Book Review: The Jaggard Case

Fair Use/Fair Dealing

The Jaggard Case is book number 10 in a series written by author J.C. Briggs.

Set in Victorian London the series describes the adventures of one Charles Dickens (yes, that Charles Dickens) who has turned to amateur sleuthing and is heavily involved in solving crimes.

Aided by his trusted friends in the police force and various companions, Dickens plays a leading role in helping to track down the murderer, Martin Jaggard.

This novel revolves around two young girls (one of whom is known well to Dickins) who go missing and describes how they are eventually traced to the dark criminal underworld inhabited by various lowlife and masterminded by Martin Jaggard.

Briggs has a good writing style and describes Victorian London in great detail, allowing me to picture the scenes in my mind with perfect clarity.  If I have one criticism, I found the use of ye olde English to be a little hard to decipher.  I hate having to reread a sentence several times to get the meaning – but perhaps that’s just me.

It’s great to come across a new author I can add to my reading list and I shall certainly be putting her on my Christmas gift list.

Overall I give this book a score of 7 ½ out of 10.

Final note – my GP sister (Sharpie) will understand how I came across this author but our lips are sealed.


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