A Postcard From The Third World


It is 5-30am and children come out of the gloom like ghosts in silent procession. They are laid heavy with satchels, wear blouses and shirts which are so white that they hurt your eyes and for some the journey to school began over two hours ago.

Without exception the pupils are in uniform, worn with respect for their parents, their classmates but most importantly for themselves. It is an act of self-discipline, a vestige of cleanliness being next to godliness because education is a privilege which not everyone can enjoy.

The elementary schools open at 6am and operate on a shift pattern of 6am to midday, 10am to 4pm and midday to 6pm. It is a solution to oversubscription worked out by teachers to maximise the opportunity for everyone to have a proper education. Not surprisingly teachers are held in reverence and are respected as upholding their profession as a vocation. Teachers also wear uniform and uphold discipline. The school day without fail starts with a prayer, a blessing & the singing of the national anthem. Visitors are treated to a class rising as one to say good morning. Academic achievement is high because of core values.

Ten miles away children as young as six peddle reusable bags at 60p apiece in Tay-Tay market to earn enough money to eat for the day. They will never go to school.


8,000 miles away an unwashed teacher shakes a banner at 10 Downing Street demanding more money to politicise the children in his care, without ever having to take the merest ounce of responsibility for his actions. He is held in no regard whatsoever.


The town has a population of 440,400 made up of several barrios around a central highway. In 1907 it was a rural farming community of only 3,000 people.

In 2022 two bodies were found in the local river. It is believed they were contract killings by drug dealers in the capital and evidence would suggest the killings took place elsewhere. They are the only murders accredited to the town in the last five years.

Crime is low and is mainly petty theft. The police are proactive and have zero tolerance on drugs. The clear-up rate on all reported crime is 89.7% with a 100% referral to court for offenders who are held in custody at the police station in the centre of town. It is also the responsibility of relatives to provide food for those held awaiting trial. The state is not burdened with legal aid, an appointed defence lawyer is used to assure fair play.

98% of those committed to trial plead guilty.

Violent crime and rape is lower than the national average and organised crime is non-existent.


8,000 miles away the police in London are accused of institutionalised racism while fat community policemen, bloated by their own self-importance, prioritise hunting down Deliveroo drivers for modifying electric bikes while ignoring theft. Drugs are blatantly dealt and murder is so commonplace as to be dropped from the scum media’s agenda. Not to mention the scandalous politicisation of Extinction Rebellion, LGBTQ+ and other such nonsense.

The clear-up rate for reported crimes in London is a paltry 17.2%, knife murders for the year ending December 2022 were at an all-time record high in the UK at 282.


The average monthly salary is £704. There are many who exist on far less & a few who command salaries in excess of £38,000 pa. Under such circumstances the government does not have a lot of taxes to play with & certainly does not have money to waste on unnecessary vanity projects.

Año Nuevo, Going Postal
Boy recycling aluminium cans, Rodriguez, Rizal.
© Año Nuevo 2023, Going Postal

There is however a history of recycling, mainly through necessity, which in places like ‘Smoky Mountain’ is well documented. Reclaimed metal commands high prices and is avidly tracked down, while make-do and mend is a national obsession for everything from tyres to fridges.

No one has heard of Greta Thunberg.

Electricity is mainly from hydropower where mountain lakes and pumps have been harnessed to maintain supply. There is no green levy and no price fixing for energy. Gas comes in 11kg canisters and retails at £4-75. Barbecues are frequently used for cooking and trees have been replanted on the mountain to counter harmful erosion.

Año Nuevo, Going Postal
Hydro dam at Wa-Wa, Rodriguez, Rizal.
© Año Nuevo 2023, Going Postal

The cost of water for a quarter is a little over £5. The cost of electricity per month, for an average house, is £8-50. Charcoal is £3-25 for a 10kg bag.


People in Britain are being fleeced for energy costs in order to chase a mythical net zero. Green energy from wind farms is minimal, the blades kill animals and are virtually indestructible so become a landfill problem.

