The Great Escape, Part One

Far White, Going Postal
Beetle at the border.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020


Have been not reading the comments on here for some time; ignored the MSM (for facts) for longer.

Have a house in England and, thanks to a modest inheritance from my wife’s uncle, we have a house in Sicily.

Last Grandparent left life aged 97 in December 2018, another modest inheritance allowed the purchase of a classic VW Beetle..named Bette, in her honour.

Forty-seven years old, self-employed, married father of two.

Have no time for ‘political correctness’, welfare (for all) is a mistake, Darwinism works.


Have been looking, in dismay, at our once great country. Reasons too many to list.

Fed up with being locked up in own country, decided to go and be imprisoned in Sicily – as a guest in Italy, obliged therefore happy to follow their rules. Suggested same to family (household), they weren’t enthralled at spending two days in a car and in-laws are, understandably, receiving provisions from my wife – my own parents are shopping for themselves, and, my brother lives nearby. With wife’s blessing, headed off solo looking forward to seeing them when they fly down for regular summer holiday.

The plan:

Eurotunnel, France to Italy via Monte Bianco, Genoa to Palermo via ferry or drive to Calabria and use the ferry across the Straits’.

The story so far:

It is allegedly impossible to enter/drive through France unless you are returning to main residence, or key worker. Booked ticket on Eurotunnel, filled in required French government form entirely truthfully, printed off the generated certificate. Drove to Folkestone, went through emigration,

Far White, Going Postal
Bette at the border.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020

man at immigration asked why (I was) travelling to France..showed him the cert and was waived through. Not able to count the lorries, their boarding is separate, reckon less than a dozen vehicles boarding. Was at front of queue, hoping this gentleman didn’t take an interest…

Far White, Going Postal
Bette & the bobbies.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020

..he didn’t.

The drive through France uneventful, as always. Petrol stations were sparsely manned / frequented, coffee and toilet facilities limited but available.

If leaving England early morning, Genoa is reachable same day. Didn’t leave until 5pm BST, so had a pit stop amongst the trucks en route.

Far White, Going Postal
Beetle in the black.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020

Continued quite early the next morning. The view approaching Monte Bianco from France are wonderful, nothing compares to the first sight of Italy..

Far White, Going Postal
Monte Bianco via Beetle.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020

The regions of Italy have their own rules. Here, Aosta, masks were (two weeks ago) obligatory ‘indoors’ anywhere ‘open to the public’. Accordingly purchased my first mask with my first Italian caffe e panino.

Reported home from here, and surfed’..ascertaining that there was one Palermo ferry per day – leaving Genova at 11pm…plenty of time. Drove to Genova, Liguria – Genova is built into cliffs and offers the most exhilarating drive available..when in Rome! Arrived at the ferry terminal, was directed to the GNV ticket office. Ordinarily, there are many people waiting to buy tickets here – today there was only one other. The lady at the ticket office very politely advised that could only travel to Palermo, wait for it…, if I was ill! She suggested speaking to the Polizia Porto. They, in turn, advised that travel to Palermo was only allowed if key worker OR returning home for medical treatment – limited Italian’ is often hilarious! They may, or may not, have suggested travelling to Calabria and talking to the right person. They did allow me to scan the ‘Palermo decree’ for later scrutiny.

It was now time to get something to eat and contemplate next move. Left terminal with numerous thoughts swirling’, so much so that in 100 yards at circa 20mph…disaster struck!

Bette Beetle bashes barrier.
© Far White, Going Postal 2020

To be continued ….

© Far white 2020

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