The culture destroyers

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They are everywhere these damned people. More dangerous to society than a knife wielding Jihadi, more potent than radioactive fallout, these individuals more frequently than not look just like you or I. Some are fat, some are thin, some are attractive and some have a face that only a blind mother could love. In the intelligence stakes, nothing abnormal is found in their standard deviation bell curve. Skin colour, gender, sexuality and religious beliefs all vary within acceptable statistical norms. Social skills and emotional intelligence, likewise, vary from person to person, this group being no exception. Some are charming and articulate, some clumsy and awkward. Compared to your average man or woman on the Clapham Omnibus, they are unexceptional. They, however, share one hidden characteristic that takes a considerable time to be recognised. Professional wreckers, these are the change agents, the fifth columnists, the agent provocateurs, the useful idiots that have one goal in mind – conscious or subconscious – the wanton destruction of tradition, value and truth.

Often disguised as angels of light, these vermin can sense the hidden sulphurous odour of their compatriots at a thousand paces and immediately coalesce into an adhesive gaggle. Furtive glances, nods, winks and all sorts of body language and symbolism are used to indicate the presence of the “Enemy” – anyone who might recognise that these individuals are up to no good. Ever walked into a room where two people were talking only to be met with an embarrassed, icy and awkward silence? Something was being discussed that did not like the disinfection of sunlight. Reminiscent of the group of playground bullies, this cell, once formed, will have considerable political clout. This is the first early indication that something is sorely amiss, for the first casualty in this vicious war is to scale the rugged edifice of individual opinion and impose upon it the crushing weight of “Group-think”. Immediately a slander campaign is mounted to denigrate or devalue any potential threat to whoever has sufficient self-confidence or intelligence to threaten the hidden narrative, or even more dangerous to these odious protagonists, has the respect of their peers. For these are the individuals that are feared rather than loved, and they are bitterly jealous of such primitive value.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not against change. Much of my career has been spent in the twin technological fields of electronics and IT, so at first glance I am equally as guilty. I sincerely doubt if I am personally responsible for anyone losing their livelihood due to my professional efforts, depute these sectors being at the forefront of such inevitable fall out. Indeed, I would be absolutely devastated if that was the case, as I have always believed that any technology – like a knife, gun, hammer or brick – can be used for both good or evil. In my own limited sphere of influence, I have consistently attempted to ensure that my exertions have been for the former rather than the latter. Sadly though, one cannot account for those above or around you.

Rather than being a condom on the prick of progress, I see innovation as being an essential part of the development of the human race, I for one would not be alive today if it were not for the post-war advances in medicine. Extremely premature babies generally didn’t survive in the 60’s, and while I can’t remember who told me this, but I would quite likely have been a “Good news” story on the front page of the tabloids if it wasn’t for the fact that my illegitimacy was covered up. However, any progress has to be consensual and as there are considerable costs to research and development, it is not unreasonable that early adopters pay a premium for adopting the latest and greatest. I have no problem with this in a truly free society, the marketplace is generally a good platform as the best should succeed and the worst sink into oblivion. There are always exceptions to that rule though, Microsoft Windows, the Green agenda and VHS being the most obvious candidates.

We are not talking about genuine innovation here though, rather a Trojan horse that infiltrates the city walls to unload a payload of devastating consequence. Rather than a straightforward open and honest attraction to the wonders of progress and creativity, we have hidden agendas, diversions, distractions and a slimy patina that refuses to reveal the true motives behind their duplicitous actions. For this is not your regular Greek Trojan horse, it is a far greater poison. For once armed soldiers jump out of their wooden transport, it is “Game on”. Imagine the scenario where instead of an army you have unarmed people who have different beliefs, morals and ethics and their first words are “We are just like you and we come in peace”. The reaction from the majority of the populace would be very different, and rightly so. Rather than being faced with a conquering army, we then have a different perspective on our “Intruders”, and on the basis that most people are decent humane individuals, we offer them food, succour and much else – all on the basis that if we were in their position, that is what we would expect. Tragically though, after a while and once feet are under the table, we start discovering that those strangers amongst us don’t really share the common values we first imagined.

We then have a choice, cling to the values of our parents and grandparents, or embrace the new. Of course, there is an alternative option – The “Third way”, the subtle weapon of the greatest culture destroyer in living memory, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Edward Richard George Heath clearly comes second, although some would argue Margaret Hilda Thatcher has a significant place in this pantheon of destroyers. Thatcher is an interesting case, and I must admit I have softened in my take on the woman over the years. My understanding is she lost the plot in the latter stages of her government, and the pro EU faction of the Conservatives decided that she was no longer useful and deposed her, a truly traitorous act. In that regard, John Roy Major clearly outshines, piling hurt upon insult by signing up to the Maastricht Treaty.