The myth of CO2 emissions damaging the planet is daily perpetuated by the MSM and everyone has heard of the doom goblin.


Traffic is appalling and road maintenance even worse, but on the bright side petrol is a tad under £1 for a litre and there is no such thing as road tax. In the metropolitan areas toll roads called ‘Sky Routes’ are meant to ease congestion but they are overpriced and seldom used.

The ubiquitous diesel-guzzling jeepney is in decline to air-conditioned buses and an electric train has been opened to offer cheap transport over a widening city area.

Año Nuevo, Going Postal
Three on a scooter, Rodriguez.
© Año Nuevo 2023, Going Postal

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is a legal requirement but is only really enforced on major highways. In rural areas no one wears one & there is an ongoing competition as to how many people you can get on a tricycle or a scooter.

Two adults, two children and a dog is average for the latter. Amidst the macho bravado accidents are rare.


In Britain 53% of the cost of petrol is tax. War on the motorist has been declared through 15-minute cities and the stupidly conceived ULEZ scheme. Electric cars are being written off because of the prohibitive cost of batteries.


With Easter approaching, two thousand youths, aged between fifteen and twenty, form a procession at six in the morning to visit the seven churches of the town. The participants are from various clubs & some even wear their sport kits to pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ.


In London, the great heritage of a nation is destroyed by a fourth-rate council official defiling a national monument with foreign words for a completely alien religion.


In the market, food is locally produced and plentiful. Meat is slaughtered early in the morning and chickens are quite often culled at the point of sale. Seafood and fish are packed in ice and delivered daily. Vegetables come in both familiar and strange varieties and are largely organic because fertilisers have to be imported and are expensive. Fruit is by and large locally grown, unless you are looking to impress by buying imported apples from New Zealand at £8 a kilo.

There are no additives used in fresh food. The favoured methods of preservation are smoking and pickling.

By Western standards the sale of food might look like a hygiene nightmare but I have had the trots more times from a dodgy kebab in England than I have from buying in local food markets.

Eggs come in several varieties; chicken: small, medium, large and salted, duck: small and large, quails: salted or plain, balut (contains fertilised duck egg) and penoy or what the Chinese call 1,000-year-old egg.

Street food of fried shrimp balls, pork skewers and crispy chicken are very popular. American chains are available from McDonald’s to Shakey’s but are not as popular as you would imagine. Sweets made with fruit, glutinous rice and coconut are favoured by many.

Año Nuevo, Going Postal
Municipal market, Montalban, Rizal.
© Año Nuevo 2023, Going Postal


The one constant you find is that people are far more respectful of their elders than in the West, young people use the suffix “po” when addressing those older than themselves and the traditional use of blessing, by taking the hand & pressing it to the forehead is still prevalent.

There is no such thing as a food bank.

Meanwhile, in the First World there is war, strikes and riots. Politicians follow the agenda dictated to them by their globalist masters. The woke rewrite history and diversity has become a new religion for the metro elite. Borders are porous and food production is under threat to appease the doom-mongers who would have us culled to save the planet. Politicians are corrupt & treat mere mortals with disdain, if not downright hate.

In the Second World a senile old duffer finds it hard to string a sentence together but likes ice cream and ten percent from the top. He belongs to a corrupt family in a long line of corrupt families who have influenced the world in the wrong direction for the last fifty years.

Left-wing lunatics and transexuals have been given power beyond their capabilities & the country has been invaded from the south.

In the First and Second Worlds, banks have collapsed, quantitative easing has been used to cover up the disaster of covid and the state has fundamentally made people pay for their mistakes. Leadership has all but died and with it the optimism of the people.

Quite often London is referred to as a Third World shit-hole but in reality it has been made so by liberalism. In comparison many Third World countries are spiritually way ahead of the once great capital of Empire and will remain so until the West collectively stops destroying itself.

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