total rubbish.’ The Prime Minister had been warned that his comments were inaccurate, but he chose to lie to the people of this country. Oooo listen to her!

Shabana also called the Prime Minister a liar, to applause from the carefully selected BBC audience. Carla Denyer was going to increase taxes but only for the very richest people – who are most able to avoid tax or live somewhere else. Liz wanted to tax ‘unearned’ income. She turned green with envy when mentioning how much Mr Sunack doesn’t earn.

There was much talk of billionaires. According to The King’s Fund, spending on the NHS and social care is £171 billion per year. Carla and Liz would have to bankrupt a billionaire every other day just to pay for the NHS — assuming the wealthy hang about to let it happen. According to The Sunday Times Rich List, there are 165 billionaires in Britain. The Bank of Billionaires, therefore, will run out of money in less than a year. Then Carla, Liz, the Labour Party and the BBC will take every penny from you.

Question two. How do we fix the social care system?

We fund what we get, began Liz. Without quoting any sources or statistics, she declared us an ageing society that had to be paid for. She claimed care jobs were being done by ‘wonderful immigrants’. Without wonderful immigrants, we will die alone at home. She complained of the family work visa system being altered to the detriment of the wonderful immigrants.

Proof if proof were needed that British workers are invisible to the London elite and that in Liz’s clown world, immigrants don’t grow old and require care themselves.

Do smug London millionaire lefties even realise how patronising they sound when they talk like that? Listening to Liz was like watching the district commissioner’s wife (almost definitely called ‘Bunty’) patting the tinged boys on the head after a coconut hunt up-country.

A 12-year-old student nurse – pronounced neeerssss, we are close to Merseyside – said the Tories have massively failed the NHS and social care. At the moment, there is a severe lack of jobs. Thousands have qualified, but there are no jobs in social care for them. Hold on a minute, then why do we need Liz’s wonderful immigrants? Surely they aren’t being brought here to undercut British workers and replace us?

The next question was an odd one. What are the benefits of Brexit? The questioner said he asked himself that question every time he stood in a passport queue. What’s that got to do with Brexit? We were never in the passport-free Schengen area. We always had passport queues when we were in the EU. Within Schengen, there were checks anyway. The Germans always ran an identity check on me when I left their country in case I owed the Federal Government money.

Moreover, Labour isn’t committed to re-joining the EU. Keir Starmer has said the exact opposite. The carefully selected BBC audience clapped and clapped anyway. Does it matter anymore? No. Let me explain what I’m probably the last to realise.

Between questions, La Bruce paused to promote ‘The Big One’. Two weeks tonight a Question Time special will feature the party leaders. Not all, but the ‘big four’. Guess who isn’t on? The SNP with their 3% UK poll share? Nope, they’re invited. The LibDems on 10%? No, Ed Davey will be there. You guessed it, Nigel Farage and Reform UK aren’t included despite being expected to pass the government in the polls this weekend.

So what. Do we care about Question Time and the leaders’ debates? Tuesday’s ITV programme got 4 million. More than 90% of voters didn’t watch it. While the BBC and mainstream lying media were wasting years of their time with narratives, spin and fake news, Puffins and fellow travellers were defining the zeitgeist through comments and articles. With our lolz, bantz, sniggers and giggles, we have built the house and now the man has come.

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