These are the most obvious candidates from recent history. Elected on manifestos seldom executed, this is old news. Politicians are an easy target, but what about the others? The massive influx of immigrants – be they the deserving or economic chancers desperate to grift on the dying carcass of the UK economy, are just pawns in this giant game of chess. Occasionally, a few make it all the way up the board and turn into a queen or a rook. Good on them, but many are slaughtered by their own kind or are predestined to block or hamper the movements of other pieces on the board. If anyone thinks my choice of words is harsh here, don’t forget that the pawn has a move in chess that no other piece is allowed – that of capturing En passant. This is equivalent to the “Race” or “Respect my culture” card, and playing it can dramatically alter the dynamics of a game. The key here is that pawns only have any strategic power if they are supported by pawns on their own side, or are protected by major pieces of the same colour.

No, the real players in this scenario are not those who have a genuine desire to get on, to integrate and to bring value to our nation. They are immediately identified as “Good eggs” by the working man, as they are willing to muck in and rub along to get along. Life is tough at the bottom of the greasy pole, and troublemakers are quickly identified. This is why the political slander of “Racist” is so cruel when directed at the middle and lower classes, as the elitists and the establishment have always embraced “Diversity” and used it as a tool to divide rather than the moral stance they demand from others, for they are globalists at heart and subsequently, all beneath them are pawns in their eyes.

The symbology of the Fabian society is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and no better analogy can be used as to describe what this article is about and the consequent pain we are suffering as a nation. Multiply this out hundreds of times, through focus groups, lobbyists, quangos, charities, secret societies and a clear picture starts to emerge once you truly engage with them. More often than not they promote a certain message, and at first it all seems so innocent and decent. Dig a little deeper though, and you find out all the PR bluff is complete bullshit. I was turned down as a volunteer for the Samaritans in the 80’s. Why? Because I took a “Pro-life” stance and it didn’t fit the underlying agenda. Not wanting to boast, I have dragged many a friend from the perilous cliff edge of suicide, so clearly I have a gift given from God in this regard which I was willing to share. Yet, because I was unwilling to suggest a potential client abort an even more vulnerable child to save their own ignominy (or whatever), I was considered an unsuitable candidate. It took me years to realise and work out why, and the answer is simple – the organisation was compromised. Indeed, the founder, Edward Chad Varah, an Anglican priest, supported women priests (something clearly frowned upon in scripture) and was a patron of the Terrence Higgins Trust. I’ll leave the reader to decide if his organisation was compromised from the beginning, but his comments in 2004 concerning the re-branding by the Chairman were scathing: “It’s no longer what I founded. I founded an organisation to offer help to suicidal or equally desperate people. The last elected chairman re-branded the organisation. It was no longer to be an emergency service. It was to be an emotional support for the whole bloody population whether they wanted it or not”.

Such a revelation should be extremely sobering to anyone who appreciates traditional values. If the founder of an organisation cannot maintain the core mission values in the face of those from the top, what hope do they have when the rot is from those hidden and secreted within? We hear much about “Institutionalised racism etc.”, but the only thing I want to hear about is the exposure of the institutionalised rot that has been brought about by years of those in positions of power with alternative agendas. This is coming true in my lifetime, and they are doing an admirable job by openly flaunting their lifestyles, ideals and values, something they were loathe to do previously. They believe they can accomplish anything now, so are utterly brazen. Tragically though, it will take countless years of reform and rebuilding to reconstitute anything close to the “Old guard”, even if the will to do so is resurrected from the festering corpses of our institutions. That is the price one pays for benign Trojan horses, and it will not happen in our lifetimes.

What is so vile about these people in the final analysis is this. Not only have they completely betrayed anything and everything of true value, but they are utterly and totally convinced that they are right and anyone who dare disagree with them are inferior both morally and ethically. Once you enter that territory, a strange thing happens. What would be considered by most to be wicked, evil, unjust or corrupt becomes perfectly justifiable in the pursuit of their idealistic cause – whatever that may be. While worshipping at the altar of “The ends justify the means”, an impenetrable cage surrounds them and a dull “Thud” is heard as a heavyweight wrought iron gate slams shut behind, imprisoning them. For having abandoned their humanity, and sold their soul, their respective cages are then piled one upon another to imprison us all in a ghetto none can escape from, unless we dare look past their bodies and vile deeds to the Heaven above. For despite their rabid desire to the contrary, they cannot destroy our faith or indeed our dreams.

[This article was inspired by comments posted by Marcus_Leeds and Mark. Thank you guys].

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